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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flashmob for Daffodil Day~The Canadian Cancer Society

On Saturday (09 April 2011) a "flashmob" converged on the Vancouver Art Gallery with yellow and white umbrellas. They were hoping to raise awareness for Daffodil Day (27 April 2011). I had to smile when I saw this picture (at left).

April is known as Daffodil Month--the month to fight back against cancer. The daffodil is the Canadian Cancer Society’s symbol of hope in the struggle to overcome this disease. In late March and early April, Canadian Cancer Society volunteers are busy delivering and selling bright yellow daffodils across the country. Funds raised during this year’s Daffodil Days campaign will support the most promising cancer research being done in Canada, and will also provide services to people living with cancer and raise awareness about cancer prevention.

Who of us does not know of someone who has survived or succumbed to this disease? Even if you aren't in an area where Daffodils are being distributed, I urge you to consider giving a donation to combat this insidious disease--it is money well spent. 

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