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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Response to St. James Church, Piccadilly~A True Story

The life size replica wall at St James's Church, Piccadilly for Bethlehem Unwrapped.
"Wall of Security"~Photo Credit: Richard Millet
On 20 December 2010 we posted the story of the Tragic Attack and Murder of  a young, American Evangelical Missionary, Kristine Luken, by a group of Terrorists.

On 24 December 2013, Richard Millet posted a story about St. James Church in Piccadilly and their "wall of security" meant to demonize Israel. You can see videos and picture at the blog of Richard Millet if you have the stomach for it.

They erected an 8-meter tall, 30-meter long fake security wall and invited people to "sign it" which of course resulted in a huge anti-Israel showing. One blogger at Israelly Cool posted about an attempt to clarify that "the wall saves lives" but this of course was thwarted. No surprise as St. James Church is very "anti-Israel~anti-Semitic". (There is really no difference)

Following up, the same blogger at Israelly Cool, posted a very interesting response to St. James Church, written by Kay Wilson, the other woman brutally stabbed by "palestinians" in the attack that killed her friend, Kristine Luken. Here is the letter in it's entirety with thanks to Israelly Cool for posting it: (Ed. Note: Emphasis Added)

An Open Letter from Kay Wilson to St James Church, Piccadilly, England:
A True Story…
“And it came to pass that in December 2010, two palestinian shepherds left their little town near Bethlehem and set out to walk ten miles across the Judean Hills. There in the forest, they kept watch by night. The following day, at about the 6th hour (3pm) the shepherds saw two women walking along the Israel National Trail. With great fervour they took out their knives and attacked the women.

Murderers of Kristine Luken
While shepherds held the girls that day and pinned them to the ground, their serrated blades glinted in the sun, shining all around. With knives to their throats, the women dare not move.

‘Fear not,’ said the men~for mighty dread had seized the women’s troubled minds~‘we bring you good news that will cause great joy for our people.’ What could these glad tidings be? Rape, a robbery, a beating? Anything was better than death the women pondered in their hearts.

And it came to pass that near the seventh hour, the shepherds said, ‘behold’, let us go forth and kill these Jews like Allah has told us to do.’

The shepherds gagged the women, removed their shoes and bound their hands. They forced one woman to her knees, covered her head and pushed her neck forward. The woman knelt, and prepared herself to be beheaded. Suddenly she saw a great light~the blade of his knife glinting in the sun. The Jewish woman whispered, ‘Hear Oh Israel.’ The Islamic host cried, ‘Allah HuAkbar,’ and the Christian screamed “Jesus,” the name of a Jew born in David’s town.

Thirteen times the shepherds thrust their knives into the women, breaking bones, tearing flesh, even impaling one to the ground. As the Jew played dead, she watched the Christian friend hacked to death before her very eyes.

Illustration of Terror Celebration

The shepherds returned home glorifying and praising Allah for all that they had seen and spread the word concerning what had they had done. ‘Today near the town of David two Jews have been slaughtered,’ they declared. They plotted and schemed, boasting to their neighbours, ‘this will be a sign, they will find two of their own, all meanly wrapped in bloody clothes and in the bushes laid.’ And everyone who heard of it, was amazed.”

Kay Wislon~Photo Credit Michal Fattal
 I have given much thought to the events of that terrible day, that culminated in my near murder and the execution of my friend.

I believe that I of all people could be forgiven for hating palestinians. I believe too that I could be forgiven for thinking all palestinians are terrorists. I do not. On the contrary I have maintained relationships with my palestinian friends, so that my ignorance will not give me reason to hate. I hate hatred. It is your hatred, in the form of a Christmas stunt, that has compelled me to write.

I would like to think that as Christians, you would never condone Kristine Luken’s heinous murder or the attack on myself. I suspect however that you may rationalize this savagery as an inevitable result of the “Israeli Occupation”.

You would probably suggest that the palestinians who murdered my friend were themselves victims who grew up in depravity. I would concur but would point out that if poverty was the case, the aristocrats who flew into the twin towers had no reason to commit their crimes.

Kristine's Parents with Kay Plant a Tree
at Murder Site. Photo Credit:  Kay Wilson

The palestinian terrorists were indeed victims, victims of a radical and primitive Islamic regime that force feeds them a morally malnourished diet of hatred of Jews and hatred of any life~including their own. They were also deprived: deprived of an education that cherishes culture, history, literature, art and the dignity of difference. Their impoverished morality coupled with ignorant generalizations is what enabled two men to butcher defenceless women without so much as blinking an eye.

Your “wall” that you have erected outside your church, is hopefully just a result of your own ignorance and generalisations concerning the complex situation here in the Middle East. Nevertheless, like all walls, it serves as a facade and a barrier.

If your wall was scrutinised, one would see that underneath the whitewashed surface that concerns itself with Israeli policies, there are blocks of anti-Semitism. These bricks stand high. They raise expectations from an entire people group. This wall precedes to separate the nation of Israel as non-desirable.

Your wall is cemented together by a superior theology that tells it’s people that G-d gave up on the Jews. This is the same theology that lies behind radical Islam. G-d tried the Jews, then the Christians but ultimately it was the Muslims who He ultimately chose.

Your wall, is just one brick in a global wall of an Islamic agenda, an agenda that will stop at nothing until the destruction of the Jewish State. To your own cultural detriment, it is a wall that obstructs truth and ultimately seeks not only to destroy Israel but every Judeo-Christian society.

Your wall inflames an ancient conflict that for those like myself, who live in this region, long not for an exacerbation in hatred but for a quenching of hostilities.

Your wall is an affront to Kristine Luken and other victims of terror who may well have been alive today had there have been a wall erected on the other 90% of land that separates us from our palestinian neighbours. Your wall is an injustice to Christians living under Muslim despotism. Ironically it is the State of Israel, that you deem pariah and unjust, that is unique in the Middle East because unlike all of our neighbours, our Christian population is flourishing and our Christians have full religious rights.

Please write on your wall, under the cross, 
now obscured by the crescent…

 “R.I.P Kristine Luken.” 

Kay Wilson

Kay has indicated she would be willing to fly to London at very short notice and present her letter to St.James Church in Piccadilly (if finances were made available). 
She would also like to write the name of her murdered friend on their replica wall.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Christmas Greeting~2013

Merry Christmas to All Our Christian Friends Around the World from Jerusalem!

Here is The Text of the Greeting:
This is Jerusalem of gold, now it's Jerusalem of snow. We celebrate Christmas with you, we know the importance you attach to our common heritage, to the State of Israel and to the city of Jerusalem, where so much of our common history was forged. We have a great past, we have common values, we have the desire to seize a common future of security, prosperity and peace, so from the city of peace, Jerusalem, I extend the warmest Christmas greetings to all of you. Merry Christmas!

This Holiday Season~Flashback to 1981 For Inspiration

Think of Syria and Africa~Sadly There Are No Leaders Today to Take Action Like This!

* Thanks to Weasel Zippers Blog for posting this

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Songs to Invoke Peaceful Memories

Christmas Day has a plethora of memories for each and every one of us. Sometimes, in our jet-set age we forget the days before DVD's, CD's "Tapes", and the internet. Then we had "records" and everyone had their favorite Christmas Album. One that brings back memories from many years ago is "A Russian Christmas" by Ivan Rebroff. (31 July 1931~27 February 2008).

Born as Hans-Rolf Rippert, in Berlin, Rebroff was actually a German singer (allegedly of Russian ancestry). His extraordinary vocal range of four and a half octaves ranged from soprano to bass. *To get an idea of what that means, listen to  "Evening Bells" below.

Ivan Rebroff described himself as international, the "connection between East and West". Famous for singing Russian Folk Songs, he also performed opera, light classics and folk songs from many other countries. During his career he performed over 6,000 concerts, including a two-year seven-day-a-week stint at the French opera, singing, among other greats, Fiddler on the Roof. Even when he was well into his seventies, Rebroff still performed twelve shows in fourteen days on tour. 

You May Ask~Why All This Trivia on Christmas Eve??

Perhaps because many become so caught up in the "preparations" that it is difficult to slow down and take the time to remember what the purpose of the day is. We are inundated with Christmas Plays, Concerts, Choirs and the frenzied jingling of reindeer bells everywhere we go. In the midst of it all we should be sitting in a comfy chair in soft light, feeling that all is right with the world as we await the "Holy" moment~but do we?

The right music soothes, and when Rebroff sings, each word in each song has such depth and feeling that it flows, soothing the body, so the soul can step away, and look to the true meaning of the day, which has almost been lost in our time. OK~maybe not for everyone! 

Never-the-less, take a few moments to lower the lights, relax in a soft chair and listen. The first clip is a Russian song that translates into "Evening Bells". The second clip has two "musts" for Christmas~Silent Night (one of his very best) and O' Tannebaum.

From Our Jerusalem Vistas Family to Each One of You
~Our Friends and Family~Best Wishes for a Blessed, Joyous Christmas!

The Song 'Evening bells' in Russian (Вечерний звон ~ Vecherny svon)

Silent Night and O'Tannenbaum

Ukrainian Children Christmas Song~Вже надходить ніч чарівна

Mykolaj, Mykolaj ty do nas zavitaj~Saint Nicholas, Nicholas, Come to Visit Us

English Translation
 (**Approximate** Will Happily Print Your Corrections!)
"For the arrival of this magical night"
There has already been a magic night,
Sleeping the entire night on edge.
Everybody in our homes
Visit Nicholas.

Nicholas, Nicholas,
You have to Visit Us
All the children Smile 
and Embrace a True Heart

All the local Children are waiting,
Oh how happy the children,
And all of the adults
Wait for Nicholas visit


Even in the freezing weather
And the fluffy snow
Nicholas goes everywhere
All on this magical night

Chorus (2):

Chaldean Hymn Maran Esho مارن ايشوع

Beautifully Sung in Chaldean~With English Sub-titles

Syriac Christian Maronite Hymn (Kanya Makan)

Makams Unique to the Maronite Church~The Psalm of the Birth Feast

Arabic Christmas Carol

Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sinhala Christmas Hymn~Kalakata Pera Ae (Sri Lanka)

A Christmas Hymn from Sri Lanka by Sameera Video Club, Katuneriya

Iranian Legend Ebi and Israeli Artist Liel Kolet~Christmas Duet

I Can Hear Christmas~A Message of Unity and Love Between All Religions (Amen!)

Two Beautiful Ukrainian Christmas Carols (rec.1947)

Ukrainian Christmas Carols (rec.1947) Ivan Kozlovskiy~These Are Very Good!

A Huron Christmas Carole~Inspiring!

Christmas is almost upon us. In some areas, this time of year is purely spiritual while in others it is only commercial. We see people fight and trample over one another to get "that gift or item" that suddenly they discover that they can't live without !??

Through it all, there are some who relish the time with family and friends, and those who actually remember why there is Christmas at all. At Jerusalem Vistas, we like to search for interesting and inspiring hymns and carols for the season~to remind people of why we celebrate.

In that vein, we found a unique contribution from a Canadian Musician and Actor, Tom Jackson. The carol was so inspiring we have included a  few other clips that provide a feeling of "Christmas Spirit". They tell the story of a man who is known not only for his acting and concerts, but for his Humanitarian work. Each year he raises money for the community homeless shelters and those who are "down and out".  He claims that his parents taught him that being generous was a gift, and that he was "blessed with his upbringing". Tom Jackson admits that he was on the bottom of the ladder~living on the streets~and that it "opened his eyes". Over more than twenty years his concerts have raised in excess of $ 200 million for community shelters and the needy.

The Huron Christmas Carol, was taught to the Indians by priests when they arrived in the country. Listen to the words~it is the "Christmas Story" put in a way that those (who could not imagine where or what Bethlehem was) could understand the holiness. 

Do take the time to listen to the interviews as well as the song. This is the story of a believing Christian who does what he can to help others~and while you watch, think about how we can all do something small in our own community, for those who will be without this year, and every year...

The Huron Carol by Canadian Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson Speaks of His 2013 Christmas Concert Tour

2011 Interview With Tom Jackson

An Interview With Tom Jackson at His Home in Calgary

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Israel's Danger Zone and What a Nuclear Iran Really Means!

Map by Mark Langfan
There have been many maps drawn of the middle east showing past, present and (desired) future borders. Each one provides a "viewpoint", but sometimes they also create a degree of confusion. We must ask:

~ What are the "real" facts? 
~ Why is Israel so adamant that Judea and Samaria remain under         Israeli rule?
~ Why does Israel insist that they must control their own defense?
~ What does it really matter to the rest of the world?

There are many answers from all sides. Most of the time, popular opinion falls to whoever makes the most noise (HINT: Not to Who is Right!). Those who are truly interested in truth will find some interesting facts in these videos.

Eric Stakelbeck has reported on terrorism and security for many years and is a sought after authority on the subject. He has produced many programs, first for "Stakelbeck on Terror" and now for his new show "The Watchman". He is also author of a new book on the Muslim Brotherhood titled "The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy", which exposes the terrorism, assassinations, anti-Western, anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence of the Muslim Brotherhood that is cloaked in expensive western suits and false respectability.

In the videos below Eric speaks with a guest who has made it his business to examine the pros and cons of the "Israel vs PA" situation and "Iran's nuclear quest", via intricate topological maps.

Mark Langfan has developed a series of maps to outline the lay of the land regarding Israel and her neighbours. In the first video, he shows the actual existing borders of Israel and why they can not be shrunk any further. It is not rhetoric~it is a fact. Changing the borders would be a death sentence.

The second clip show maps created by Mark Langfgan of Iran and the surrounding area~which for some, may come as a surprise. Israel is not the only country in grave danger! Mark shows us the "Black Gold Triangle" and why it is imperative that Iran be stopped from obtaining nuclear weapons. 

You can view the maps up close, and in detail at Mark Langfan's web site. Please visit and take time to look at all the facts. This is not only about Israel...This is about a threat to the entire world. For anyone who values the future of our life and freedom on this earth, it behooves you to take the time to educate yourself~to the real threat!

Part I~Israel's Borders and Her "Neighbours"

Part II~Why Israel is Just a "Bump on The Road" For Iran's Ultimate Goal

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From "He Who is Generous" to "Needy Children Must Suffer"!

Originally, when people began calling for separation of "Church" and "State" it may have seemed harmless. Many thought that this would simply mean no prayers, or forcing one denomination over another. or something similar. 

These days it has been taken to a whole new level. We have now regressed to banning toy drives for needy kids!

 We are no longer allowed to call "Christmas" by its name (Christmas), we can't have Christmas trees, or Christmas plays,  and Christmas Carols are strictly forbidden.

In the western world, we have celebrated Christmas in one way or another for hundreds of years. It has traditionally been a time for Peace, Family, Joy and general good feelings for all people. Even non-Christians, such a Jews and Buddhists, and those who considered themselves "secular" joined in the seasonal festivities and merry making. During WWII, there were many stories where both sides took a break from the fighting for that one day.

Now, a school is being threatened  with legal action for filling "shoe boxes" with small items such as pencils and tiny toys for needy children. These people who are so high on their own self-righteousness are preventing one group of kids who "have" from "giving" to another group of kids who "have not". How can this be for the good of anyone? How can teaching children to give to the needy be a bad thing?

This insidious act~and many more like it~is directed solely at anything that hints at Christianity. Think about it~Where is the protest when Muslims hold their prayers in schools? Why is there no protest when we are forced to serve halal foods in schools, and why can't a Christian wear a simple cross, yet a Muslim is allowed to wear a full headdress or even a burkha (full face and body cover)? There are no legal actions when Muslims want to celebrate Ramadan or when non-Muslim kids are told to "not eat their lunch" in front of Muslims for a  month. The list is endless~but are we willing to open our eyes!

Our Calendar begins with the birth of Christ, which is marked at Christmas~should we now change that? If we are going to abandon everything "faith based" then should it not reach across all boundaries to all facets of all religions?

This politically correct insanity has invaded our lives~it is destroying our history and culture, and sucking the joy out of absolutely everything~while at the same time promoting a total lack of morals of any kind. We have become a society of "do what makes you feel good" and "I" am the most important~Anything Goes!

The time to stop the madness is now! Speak up because very soon it will be too late!

Atheist / Humanist? Groups Have Overstepped The Boundary! It's Time to Stop the Madness!

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Short Film: Summer in the HolyLand

Mentoring is one of the joys of life for  Drs. Jay and Meridel Rawlings. Their home and studio is often a 'stopping' place for young men. Creativity lives at this address, and young people are encouraged to 'reach for the sky': 'to be all they can be'. It is a 'safe place' where ideas are permitted to abound. Ideas and hard work. The short film you are about to see was entered into a world wide 'You Tube' contest. The theme had to reflect one's city and nation.

Beauty shots of Israel make up a beautiful backdrop to this unassuming tale of 'loneliness'. The story line was conceptualized by Michael Hildsden and his bride Becky. Love came to life under the able hands of three friends. Michael asked Daniel Rawlings to produce, while Paul Chobaniuk added the  art direction with Michael Hilsden directing and doing camera work. Thanks go to many others who worked on the project. May this be the first of many. It won 3rd place in the Neumannfilms "Summer In"~Short Film Competition. Congrats guys and  Becky of course. Hope you enjoy!

Summer in the HolyLand

Finally~A Leader Who Believes in Christian Values...

Wait--The Only World Leader Talking About Real Morals Is Vladimir Putin?? We're Doomed...

Monday, November 04, 2013

An Appeal...

Thanks to the wisdom and understanding of the Spirit of God, my precious family and your giving we have championed Israel’s historic and Biblical cause in the media. By God’s grace we have regularly given “biblical reports” based on the instruction of the “Still Small Voice” when in 1969 He said to us,

1]  “If you love My people!”;  and

2]  “Declare among the nations, lift up a banner and publish and  proclaim. Do not conceal but broadcast it far and wide!”...Jeremiah 50:2a

For forty four years we have worked to be faithful to His instructions. Today the future of our work is seriously threatened by lack of finances. Although support has dropped off yearly, we continued by cutting back on all costs. Now there is nothing left to cut back.

To continue we must, either have more income from our faithful partners or have more partners. It is as simple as that. We normally receive sizable funding, but this year it did not materialize. For the past quarter, I have struggled to pay costs as well as basic salaries and back bills for 2013, but we have reached an impasse. To continue must have a major infusion of funds.

As our beloved partners I hesitate to ask you for more help but when I asked the Lord about it in prayer, He said:
“You have not because you ask not!!...James 4:2b

Now I am asking You to Please join us in Prayer for this shortfall to be met. You can partner with us in our work by using our PayPal button above ~OR~ request that we make a direct debit to your credit card ~OR~ send cheques to:
      Jerusalem Vistas
      PO Box 40101
      Mevasseret Zion, 91400. Israel

An Appeal from Jay Rawlings

Sunday, October 27, 2013

James Lunney, MP~Interview From Mamilla Mall Jerusalem

This summer, Canadian MP, James D. Lunney traveled to Israel to meet with parliamentarians from around the world. Mr. Lunney is the current conservative Member of Parliament for the Nanaimo-Alberni riding on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

The trip was organized to allow leaders to experience the "facts on the ground". In addition to meetings, they toured various areas in Israel, including Judea and Samaria, in their search for the truth on the current situation.

The various representatives were meeting in the Mamilla Mall to discuss their findings, not only of the conditions in Israel but of her surrounding neighbours and the turmoil currently going on.

For many years James Lunney has been a close friend of the Rawlings family. Jay was pleased to be able to have some time with James, to thank him for his assistance and support over the years and to ask some questions about the trip and possible ideas for the future. Do listen for a keen insight on Israel in the Middle East.

James Lunney, MP Speaks to Jay on Issues and Solutions for Israel

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

What Lebanese Children Would Do~If They Could Be President

How Long Before These Little Ones Will Be Brainwashed to Hate and Kill?

* Thanks to MEMRI TV for posting this

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Black Flag of Jihad is All About War and Slaughter...

It Is The Backdrop for Beheadings~The Time to Pull Your Head Out of the Sand is Now!!

A South African MP Gives Us A Lesson On Apartheid

This is someone who actually suffered under Apartheid in South Africa.

This is a man who really knows what Apartheid is.

Reverend Kenneth Rasalabe Joseph Meshoe, a member of the Parliament of South Africa and founder of the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), is in Israel.

He is here as one of the chairmen of the Israel Allies Caucuses, which represent hundreds of members of Congress and Parliaments around the world. They were in Israel to discuss ways to strengthen Israel and to address the many attacks, which range from the European boycott of products from Judea and Samaria (which create jobs for the Arabs living in the area), barring academics, pressuring musicians to boycott Israel, to accusations of Apartheid.

Arutz 7 published the short interview (below). Some of the things Reverend Meshoe was quoted as saying are:

“I was born in South Africa fifty-nine years ago and I lived through Apartheid. I can assure you, Israel is no Apartheid state.”

"Anyone who knows what apartheid really is and still makes such a claim [about Israel] should be told to their faces that they are lying."

There are a growing number of haters around the world who spread lies to damage Israel~to what end? What will they gain if Israel is destroyed and Muslims take over? Do they truly believe that the Islamists will allow them to be as free as they are now? What part of Sharia law do people not understand?

Listen to the truth from one who lived it, and next time someone says that Israel is an Apartheid State~tell them to their face that they are a Liar!

Calling Israel Apartheid Minimizes the Pain of Apartheid...

Here is His Presentation from Prager University (Powerful!)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Join Jay and Meridel in Their Sukkah!

Welcome to the Rawlings Family Sukkah, Share A Blessing and Learn About the Joy of Sukkot

Syria and The Golan Heights

During the early part of September 2013, Meridel traveled to the Golan Heights, specifically to the Druze town of Majdal Shams, to investigate the effects the Syrian uprising is having on those living on the Israeli side of the border.

The town of Majdal Shams is primarily Syrian Druze, and many have immediate family members just a few kilometers away in Syria.

Located at the foot of Mount Hermon, it is the largest of the four Druze villages in the Golan with a population of about nine thousand. 

The village has been under Israel's control since the Six Day War of June 1967.

Since 1981 they have been considered to be "permanent residents" of Israel. The status of "permanent resident" in Israel, means that the people are free to travel, live, work and study anywhere in the country, and they are also entitled to state services such Kupat Holim health insurance. 

Although they are invited to apply for full Israeli citizenship, only a scant ten percent of Golan Druze have taken this option. Those who do apply for Israeli citizenship can vote, run for Knesset and receive an Israeli Passport, but they are not drafted by the Israel Defense Forces.

It is no surprise that to this day, the Syrian authorities consider all of the people of Majdal Shams to be Syrian citizens. Syria longs to have control of the area, which would give them a prime vantage point from which to attack Israel.

With such a history it is not surprising that the residents are reluctant to appear on film, or make their views known. At least fifty percent have at least one sibling, parent, or child in Syria. Their fear for the safety of their families on the Syrian side of the border is very real. They also fear for their own safety as the ceasefire line runs directly along the eastern edge of town, leaving them open to "revenge" attacks.

Listen as Meridel provides some history of the area, and the people. Amazingly, she is only sixty kilometers from Damascus, and you can actually hear explosions in the background.

Meridel Reporting from Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Israel, Syria and The Bible~Our Task (Part 12 of 12)

Part 12 of 12~Our Task

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Israel, Syria and The Bible (Part 11 of 12)

Part 11 of 12~Good New From Syria?

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Israel, Syria and The Bible (Part 10 of 12)

Part 10 of 12~Serious Threats

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Israel, Syria and The Bible (Part 9 of 12)

Part 9 of 12~Nowhere to Run~Nowhere to Hide?

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Israel, Syria and The Bible (Part 8 of 12)

Part 8 of 12~Roots of Civil War

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Israel, Syria and The Bible (Part 7 of 12)

Part 7 of 12~Action and Faith

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Israel Syria and The Bible~Part 6 of 12

Part 6 of 12~The Eli Cohen Story

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Rosh Hashanah Greetings from Jay and Meridel

New Year Greetings for 5774 to All Our Family, Friends and Partners...שנה טובה ומתןקה

Israel Syria and The Bible~Part 5 of 12

Part 5 of 12~Intelligence Edge

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Israel Syria and The Bible~Part 4 of 12

Part 4 of 12~Biblical Overview

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Monday, September 09, 2013

Israel Syria and The Bible~Part 3 of 12

Part 3 of 12~Geographical Context

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Israel, Syria and The Bible~Part 2 of 12

Part 2 of 12~6,000 Years of History

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Christians Under Attack in Syrian Town of Maaloula...

A small village where Christians and Muslims have lived peacefully for hundreds of years has been attacked and taken over by Rebel Forces. Maaloula, a scenic mountain community located fifty-six kilometers north-east of Damascus, is on the UNESCO list of tentative world heritage sites.  It is also one of the few places in the world where residents still speak the ancient Middle Eastern language of Aramaic.

The rebel advance was spearheaded by Jabhat al-Nusra, or the Nusra Front. Reports claim that approximately 1,500 rebels entered the town shouting "Allahu Akbar", and began attacking Christian homes and churches. People have reported seeing dead bodies in the street.

A CNN report says:
Christians make up roughly 10% of the population. Syria is ruled by a government dominated by Alawites, whose faith is an offshoot of Shiism. The regime is opposed by an opposition with a large Sunni presence. Aid agencies say Syria's 2 million Christians are often targeted for suspected sympathies to President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The USA is preparing to attack Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in order to aid the Rebels~But~there is a real concern that the rebels have been infiltrated by Militant Islamists from Al Qaeda. They have sworn that if they take control they will wipe out all minorities~with Christians being the first to feel the blow. 

Please pray for this tiny Christian community...

Here is Maaloula Before Civil War Broke Out...

Here is Maaloula Now...

Israel Syria and the Bible~Introduction (Part 1 of 12)

Part 1~The Roots of Syria's Civil Conflict and the Effect on Israel

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