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Monday, April 04, 2011

Defending Israel against Hitler Youth Week

Do you live in the USA? Are you aware of what your colleges and universities are promoting? The hate and lies have gone beyond youthful hi-jinks. They carry the words of Hamas:  There is no place for you (Jews) among us. You are headed toward annihilation...Mahmoud Al-Zahar. They use student funds to put up "walls of lies" showing totally false information demonizing Israel and painting murderous terrorists as victims. They follow the  ideals of Mein Kampf--what started as an Arab war, then became a Muslim war, is now being brought to  western university and college campuses. It is not only the USA--this campaign of hate is taking place all over the free world.

I urge you to watch this film--and think about what the schools of today are teaching. The time to choose is now--Do you want to follow the lies of Muslim terrorists who fight for  world domination under Sharia Law--that will annihilate our Judeo Christian life, values and belief system? or Do you  stand for freedom and democracy...

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