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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rescued Chilean Miners Give Thanks at the Kotel

They looked like any other tour group wandering through the Old City of Jerusalem, but these weren't ordinary tourists. These men had captured the imaginations and hearts of people worldwide with their dramatic rescue from the bowels of the earth. The trip was the miners' first time visiting Jerusalem and the first opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Jesus on the Via Dolorosa, which is Latin for "Way of Grief or Way of Suffering."

The miners came to the Holy Land through an invitation by Israel's Ministry of Tourism. Rafi Ben Hur, the deputy general of Israel's Ministry of Tourism, said: "People recognize and we tell it to the whole world that the Holy Land, that Israel is a place to come and pray to God--that if you want to say, 'Thank you God,' this is the place to do it."

The miners did just that at the Kotel (Western Wall) as they put their hand-written notes between the stones and offered prayers of thanksgiving.

The Story Behind the Middle East Turmoil

This is a rather long clip, but for those who are interested in some of the facts it is a must see. While Glenn Beck does not always get it right he does expose truths that are worth looking into. For all of you out there who insist on believing that the Muslim Brotherhood will bring democracy to the Middle-East I strongly urge you to watch and do your research. There is a dark cloud forming in the east and it is not bringing anything pleasant.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fallout of Muslim Hatefest on Remembrance Day

The video below shows how the Muslims in the UK observed Remembrance Day. As a result two of them were charged. Ugly scenes erupted outside Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court, south-east London, as Muslims gathered to support Mohammed Haque and Emdadur Choudhury, who are accused of using "threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour". Their supporters chanted "democracy, hypocrisy"  The full story is available at Bare Naked Islam's Blog HERE.

It is particularly offensive that they desecrate the flag and memory of those who gave their lives for democracy and freedom. It is disgraceful that these people immigrate and live off public taxpayer money yet spit and revile the very people whose country they have immigrated to. It is beyond comprehension that this kind of behaviour is tolerated. This is not allowing citizens to exercise freedom of speech, this is encouraging terror-like behaviour. When is the west going to wake up?

Egyptian Army Demolishes Fence Protecting Coptic Christians

I urge you to go to Vlad Tepes HERE and read the entire story HERE.  Egyptian armed forces this week demolished fences surrounding ancient Coptic monasteries, leaving them vulnerable to attacks by armed Arabs, robbers and escaped prisoners, who have seized the opportunity of the state of diminished protection by the authorities in Egypt to carry out assaults and thefts.

What follows is the details of the deliberate move on the part of Egyptian armed forces to render the monks defenseless. Around 2:45 you see and army vehicle coming through the break, hear gunshots, and see at least one man who has been wounded. With the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood be prepared for more terror.

Allen West~Thoughts on the Future

The first question asked is "How will your faith and principles influence your decisions and actions and career in congress".  How wonderful to hear a man speak so openly. He is not ashamed to say Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, and should not be divided or to weigh in on the problems of the current so-called "peace process"

This is the man who proudly proclaims that his mother taught him: "a man must stand for something, or he will fall for anything".  If only the western world had more "honest, real" men like him in the seats of power.  This is a wonderful interview, no matter which country you live in!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Urgent Prayer Request!

We urgently need your prayers ! Please pass on to your prayer partners.

As I am writing this Joshua Rawlings, the son of Jay and Meridel is in hospital. He is having emergency surgery for appendicitis. 

We ask for your prayers that the surgery is succesful and recovery is immediate. 

Please also pray for Jay and Meridel as they are in Canada and are not able to be at Joshua's side. 

Thank you all.

Wall of Honor at Ammunition Hill Jerusalem

This video is not an interview, rather it is a touching story of giving honor to those who fought and died for freedom. Enjoy...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Auzie Burka Rally Turns Violent

Redegalli and His Mural
Some time ago artist Sergio Redegalli painted a mural on the outer wall of his studis and it has caused riots (literally) in Australia. The mural saying "No" to Burkas was intended as a point for debate, but it immediately caused an uproar and a complaint was lodged by a woman with the Anti-Discrimination Board, saying: ''It's Islamophobic; it's feeding the racist and sexist attitudes we have in our society.'' 

Perhaps the complainant needs reminding that if she is going to make her home in a country such as Australia, and benefit from all the freedoms on offer in an open and democratic society, she can't dictate how those freedoms are applied. The right to begin debates and even to be disrespectful and insulting, is among those freedoms that people in democratic countries have fought for over the years. We may not always like it, but that's the way freedom goes.

On a personal note, telling a woman  she Must wear a Burka or she will be raped,  because Muslim men can't be expected to control themselves, is--in my humble opinion--Extremely Sexist!

Redegalli said: "This mural has come from frustration...You can't say anything about Muslims without getting in trouble. There's a problem about the right to free expression, the loss of the ability to say something without instantly being branded a racist--There's thousands that can say we don't actually feel comfortable about this and that's not being taken seriously''

Christians, Jews, Buddhists or other religions basically do not object to anybody practicing their own faith. But the Burka is not about religion--it is about security in a free country and it is a political statement by those who would oppress us. Consider--there is no way to identify who is under it--or even if it is a male or female! Suicide bombings, robbery and other crimes have been carried out under the cover of the Burka. The debate over whether this covering is oppressive to women or not, is not oppression any more than is the requirement for a nudist to wear clothing into a grocery store.

Sadly, as the video below shows, the "religion of peace" will never allow freedom of opinion unless it agrees with their world view.

Toronto Has Serious Problems!

This is an older video of a "freedom rally" in Toronto showing how this type of gathering is  always hijacked by Islamists and other useful idiots. Posted by Tundra Tabloids, it was put together by Blazing Cat Fur.  Do visit both sites. It should be noted that there is a trend here and many of the same "people" show up at every rally.

There are many outrageous signs, but what is particularly noticeable is the ever-present hatred of Israel--regardless of what the rally is truly about. What is most hypocritical are those who are calling Israel an Apartheid state--even though Arabs have more rights in Israel than in any other Arab country, and of course the ever-present "Queers against Apartheid in Israel" (excuse me while I fall to the floor laughing). Israel is the ONLY country in the middle-east where gays have rights. Being gay in any other middle-east country is a death penalty. Just ask the gays from Arab countries who sneak into Israel. As for Ms. Peto and her code pinkos, I have never once heard her speak out in defense of muslim girls who are raped and then sentenced to death for being immoral, or any of the myriad of ridiculous offenses that are committed against women on a daily basis in Muslim countries.

These people, and the news sources that support them are the worst kind of hypocrites. Do your own research people! Do not let the loudest voices convince you that right is wrong and bad is good!  
* Caution, some strong language is used in this video

A Visit From a Friend

Some days ago we received a visit from a long-time friend. Elana Watson and her music are familiar to many of our partners in Israel and North America. We asked Elana to give us an update of her activities which she did. 

Boker Tov!
I am so happy to be returning to my home in Israel. I am using this time to do a few multi-media projects involving Hebrew language courses and some music concerts.  

Then I ran into my old friend...David Rawlings!!...what a wonderful surprise to find that he is still buzzing with  a whirlwind of creative ideas and the outcome of our meeting may prove to produce the  most exciting opportunity I have come across in long time. This visit to Israel is truly an awakening.
I invite you to visit my website and view the new Hebrew word stone carvings I make at: 

Welcome back Elana, enjoy your stay!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Muslims Attack Tunis Synagogue~In the Name of Freedom?

The world is watching as Arabs in the Middle-East call for "new governments" . In Egypt they are burning pictures of Mubarak "with a Star of David" on his forehead. In Iran one girl said they wanted to live peacefully with all people, well "except the Jews". And now we have this lovely film from Tunis. 

Anybody who thinks these people only want democracy need to learn a bit more about the middle-east mind set. Yes, they want a better life, but the majority in position to take over are of the radical islamic mindset--and more than anything their hatred of the Jews will always be strong and used as a means to stir up the masses. Oh yes, those catchy little black and white flags they are carrying? That is the Jihad flag--nothing peaceful at all.

In this clip at 0:56 the people are chanting "Allahu akbar" and "Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahud, jaish Muhammad sa yaoud". Their war chant from the days of Mohammed the murderous pedophile...

"Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is France Facing Civil War~What About the Rest of Us?

French President Sarkozy, Angela Merkel of Germany and even David Cameron of the UK, recently stated that multiculturalism has been a big failure. France now has 751 "No Go" Zones--That's correct--751! No entry for anyone but Muslims. Police, Firemen, Ambulance, Doctors--none will enter these areas. They function as micro states run by Shariah law. So what is there to protect the citizens of France, or Germany, Britain, Scandinavia or even North America? Many citizens fear it will lead to civil war--because governments are so anxious to be "Politically Correct" they are willing to sacrifice their own country. One has to ask what the future holds...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sharia in the West~When Will Americans Speak Out?

As this report indicates, there is a definite imbalance in the western world. We bend over backwards to accommodate anything that comes from the Muslim world--no matter how disgusting. Cabbies that refuse to drive people from the airport who have alcohol with them,--not to mention blind people with guide dogs. Schools creating special washrooms for Muslims, special food, special rules, special holidays and on and on. The demands are never ending. And guess what? The minute some idiot request is denied--Law Suits, threats and  many times loss of business or income. Lives of those who have built the free countries are being destroyed. Meanwhile these same organizations forbid any reference to Christmas, or any Non-Muslim based holiday or event. Excuse me--but something is very wrong. Please watch. Then educate yourself about Sharia Law, Islam, Jihad, and their desire for a world Caliphate.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood

With the fall of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood is now poised to step into the void. Shamefully, the US, EU and mainstream media are trying to build them as a "non-violent secular group"--something they most certainly are not! All you need do is look at their official motto:

"Allah is our objective, the Prophet is our leader, the Koran is our law,
Jihad is our way, and dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu akbar!"

Glen Beck may not be everybody's cup of tea, but he dares to put the truth out there--something that everyone else is afraid to do! Listen to what he says, look around you, do your research. The danger is creeping into our world...

Monday, February 07, 2011

Ethnic Cleansing in Egypt~And the World is Silent

While the world is watching the protests in Egypt and Obama is eagerly calling for the backing of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, the mainstream news is once again silent to the deliberate slaughter of Christian Copts.

An article in Arutz 7, reported that on 30 January around 3:00 PM there was an attack in the village of Sharona near Maghagha, Minya province. Two Islamists groups, aided by the Muslim neighbors, descended on the roof of houses owned by Copts, killing eleven (including children), and seriously injuring four others.

Bishop Anba Agathon of Maghagha said that the killers were neighbors, who took advantage of the confusion in the country and subsequent lack of police protection. The four surviving Copts, told the bishop that they recognized the main attackers as being from the same village. The two families were in their homes with their doors locked when the Islamists descended on them, killing and looting everything that was in the two Coptic houses, including money, furniture and electrical equipment, as well as the livestock and grain.

According to the bishop the first group was led by Islamist Ibrahim Hamdy Ibrahim, and a gang of masked attackers. They gained access to the roof of the house of Copt Joseph Waheeb Massoud via the roof of his Muslim neighbor Mahgoub El-Khawaled. The armed men killed Joseph, his wife Samah, his 15-year old daughter Christine and 8-year-old son Fady Youssef. A second Islamist group led by Yasser Essam Khaled and several masked men simultaneously accessed the house of Copt Saleeb Ayad Mayez--using the roof of his Muslim neighbor Mohamad Hussein El-Khawaed. The Islamists shot dead Saleeb, his wife Zakia, his 4-year-old son Joseph, 3-year-old daughter Justina, his 23-year-old sister Amgad, mother Zakia and Ms. Saniora Fahim.

Here's a heads up to the usefull idiots in the US and EU. The Muslim Brotherhood is Islamist and their goal is Sharia law for everyone. If they gain control this will only be the beginning. Mubarak may be a ruthless dictator, but he will seem like a light in the darkness if the Muslim Brotherhood takes control.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sweden Removes 9-Year Old From Parents Home~Guess Why?

This is an interesting item. The issue has been taken up by the ADF~Alliance Defence Fund who started the Blackstone Legal Fellowship. This story is of a young boy who was taken from his parents by force when he was only seven years old.  He is now nine and the parents are rarely allowed to see him--at one point the father was jailed for taking the child home from a supervised visitation. There is much more...

You may ask why? Apparently it is because his parents are Christians and chose to home school their son. Please watch the video...your comments would be most welcome...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Racist Muslim Paedophile Epidemic

This is a terrifying example of what political correctness brings upon our communities. The article and sources from November 2010, come from Vlad Tepes where you can find many videos that the mainstream media refuses to carry. Do watch the video, there is an interview of a girl who was also abused in this fashion. It is hard to read, watch and listen to--but until we begin to face reality these attacks will only get worse.

Note that the girls attacked were Christians and the attackers "British Born" Pakistanis. Imagine the world press outcry had the girls been "Pakistani" and the attackers Christians. We must wake up--the future of our children is at stake. Here are exerpts from the article:

A gang of Asian "sexual predators" were jailed yesterday for abusing white girls as young as 12. The five men preyed on their victims over several months and threatened them with violence if they refused their advances. One of the men branded his victim a "white bitch" when she resisted, while a second smirked: "I’ve used you and abused you."

The men, all British-born Pakistanis, attacked the four girls in play areas, parks and in the back of their cars, Sheffield Crown Court heard. They gave them gifts and introduced them to their friends. The girls were abused so frequently that after many months it "became a way of life". The girls, who were being monitored by social services, were eventually rescued by police and removed from their homes amid growing concerns for their safety.

Two of the men wept in the dock yesterday as they were jailed.

Judge Peter Kelson QC told them: "I’ve listened to the backdrop of some of you sobbing--I have to say your weeping cuts no ice with me at all. You had what you regarded as your fun, now you will take your punishment."

The attacks took place in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, during 2008, the court was told. Khan, a mortgage adviser who owned a BMW, described his victim as a "little stick" who looked as if she had not reached puberty. Despite this he told her he loved her and would spoil her like a "princess".

During the seven-week trial the jury were told how the men drove around the streets looking for girls. The teenagers believed they were in relationships with the much older men. On one occasion Umar Razaq tried to pull the clothes off one of the 13-year-olds. When she resisted he pulled her hair and called her a "white bitch". On another occasion Umar introduced the girl to his brother Razwan who had sex with her in his car. Afterwards he told her: "I've used you and abused you." When Ramzan was asked by police what age he was attracted to he later replied: "As long as they are not too young and they’re legal, that’s it."

The authorities were alerted after some changes were noted in the behaviour of the victims and they were removed from their homes. Joyce Thacker, director of Rotherham’s children and young people’s services, said the girls were under child protection plans following family breakdowns or other issues with their behaviour.

"When we pieced together a map of what was happening we stepped in very quickly to move these girls to a place of safety outside Rotherham," she said. "It started off as a grooming exercise by the men who became friendly with the girls, gave them gifts and introduced them to their friends."

"When they got used to being abused it just became a normal way of life for the girls. It is akin to self-harm. It was very dangerous. The girls could have faced death if the men weren’t getting what they wanted." She said the girls’ parents bore some of the responsibility but they were in a difficult position and at a loss to do something about their children’s "alternative" lifestyle.

Detective Sergeant Dave Walker, who led the inquiry, said: "One was only 12 when she met one of the men and started smoking cannabis and drinking and coming in late at night. As it escalated the defendants were becoming more aggressive to the girls. We basically have a group of young men who think it is all right to abuse young girls and they just groomed them and isolated them from their families."

All four girls are now back in mainstream education. The three youngest are taking GCSEs and the eldest is at college. Mr Walker added: "We don’t know what the future holds for them but it will be a lot better than it was."

Islamization: A Terrifying Reality Part Four

When this clip was made 40% of Muslims wanted Sharia Law in Britain--The figures are rising and the "Moderates" are deafeningly silent as are the politicians and mainstream media. Political Correctness and Denial have ruined Britain, Europe and Scandinavia and now North America is rowing down the same river.

Toronto Muslim Attacks His Family~And is Proud

In 2007 this man deliberately ran over his own daughter, her boyfriend and his son-in-law. He was finally sentenced to jail in November 2010 but sadly, with time served he will soon be out and free to attack again. How in the world can anyone consider this act as "honourable"?

Watch the clip at 1:06--look how proud he is after committing such an horrendous crime! Look again at 2:08 and take note that "most of his family supported him"~Why do western countries allow animals like this to immigrate? Why do we allow them to remain? They will not change...

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Another Disaster~Please Help Us Pray

We just received this Urgent Prayer Request from Australia from Deslee Campbell...



This part of the country has suffered so much since the start of December.

Please pray there be no loss of life.
That all children will be kept safe and not take risks.
Pray for a slowing of the force of the cyclone.
For the peoples' courage not to fail.
Pray that people will seek God's help and guidance.
That State Premier Anna Bligh's heart will be turned to the Lord by Holy Spirit power.
For guidance, strength and courage for the Lord's people as they reach out to their communities. 

Thank you for your loving concern
(Dr) Deslee Campbell

Wake Up~This Is Europe NOW !

Although this is not a new clip it is vital because things have only become worse! With the riots taking place in the Middle-East the radicals are starting to believe this is their time...

Terrorists Escape Egyptian Prisons~Return to Gaza

This is several days old but the message is important. This is only one of many terrorists who are now free and determined to continue attacks on Israeli civilians.

The Muslim Brotherhood~Same Goals Since 1928

The goals of the Muslim Brotherhood have not changed. Now, with the unrest all over the Middle-East they see their chance. Thanks to the Obama's pro-islam tactics there is a real and present danger that radical Islamists, backed by the "brotherhood" will soon be in control of Egypts formidable armed forces (funded by the USA). The question is, why are they not on the US Terror watch list? Their own rhetoric and the continuous stream of terrorists they produce should be a clue--at least you would think so...

Muslims Invade a Church in Italy

So far this story has not been carried by the English press so the translation is courtesy of Google Translator.

This past Sunday the Basilica of the Holy Martyrs of Anauniensi Sanzeno, in Trentino was transformed into a mosque. During the service, about thirty Muslims walked into the transept in bare feet, laid their carpets on the floor facing east and began their prayers. The people were very surprised that they would take this liberty and disturb mass. Apparently because the Muslim request to build a mosque in the town was refused they chose to intrude on the celebration.

The Board of the Lega Nord Trentino stated: "We do not want mosques. We have always been opposed to the creation of mosques in Trentino for reasons mainly related to security and to defend Christian values that are likely to be overshadowed and overwhelmed by the presence and the arrogance of Islamic world. In any mosque are Catholics allowed to enter? But the Muslims are here and do what they want in our churches."

Try to imagine if thirty Christians living in an Islamic country decided to march into a mosque with bibles, crosses, implements and vestments and began to hold a mass while afternoon prayers were in session...

Yes, we would surely be hearing of thirty be-headings.

* Anyone who can provide a better translation~please forward and we will print it

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Islamization: A Terrifying Reality~Part Three

This report by CBN speaks for itself. It is not only Britain that is under attack--it is the entire free world. The same political correctness that is brought polygamy, crimes against women, honor killings and hatred into Britain has taken hold in Scandinavia, North America, Russia and Australia. This is not about religion. It is about a political ideology that hates and is offended by anything and anybody non-muslim--and it will drag us all into the dark ages. We need to wake up and send our "elected leaders" a strong message--or we will lose the freedoms and democracy that  our ancestors fought for and that we now take for granted...