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Monday, January 30, 2012

Interview With Pastor Umar Mulinde~The Heart of A Lion

Evelyn & Pastor Umar Mulinde
In the past weeks we have posted about an amazing young man who was brutally attacked with acid~for his beliefs.   

* The links to these stories are below the videos.

On Thursday, we traveled to Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center in Tel Aviv, where we were able to meet with Pastor Mulinde and his lovely wife Evelyn~A truly amazing couple!. 

On Saturday, Evelyn returned to Uganda to be with their six children. The older children must return to school, and all of them struggle to understand this vicious attack on their father.

Pastor Umar now faces weeks of skin grafts and painful treatments. He remains in Israel, alone, without his family. He worries about how his young children are coping. He worries for the safety of his family, as those who attacked him have sworn to try again! (See Part II~12:00)

In the two part interview below, you will hear Pastor Mulinde tell you in his own words about his background, the events leading to the attack, his coming to Israel, and how he is coping. Even though he is obviously in pain, swathed in tight bandages, he still wanted to speak~and this he did~softly, but with deep passion and honesty. This is truly a man with the Heart of a Lion, filled with the Spirit of the Lord... 

Pastor Umar Mulinde~The Heart of A Lion~Part I

Pastor Umar Mulinde~The Heart of A Lion~Part II

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Pastor Umar Mulinde: An Amazing Man with A Great Spirit

Pastor Umar Mulinde
Last week we posted the story HERE of the cowardly acid attack on Pastor Umar Mulinde from Uganda. Yesterday, after many calls we were able to get permission to meet with Pastor Umar Mulinde and his lovely wife Evelyn to film an interview with them. This meeting touched us all in ways that are difficult to describe.

David is now working to edit and prepare the film, which we hope will be available here by Sunday. Meantime, we would like to share some of the message that we received and pictures of these amazing young people.
Speaking Out

When we were escorted to the wing where Pastor Mulinde was, his wife came out to greet us. A gentle, soft-spoken young woman, she assured us that her husband wanted to speak with us, but that he wanted to come out to the room across the hall as there was another patient sharing his room and they did not want to disturb him. I read that she is a beautiful singer, and as she spoke it is easy to believe.

She told us of their six children (including 3 year old twins!) and how she was so very worried about them so far away without their parents to comfort them. This is a young woman who has watched her husband undergo a vicious attack, and over the past weeks stood beside him in his battle with indescribable pain. Now, they are in a strange country, separated from their children, not knowing what the future will bring.

Evelyn, David, Jay, Meridel, Umar
And yet, there were no tears, no wringing of hands, no complaints and most importantly, no hatred or calls for revenge. What we experienced was a quiet acceptance of what was happening and a deep strength of spirit.

To be sure, we were very concerned. Pastor Umar seemed to be in pain (not one word of complaint came from him!) and it was obvious that he was in a more fragile state since the attack. His face and mouth have not healed, so he speaks softly, and carefully. 

Pastor Mulinde was determined to tell his story, not to extract revenge or sympathy~but I will touch on that later. Through his tightly bandaged face his focus was directly on us, as he spoke frankly, to our hearts, while Evelyn stood quietly by his side~we could almost feel her "holding him up". It really was one of those situations that one says "you had to be there to understand".
David and Umar

Pastor Mulinde's Story:
You will hear him speak when we post the film, but here are the highlights. Pastor Mulinde was born a Muslim, his father was an Imam and Umar himself was a Sheik, well versed in Islamic doctrine. I need to confirm this, but he said he was the 52nd child. Very openly he told us that as a young man he hated Israel. By the age of twenty years, he had discovered Christianity and made a life-changing decision to convert.

Evelyn and Pastor Umar Mulinde
As he began studying the Bible, he told us that he was always reading about the God of Israel, and Gods people and could not understand the hatred. This made him curious and he began his research to learn more. He told us of a trip he made to Israel in 2008 that transformed him as he found a love for Israel and her people. He took an online course called Israel Inside Out at Jerusalem Online U. His perspective changed as his studies deepened. Soon he was using videos to teach in his church in Uganda. He began bringing groups to Israel so they could also experience what he had found. The hate was replaced with love, and through him, many Muslims were converted and even becoming pastors.

Pastor Umar told us that every Monday, that about one hundred people from the Gospel Life Church International, spend the entire day studying and praying for Israel~Every Monday!
Meridel and Umar

Evelyn told us she was very afraid after the attack because many of the doctors in Uganda were Muslim and there was a fear for his life. He was transported to New Delhi, where he contacted people at Jerusalem Online U and asked to be brought to Israel for treatment. In Kampala a visa for travel to Israel takes four days, but he said that the Israeli embassy in New Delhi had the visa in one day.

Of course we wanted to know if he was angry over what had happened to him. His reply? "I have no hatred, no anger for those who attacked him". He said that what he is angry at is the dark spirit within those people and he was concerned that it was a very dangerous spirit.
When asked what we could do and ask other to do for him to help he declared that there were three things he wanted (paraphrased from the interview):

1) I Need Prayer~I love those who attacked me and need prayer to overcome the dark spirit that has taken over them. He told us that after the attack, three letters were found in the washroom of the church. They said they were sorry that they did not succeed in their attack but they wanted him to know there was Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. It is clear these people are not finished and the danger is still there...

2) I Need Prayer~to do what I need to do to heal my wounds and deal with the constant pain

3) I Need Prayer~for my children. They are young and it is hard to know what they are thinking. Both he and his wife are concerned about what the kids would be inferring from all of this and the fact that in Uganda they might be in grave danger. He wanted Evelyn to return to their children to comfort and strengthen them.

Jay with Umar
We all hugged and wished Evelyn as safe trip~she leaves on Saturday to return to their children. Pastor Umar took each of our hands in turn to say goodby, and we assured him that we would be back and that we would stay in touch. This gentle, soft spoken couple rocked our world.

Be sure to watch the film when it is posted and listen as Pastor Umar tells his story in his own words. Meanwhile, this family needs prayers, encouragement and support from everyone.
Please, as we enter into another Sabbath, Pray for Pastor Umar and Evelyn Mulinde and their children...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coptic Christians in Egypt Are Suffering Daily Persecution!

Coptic Christians have lived in Egypt since Christianity began. Once they were the majority population, and now they number less than 10% because most of Egypt's population has been forcefully converted to Islam through terrorism, economic means, discrimination, persecution and murder.

Now that Egypt will have a Majority Islamic Government, the Copts are suffering unbelievable cruelty. Imagine being arrested for praying in your own home! Imagine your daughter kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam by torture and rape!
And who is there to speak for them? Where is the United Nations? Where are all the NGO's? Where are all the Human Rights groups? 

More important~Where is the rest of the Christian World? Why the silence? Why do we stand by while our governments support and snuggle up to the Muslim Brotherhood? Why do we allow our funds to go to any Islamic government while Christians are being persecuted?

Egyptian Christians are being cleansed from their land~those remaining suffer daily. We must not remain silent!

Friday, January 20, 2012

This Sunday~Pray for Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem

Manger Square~Bethlehem
Dear Friends, this is not a new film. The facts as presented are not only true today, but the situation is far, far worse. 

Now, in 2012, less than five percent of the citizens of Bethlehem are Christians! Bethlehem, once a Christian city is now under the Palestinian Authority and in a very short time it has become a Muslim city. 

Bethlehem, is systematically being cleansed of all Christian residents. Regardless of what the PA tries to tell you, being a Christian in a Bethlehem, (with a Muslim majority), brings threats, beatings and even death. Those who have not already fled, live in daily fear.

Please watch this film, listen to the truth from those who live in Bethlehem, and pray that these people will one day be free to live and worship in peace.

Do You Know Who Your Enemy Is?

Obama Vetos Ethical Oil From Canada...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time for Christians, Non-Muslims and Apostates to Speak Out!

Pastor Umar Mulinde
Today we want to share a story with you in the hopes that it will awaken the need to deal with a hatred that is fast spreading around the world, and threatens to shackle us all~unless we stand together, speak out, and say No More!

This is the story of a Ugandan pastor, Umar Mulinde, (age 38) who had spent most of his life as a Muslim~in fact, he was the son of an Islamic Imam and was himself an Islamic teacher, trained in Islamic theology. 

He decided late in life to convert to Christianity, and became an evangelical pastor who preached support for Israel. He learned about Israel through online courses provided by, and then began teaching them at his Gospel Life Church International. He even organized a 5,000 person teach-in about Israel in a local stadium. In his own words he states:

At Chaim Sheba Hospital
“I was born into a Muslim family, and although I decided to become a Christian, I have been financially assisting many Muslims, as well as my relatives who are Muslims,” he said. “I have been conducting a peaceful evangelism campaign.”

He spoke against sharia law being implemented into the Ugandan  court system and used his extensive knowledge to debate Muslims  regarding their religion. This brought on threats, a fatwa and attacks on his life.

On Christmas Eve 2011, Pastor Mulinde was viciously attacked with acid~by Muslims~outside the Gospel Life Church International building in Namasuba (ten kilometers outside of Kampalaand).

Describing the cowardly and brutal attack against him, he said, a man claiming to be a Christian approached him...

"I heard him say in a loud voice, "Pastor, pastor," and as I made a turn and looked at him, he poured the liquid onto my face as others poured more liquid on my back and then fled away shouting, Allahu akbar [God is greater]"

Pastor Mulinde was initially admitted to the International Hospital in Kampala, but then he made a request to be taken to Israel to receive advanced medical treatment.

After the Attack
According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Mulinde contacted Andrea Gottlieb, the executive director of the online Jewish distance learning portal, for financial and logistical support so he could be treated in Israel. Gottlieb took on the request and contacted the director-general of the Sheba Medical Center, Professor Zeev Rothstein, who agreed to help Mulinde. The pastor arrived in  Israel on 05 January 2012, via India and Jordan on special visas, and is now being provided with medical treatment free of charge.

You can read more about this amazing young man HERE and also at the Chaim Sheba Site.

To all of our friends and partners, we ask you to Join in Prayer for Pastor Umar Mulinde. He is receiving the best medical care in the world, but over the next weeks and months he will require many painful surgeries and treatments, as well as the traumatic aftermath of this devastating attack, which will most likely include a loss of vision. He is alone, in a foreign country, there is a fatwa on his life, and he is forsaken by his own family members. Who among us could walk this path?

We have posted many articles about the intolerance of Islam for any religion save their own, and their brutal treatment of non-Muslims and Muslims who try to "leave". Some serious questions need to be asked:

* Have we covered our eyes and ears because it is generally Israel and Jews being attacked?
* Have we turned our backs on Christian brothers and sisters because they are living in Africa and the Middle East? 
* Has political correctness stopped us from addressing this type of brutal behaviour in our own cities and towns? 
* Does anybody truly care about their fellow man these days?
* Is anyone really listening~or are we more concerned with the next "reality show"

Please take time to think about these matters. We would be interested in hearing your thoughts...

The pictures above were taken at Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center in Israel where Pastor Mulinde is currently being treated. Last year we posted a four part series on this amazing facility You can watch the series and see  their outstanding work for yourself at these links:

Here are Links for Information on Pastor Mulinde's Amazing Story:

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Israeli Knesset Thanks Christian Supporters of Israel

A special ceremony was recently held in the Israeli Knesset. Members gathered together to say thank you to Christians who have been faithful supporters of Israel.

During the Holocaust many Christians risked their own lives and the lives of family members to save their Jewish neighbors. They are now recognized and known as "Righteous Among the Nations". Now, seventy years later, Christian groups continue this legacy by supporting and caring for those in need, particularly the elderly~many of whom are survivors of those darkest of times. 

David attended the ceremonies and today we are pleased to present the highlights from this most important day.

Included are the introductions, speaker highlights, and sections of some of the films  that were prepared and shown at the ceremonies. On this special day, Israel confirmed, and declared her appreciation to the many, hard-working Christians who have stood solidly with her citizens over these many years.

Part I~The Israeli Knesset Thanks Christian Supporters

Part II~The Israeli Knesset Thanks Christian Supporters

Part III~The Israeli Knesset Thanks Christian Supporters

Part IV~The Israeli Knesset Thanks Christian Supporters

New Year 2012~Take a Moment For Yourself....

Fix yourself a nice warm drink, get comfortable and enjoy the amazing scenery along with the beautiful sound of Auld Lang Syne (loosely translated as "days gone by")  From our Jerusalem Vistas/Israel Vision Family to you and yours, may you find peace, joy and comfort in 2012!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Apollo 8~In The Beginning...

On December 24, 1968 three men were orbiting the moon for the very first time in history. Here is the recording of their words. Oh, how far we have fallen since then...