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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Carol for Everyone~Written in 1642 by Jean de Brebeduf

A Huron Christmas Carol by Tom Jackson

Twas in the moon of wintertime When all the birds had fled 
That mighty Gitchi Manitou Sent angel choirs instead 
Before their light the stars grew dim 
And wandering hunters heard the hymn

Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born
In excelsis gloria 

Within a lodge of broken bark The tender Babe was found 
A ragged robe of rabbit skin Enwrapp'd His beauty round
And as the hunter braves drew nigh The angel song rang loud and high

Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born 
In excelsis gloria

The earliest moon of wintertime Is not so round and fair
As was the ring of glory On the helpless infant there
The chiefs from far before him knelt
With gifts of fur and beaver pelt

Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born
In excelsis gloria

O children of the forest free O sons of Manitou
The Holy Child of earth and heaven Is born today for you
Come kneel before the radiant Boy Who brings you beauty, peace and joy
Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born
In excelsis gloria

Saturday, December 21, 2019

From the Clear Blue Sky~"Din Cer Senin"

From the Clear Blue Sky Sung by Nuns from Camarzani Monastery in Romania

(Each Line Repeated 2 Times)
From the Clear Blue Sky
From the clear blue sky, a divine choir Can be heard sweetly singing.
Gifted shepherds appear on the hill Bringing white lambs as gifts.
A star on the horizon watching over the paths, Shining in the distance
Leads the magi with their precious gifts Carried in white bags.
And a frail infant with a holy face Sits quietly smiling.
And His Mother was cradling Him And everybody was joyous.
And the holy sky and this earth Were illuminated by the Infant.
And they became holy and they received God’s grace Those who let Him in.
And us, having seen this, we pray And we kiss His face.
Yearning to devote our lives to Him And to praise Him forever.
From the clear blue sky, a divine choir Can be heard sweetly singing.

One of the Very Oldest Known Christmas Songs...

The Friendly Beasts~Also Known as The Gift of the Animals & The Gifts They Gave

* The original lyrics were by an unknown author in 12th century France. The song is set to the Latin song "Orientis Partibus." The English words were written by Robert Davis in 1920 and over the years has been recorded my many famous artists

Here Is A Version "The Gifts They Gave" Sung by Johnny Cash

Friday, December 20, 2019

The Old Blends Perfectly With The New at Christmas...

A Favourite and A Bit Unusual Duo~Bing Crosby and David Bowie~Enjoy!

This May Be The Very First Christmas Song...

Jesus Refulsit Omnium  (Jesus, Light of All the Nations)

* Said to be the oldest known Christmas song in the world. It was composed in Latin by St. Hilary of Poitiers after the first recorded Christmas celebration took place in 336 AD.

Christmas Canon~The Angelic Sounds of Children Singing

The Amazing Trans-Siberian Orchestra~Relax and Enjoy!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hidden Treasure

In This Energy Age Israel Made an Amazing Discovery~Perhaps One of the Greatest Gas Finds of All Time

An Old French Carol~Entre le bœuf et l'âne gris

Between the Ox and the Grey Donkey~Written Around the 13th Century

* Believed to be one of the oldest known carols. The two animals present at the birth of Jesus may have it's origin in the Book of Isaiah 1:3
The ox knows its owner
And the donkey its master’s crib;
But Israel does not know,
My people do not consider.

A Chaldean Christmas Hymn~Hwelih Isho'

Relax and Enjoy the Peaceful Sounds of Chaldean Christmas Music

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Resonet in laudibus~Performed by The Kings Singers

Let The Voice of Praise Resound~Christ Was Born on Christmas Day

* Resonet in laudibus~Written by Jacobus Gallus (1550-1591) Is one of the oldest known Christmas Carols

Nadolig Llawen~Rhyfel Beidia~Carolau Llandudno

Welsh! So This is Christmas~The War is Over~Little Drummer Boy by "Only Boys Aloud"

One of the Oldest Known Christmas Songs...

In Dulci Jubilo (In Sweet Rejoicing) Performed by Libera

* Originally thought to be written by Heinrich Seuse around 1328. German folklore states that he heard angels sing the words and joined them in a dance of worship

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Renewal: A Short Video Message from Jay

In journalism one always strives to make the complex simple. 

Certainly the prophet Ezekiel succeeded in summarizing a long and complex history of the Jewish People in Chapter 36 of the book named after him.

Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean;
I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols.
I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you;
I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh
and give you a heart of flesh.
I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes,
and you will keep My judgments and do them...Ezekiel 36:25-27 (NKJV) 

I suggest for those of you who are interested to take time to read the entire chapter 36 of Ezekiel.

Last week a group of 250 Ukrainians made Aliyah to Israel! When they landed at Ben Gurion Airport, Jay and Daniel were there to greet them. They filmed the excitement of the new citizens and were able to speak to some and get their first impressions of their new home. Daniel has been working on the film and it will be up for viewing in a few days.

Meanwhile, Here is Jay's message...

Sunday, November 24, 2019

A Short Message from Jay and Meridel...

An Update to Our Partners and Friends
Shalom and warm greetings from Jerusalem!

One of the greatest privileges of living in Israel for the last fifty years has been to watch and be part of the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. Nearly all of the hundred and fifty documentaries and literally hundreds of TV Talk Show segments that we have produced during these five decades have in various ways shown the Bible to be coming true today. As someone once said, Israel is the greatest audio-visual aid to the Bible. Daily, it shows the words of the prophets coming to pass. What a privilege it has been to be involved in this modern day miracle. 

All of our productions, newsletters, books, booklets, power points and lectures have aimed at showing this miracle to a world wide audience. Thank God our partners have seen the value of our work. Today we are standing at a crossroads. Nearly all of our faithful partners have retired, or have gone on to their heavenly reward. This means that our income has fallen off very sharply.

We do not want to continually ask for help. It seems that with our current cash flow crisis we should consider closing down our ministry. This is a hard decision because Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision has served a very noble cause, being at the right time, in the right place, saying the right thing.
Meridel and I and our sons and team are praying to know the wisdom of God in all of this. Would you please pray to see what the Lord says to you about helping us. Even if we close our doors we need a large amount of money to pay ongoing bills, approximately $100,000. We are trusting the Lord to Help us over this hump or to make the decision to close down our ministry.

We are not sad because Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision has accomplished its goal over these many years by educating a huge audience of Christian Zionists. They have continued to help Israel in countless ways. So we look forward to your prayers concerning these issues. Thank you...

In His Love,
Jay and Meridel

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Double Honour

Jay on Path to Eastern Gate of Jerusalem's "Old City"
Dear Friends:
Today I received this email from our dear Canadian friends, Ralph Rutledge and his sister Norma Jean Mainse. David Mainse, of blessed memory, founded and hosted 100 Huntley Street, Canada’s nationwide Christian TV network. David was a great friend of Israel and of ours. Meridel and I have followed David’s anointed daily blog 100 Words.  

Now, since David’s graduation to Heaven last year his son, Ron Mainse continues to send out his Dad’s blog at the request of many. 
Meridel, Jay and son David~1969

We first met David on a Saturday morning in Sept 1969. Norma Jean served us coffee at their kitchen table, while Ron and Ren pranced through the house, slamming the screen door as young teens do! Maybe they thought we were cool because of our Corvette parked in their drive way. Jay and I had recently been shown the left foot of fellowship by well meaning Pastors, when we prayed for their young people to receive the Baptism of the Holy spirit. Hurt, but not deterred; reading the Friday paper, Jay said, “I have to find someone I can speak with.” That was how he found the Rev. David, Mainse, who hosted at 15 minute TV show in Hamilton Ontario at the time.  

We told him of our rather unusual call to ‘sell everything and go to Israel.’ David listened intently and later challenged his entire church to pray that we would sell the Corvette Sting Ray in order to be debt free.

Our departure date for Israel was October 20th 1969. David said very carefully looking directly into our eyes: “I do NOT understand your call, but I know this, you are both called by God!”  

“My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me.
And I give them eternal life, and they will never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all,
and no one is able to snatch them out of my Father’s hand:
I and my Father are one”...John 10:27-30 

As David mentions in his article below, he and Norma Jean were our pastors in 1969 when the Lord called us to leave Canada and to do two things. First He said to Meridel, If you love Me, Love My People,” and secondly He said to me,

"Declare among the nations; Proclaim, and set up a standard;
Publish~do not conceal it”... Jeremiah 50;2a 

So with these brief instructions we gave away our belongings and began a lifetime of blessing Israel. We first began to ‘fish’ for the Jewish people by visiting the heads of Jewish Communities around the globe, 120 nations and seven years later, we made Israel our home. No Jewish soul ever turned us away. The solemn message is even MORE relative today than it was back then:

“Behold, I will send for many fishermen, says the LORD, and they shall fish them:
and afterward I will send for many hunters and they shall hunt them from every mountain
and every hill and out of the holes of the rocks”...Jeremiah 16:16 

Dear David Mainse did not elaborate…since that photo was taken (see above), both Jay and I completed our earned doctorates: his in history and mine in psychology. We are citizens of Israel and very much at home with our Jewish heritage, which we knew nothing of prior to coming to Israel.

Left to Right~Chris, Daniel, David & Josh Rawlings
Over the last forty years, Jay and team have produced 150 documentaries  on the unfolding of Israel’s Biblical, natural and prophetic history with our son David working along side of us for twenty years. 
Because we were are no longer able to support him financially he has taken a position at Media Line in Jerusalem. 
Chris is a Product Designer and team leader working in Finland as a design specialist at Digitalist a company that creates digital solutions & innovations for companies such as Samsung, Intel, Nokia, Time Warner and more. 
Josh is also a web designer working for high tech start ups in Israel and New York.
Daniel is our cameraman/editor for Jerusalem Vistas. This spring and summer he has been miraculously healed of inflammation of the brain. Thank God! All of our men contribute their expertise to the work. Amen!
October 20th will begin our 50th anniversary from the day we left Canada for Israel. We will be rejoicing greatly with Jerusalem and with all who love her! Now we will see what the LORD will do with our sons!
You might remember Meridel's first books; Fishers and Hunters, then; Honour Thy Father???  

Together Jay and I (Meridel) wrote: Love My People~Volume 1 Timeless Secrets. 

Jay and Meridel in Greece
I have been blessed to counsel privately and present seminars with instructive workbooks for survivors and educators who attend my seminars on sexual abuse.  We are in the process of publishing my latest work: Healing the Indelible Stain.

Jay and I are presently building a summer home in Greece, a place of rest and recreation for our tribe. 

Seven of us live in Europe and seven of us live in Israel. We delight in hand picked encounters day by day as we go about the business of the Master in this new outreach for the Lord!

Jay’s favourite scripture is:
"Love, never fails!”...1 Corinthians 13:8

With love and thanksgiving, 
The Rawlings Family

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Monday, May 27, 2019

Live Stream 2~Israel, Jerusalem and God's Blessings

In this second Live Stream, Jay gives a short update on the blessings of being in the state of Israel as it is being built up.

He speaks of the period after Passover and the counting of the weeks and the sound of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Jay then goes on to talk about some of the blessings for Israel and Jerusalem that are given in the Bible. Using quotes from Ezekiel, he expounds on some of the many promises from God.

As we do more with Live Streams we are praying that you, our friends and partners will choose to become more involved.

Please do send us your questions, prayer requests or any other comments.

We Thank You and Bless You for Your Ongoing Prayers and Support!

Live Stream From Jerusalem~#2

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The First (Hopefully of Many) Live Streams

We have been told to begin "Live Streaming" from Israel to keep in touch with our users on a more timely basis. Below is our first attempt~so please be patient as we iron out the glitches. It is live so every little thing will show up!

While we are streaming you can Click on:  Our YouTube Channel

There you will see our Videos and Live Streams. You will also see our "completed"  Live Streams, such as the one below.

* If you want Jay to address a specific topic, please send an Email to:

* If you are watching the Stream Live, on   Our YouTube ChannelLog in using your email account and you can leave a message on the Chat to the right of the screen.

The goal is to stream a short commentary several times per week, and when it is appropriate a longer stream that will give more time for questions while we are streaming.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Please email us at   or
Click on Comment at the bottom of this post and enter your remarks.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!!

Here is Jay's First Attempt...

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

UPDATE on Prayers for Daniel

First of all, we want to Thank You! for your notes of encouragement and assurances of prayer. That we received from our last post about our son Daniel.

When in the hospital Daniel said:
"I can feel the prayers~Please thank everyone for me, and don’t stop!"

We took our youngest son, Daniel, to the emergency on Friday, 26 April 2019. His speech was slurred and he couldn’t get his thoughts out. Daniel spent a week in the hospital, undergoing extensive investigative procedures. All we know at this point is that he has sustained inflammation in his brain. Perhaps with the results of his blood and spinal fluid exams some light will be shed on what is going on. Meanwhile he is resting at home, and taking steroids, which leave him very tired. A 3rd MRI is scheduled in June and then the Professor of Neurology will try and determine what is going on. He is not out of the woods yet, so kindly remember him before the LORD. Thank you!

So…it is a time to rest and reflect; which he is doing. We encourage ourselves with this promise:
Mercy and truth have met together, righteousness and peace have kissed..Psalm 85:10

Daniel’s interesting response was:
"That marriage produces a child of faith."

Our family has drawn even closer to each other through all of this, of course. The LORD
has blessed us in so many ways, perhaps the greatest is that sense of family unity.

Meridel and our sons join me in giving thanks for the privilege of being part and parcel of this nation at this time in history. NO one said it would be easy. We are all infused with the blessing and enrichment that come from being a part of Israel. Again and again, the sense of family comes into play. Father God drew us home to Israel; we are energized by believing these bold prophetic words:

And He said, Behold, I make a covenant:
before all your people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth,
nor in any nation: and all the people which are among you, shall see the work of the Almighty: for it is an awesome thing that I will do with you. [Israel]...Joshua 1:8

In Closing:
Cherish your family. Change is the one constant in life, but we all start and end with family, which is one of God’s masterpieces.

Having a place to go~to your family, your home, for the Jewish heart it is Israel.
Having someone to love~is your family, is a enormous blessing.

Our hearts are touched every year as we “Remember” where we came from and why we are living here on this tiny piece of real estate, and ultimately where we are going! Amen.

With Heartfelt Thanks and Blessings to You All,
Jay and Meridel Rawlings and sons

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Urgent Prayer Needed!

Daniel Rawlings and His Best Buddy~Jojo
To All of Our Friends and Prayer Warrior Partners...

We are asking all of you to please put out immediate prayer for Jay and Meridel Rawling’s youngest son Daniel.

He is currently in hospital in Jerusalem. He has an inflammation in the brain, which is affecting his speech. Jay and Meridel are at his side. The neurologists are currently performing investigative procedures.

We are all so grateful for the immediate, and professional quality of response from the medical staff at the hospital.

Please, Pray!

You may address any messages to this email address:

All messages will be printed and given to Jay and Meridel to read to Daniel.

May God bring Daniel complete healing!

With Love and Thanks,
The Rawlings / Jerusalem Vistas Family

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Israel Vision Talks II~26 March 2019

Israel Vision Talks is a series of one on one conversations with Meridel and Daniel Rawlings, on the daily life and events in Israel. 

This week they discuss the uniqueness of Israel, and the "miracle" as she "arose" from the ashes to create a thriving, vibrant country that has become home to people from around the world within only seventy years!

Not only has Israel blossomed, she has embraced the goal of Tikum Olam (improving the world) to bring it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created. To this end, Meridel and Daniel discuss some of the amazing medical, scientific and artistic accomplishments that this tiny nation has created to share with the world. Wherever there is a disaster, or problem, our tiny nation endeavors to help. 

If you enjoy these personal insights~if you have questions, or are interested in the Holy Land, please do be in touch via the comments section below, or contact us via email at 

We want to make each "Israel Vision Talk" a personal experience for you! Thanks for watching!

Welcome to the Second Discussion on Israel Vision Talks With Meridel and Daniel Rawlings

Monday, March 25, 2019

UNHRC Censors the Truth!

Lies Are Applauded But The Truth is Silenced!!

Outrage from U.S. Special Envoy on Peace Process Jason Greenblatt:
"The shameless, persistent and unfair anti-Israel bias of the UNHRC was again on display today when Hillel Neuer was cut off from finishing his statement… He was speaking truth, yet the Council chose censorship and denial over truth.

* To read the background story follow this link to UN Watch

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Israel Vision Talks~26 February 2019

Daniel and Meridel Rawlings
One must use critical thinking in reading any "so called" news.

The video clip below is a brief summary of some of the more pressing issues that have taken place in Israel in February 2019.

In these times where "blazing headlines" mean more than truth, it is important to know the background and the facts.

At Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision we are "living the headlines" in Israel. We watch, on a daily basis, the unfolding of issues that resound around the world. Our goal is to bring you a commentary on news from the Holy Land with a Biblical perspective.

The latest from the middle-east is Iran and their celebration of forty years as an "Islamic Republic". They boast of their strong presence in Lebanon and Turkey to fight the terrorism of Israel. They work to assure the world that they have never attacked any nation!

Iran installed enough long range missiles in Lebanon to attack Israel day and night for three weeks non stop. 

Ori Ansbacher, aged 19, was a gentle Jewish soul who volunteered with disadvantaged kids of all faiths. On 07 February 2019, while walking alone in the forest near Jerusalem, she was stabbed multiple times, raped and decapitated. Ori's murderer, Arafat Irfayia is a Palestinian from Hebron who crept illegally into Israel looking for a target. Formerly jailed for two years for violent crimes, he showed no remorse. Upon his release he brazenly told the Israeli security police,"I will to return to kill an Israeli." And so he has...

Here in Israel we feel that justice has been turned upon its head. Video of his court appearance show him smirking, and proud of the evil he has perpetrated. Now he will officially be a "Hero of the Resistance"~according to the Palestinian Authority, he will receive an amount equal to approximately US$ 3,700, as a monthly salary for life (thanks to the UK and EU taxpayers). His family will also benefit financially. It is likely he will spend no more than ten years in a comfortable Israeli jail eating, and bragging of his deeds with his fellow jihadis, and upon release will be lauded as a "role model" and have schools and roads named after him. 

This despicable murderer is no doubt the victim of the Palestinian Authority educational system of hatred of Israel~a system that brain washes their children and youth to believe the highest honor is to murder an Israeli. 

Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, since the Oslo Accords in 1982 was "Inspector" on behalf of Israel for antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric perpetrated in Palestinian school books. Recently he confessed to never having looked between he covers of their school books. My question is, AT WHAT PRICE?  We have a generation of adult Palestinians whose goal for success is to murder Israelis!

It was Plato who said: "The most important quest in life is who gets to teach the children and what they teach them?" How true. 

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it"...Proverbs 22:6

Monday, February 18, 2019

Dance for Kindness Flash Mob at the Old Station in Jerusalem

Picture Credit:  Jerusalem Vistas
Dancing has a way of breaking down barriers of bitterness and hatred, ignorance and isolation. 120 nations joined together via satellite with Jerusalem for a Flash Mob to “dance for kindness.”

For the first time ever Gaza joined in. The common thread that stitched these inspiring dancers from across the globe to come together was the character quality of Kindness.

Jerusalem Vistas was called by Adi, the choreographer, and our daughter in law.

“Jay, please come~We must capture this very special event on film and show it to everyone!”
Daniel headed the film crew as she led 500 Israelis of all ages in a dance celebrating...yes KINDNESS!

They danced to the song ‘Unity’ written and performed by the Solomon Brother’s of Jerusalem. The lyrics go like this...
There is a shining light in everyone of us...
Every person in this world is a diamond in the rough.
One soul, one goal, one love, Unity!
Join us. One forever!

Monday, January 28, 2019

When Your Job Description Suddenly Changes!

Living in Israel one gets used to unusual things happening.

Early this morning as I arrived at work, I walked to the window to look out over the valley. Even in winter the scenery is constantly changing~sometimes a new flower, or even a herd of sheep and goats passing down the fire road at the bottom of the property.

As I gazed out I saw huge orange flames shooting up from the bottom of the yard~Fire! 

Not sure I was seeing correctly I looked again and raced downstairs to Meridel.  

* We were the only ones in at the time!

"Meridel", I asked, "are you burning something outside?"

"Of course not!" ...was her reply

We had a fire! We flew outside to find the hoses. 

For reasons unknown to us, when we turned the tap on a small dribble was all that came out. Much fussing and straightening of the hoses did little to bring change.

While Meridel grappled with the hose, I grabbed a bucket and began running back and forth. Bucket after bucket brought a slowing of the flames. 

A neighbour dog-walker came by and said he would call the fire department.

By the time the fire truck arrived, our dribbling hoses and buckets of water had taken some effect~there was now more smoke than flame. 

Nevertheless, the fire department hooked up their hose to to douse it; completely putting it out. Then they had to open up the area, soaking the section where the flames had been concentrated.

The real danger was across the road. The entire area opens onto dunams of dry grass and trees. If the flames had crossed over, or the wind had blown a spark there could have created a terrible incident.

In short order we were back inside, slightly damp and stinking of smoke. We lamented that we forgot to take a picture until it was all over. Honestly, the flames did look very dramatic!

We did not, however, forget to thank God that we were alerted to the flames and were able to control them until the fire department arrived! 

So, now I wonder if I can add, "small fire" fighter to my CV!

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Sending You Light From Jerusalem

Our "Christmas Card" Will Remain At the Top of The Blog Until The End of The Holidays
A Blessed Christmas and a Very Happy New Year in 2019~From Israel With Love!

Thursday, January 03, 2019

The Land of Israel~Desolate Until The Jews Returned

The Miraculous Relationship Between The Jewish People and The Land of Israel!

Until Today No People has succeeded
in establishing National Dominion in the Land of Israel.
No National Unity or Spirit of Nationalism has acquired any hold there.
The mixed multitude of itinerant tribes that managed to settle there
did so on lease as temporary residents.
It seems that they await the return of the permanent residents of the land.
...Modern Science in the Bible Sir John William Dawson (1888)