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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Song for The IDF~Hu Yivarech

As Memorial day for the IDF soldiers approaches a new song by Dov Hoschander has been released. You can read about it on Arutz 7. Enjoy...

“HaShem, protect our men in arms. As they defend our land, shield them from harm"

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amazing Dance Troupe HaKol Petuach~Part 5

The waters receded and the dry land appeared. During the performance, while costumes changes were being made, the audience was treated to beautiful scenes of an artist "painting the days of creation" In all live performances, there are glitches, and in this clip we see that these precious girls are no exception. But, as the audience watched, it was not the lost steps or the  problem with removal of outer costumes that the audience saw--it was the determination to complete their task--and God saw that it was good--and the evening and the morning were the third day...

Allen West Speaks to WIN (Women Impacting the Nation)

Allen West is a straight shooter, he is not ashamed to admit his Christian faith or his support for Israel and the Jewish people. He remains true to what he believes and appeals to men and women alike.  His mother should be so proud to have such a son. The only pity is that he is not in the running for the US President position. I think he would turn the US back onto the path they once walked that made them the outstanding nation in this world...

Allen West at Women Impacting the Nation~Part 1

Allen West at Women Impacting the Nation~Part 2

Sunday, April 24, 2011

PA Police Shoot Jews Praying at Joseph's Tomb

Not the 1st Time!
Just hours after the attack on worshipers praying at Kever Joseph, Arutz 7 reported that a large number of Arabs descended on the tomb, burning tires and trying to burn the building down.
A witness who was in the vehicle that was shot at said that it was clear that the PA police were shooting to kill. They fired several long rounds at our cars, and yelled 'Allahu Akhbar.' There is no doubt they were shooting to kill us”. 
One man was killed and four others wounded. The murder victim, who is named as 24-year-old Ben Yosef Chai, is the nephew of Likud Minister Limor Livnat. She said:
“Ben Yosef Livnat was a young man who wanted only to pray at the Tomb of Joseph on the Passover holiday, and was murdered in cold blood."  

Ben Yosef Chai was buried Sunday  at ll:00am, just hours before the beginning of the last day of the seven-day Passover holiday. He leaves behind his widoww and four orphans...Baruch Dayan HaEmet

This group regularly visits the tomb to pray. Usually the prayer visits are coordinated with police, but apparently this one was not. They were in their prayer shawls, they prayed there regularly. There is no possible excuse for this deliberate murder other than the usual PA hatred for the Jewish people
Vicims of Murder Attack (in Prayer Shawls!)
The Human Rights Organization of Judea and Samaria declared that the murder provides further proof that contradicts all claims that the Palestinian Authority is ready to become an independent country. 

In an interview reported by Arutz 7, Palestinian Authority security forces’ spokesman General Adnan Damiri told an interviewer from Voice of Israel government radio, that he could not confirm or deny eyewitness reports. When asked if there would me an apology issued for the murder, he responded “You know that settlers are not normal people. Every day, they shoot at innocent Arabs.”  Yes, I must agree that the IDF is guilty of shooting at terrorists planting bombs along Israel's border or terrorists who fire anti-tank missiles at a school bus of Jewish children. 
When asked if the PA will "make peace with settlers,” he declared:
“There is no room in the Palestinian Authority for settlers.” 
Ultra-Orthodox Weapon
Of course the Arab news agencies are running their usual lies saying "dozens of armed ultra-Orthodox settlers  stormed  Joseph’s Tomb and…pulled out their own guns and pointed them toward Palestinian officers.“ There are several versions if this story, none of which explain whey the police waited until they were leaving to chase them down shouting "Allahu Akhbar". It should be noted that regardless what the Jews do the Arab spin doctors use the phrase "the Jews stormed the site". 
There has been no outcry from Human Rights organization and the UN has remained deafeningly silent. One might think that becasue PA Troops were trained and armed by the US there would be a message of sympathy to the widow and four children...
Ultra-Orthodox Jews "Storming" Temple Mount
When a PA Arab is shot trying to plant bombs along the border the entire world screams.  When terrorists murder activists the world blames the Jews. But when a Jew is murdered while praying at a Jewish Holy site...nothing
I ask, the citizens of the world: 
"How do you expect Israel to enter into a peace process with those who are so full of hate? 
Or is has your own hatred for the Jewish nation become so great that you wish an entire people to be eliminated from the face of the earth?"

Friday, April 22, 2011

As You Celebrate Good Friday & Easter

Dear Friends, As you celebrate Good Friday and Easter please remember to tell your children that it is much more than Easter eggs, Chocolate Bunnies and a new Spring Outfit to wear.

The first video is a composition of LampLight Theatre's passion play with Billy Wayne singing "Jesus Is Alive"--Thanks to Right Truth Blog

The second and third clips were performed by Paul Wilber, songs of Hope and Joy for everyone, from Jerusalem. From our Israel Vision Family to you and yours...Have a Blessed Easter...

LampLight Theatre

Days of Elijah~Paul Wilber

Shout of El-Shaddai~Paul Wilber

What is Friendship?


Here's an Idea~Flash Mobs of Kindness~

Do you consider yourself a "good" person? Do you often help others, or would you like to help others? Do you like the idea of goodness flowing through the world? It can happen. It starts with one person, one smile, one kind deed--or maybe--one bag of groceries! Listen to this...

Glenn Beck on Obama's Passover Message

No surprise that Obama insults Israel again. Listen as Glenn Beck analyzes this latest display of insensitivity...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Does Canada Suppress Free Speech??

This is an interesting clip where Ezra Levant explains how he was charged with publishing something that was "likely to expose a person to hatred or contempt". It was the first blasphemy case English Canada in almost 100 years. 

I note that nobody has ever been prosecuted for the horrible caricatures of Christianity or the Jews. Apparently that is OK. What in the world is happening in Alberta? In Canada?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fogel Family Murderers Captured

Israel Defense Forces have captured the terrorists who slaughtered five members of the Fogel Family in Itamar one month ago. The two, aged 18 and 19 years, confessed--showing no remorse at all--even at the fact that they went back and slashed the throat of 3 month old baby Hadas, and claimed they would have killed the other two babies had they known they were in the house.

The head of their village calls them children. These are people who take 9-year old girls as wives, yet two young men with full beard growth are children? A post by Elder of Ziyon quotes a Hamas article on the Al Qassam Martyrs Brigades website on the death of 16-year old schoolboy Daniel Viflic (killed because Hamas shot a laser-guided anti-tank missile at a school bus) not admitting he was a schoolboy but calling him a "Zionist Soldier"--claiming they were quoting Ha'aretz! Look at the picture of the murderers below. Look at the pictures of those they slaughtered. Go look at  the picture of 16 year old Daniel.  How long will the world remain blind to the twisted lies?

But more to the point--What Punishment for this Crime? If they go to jail they will be educated, well treated and most likely released on a "good will" exchange. If they are executed they will become martyrs. Where is the deterrent? One commenter suggested that yes, they should be executed, then preserved in pig fat. Seriously--is there any way that Justice can be served?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In Defense of Israel

If all goes according to plan this will be up as the 1st day of Pesach is officially over. Once again, Glenn Beck speaks of the middle-east and defends Israel. Listen, Think, Enjoy...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dance Troupe HaKol Petuach~Part 4

Maim~The Waters. And God saw that it was good. And the evening and the the morning were the second day.

Dance Troupe HaKol Petuach~The Creation Part 3

Laila~The Night. Following the night God speaks Light into the world and the first day...

Another Child Murdered...

Daniel Viflic, aged sixteen years struggled for ten days but could not overcome his wounds. An anti-tank missile was fired at the school bus he was riding in,  coming home from school. The driver had just let the other children off leavng only Daniel. 

As Jews prepare to celebrate the Passover Seder, the family of Daniel Viflic will not have their son to ask Ma Nashtina. Once again the savage, murderous mindset of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip, better known as the Hamas terror group has struck their favorite target--Jewish children. 

When will the world realize that there is no peace partner--only child killers. Please pray for Daniel's family during this difficult time.

The Creation Story by HaKol Petuach~Part 2

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth... this short clip shows the interpretation of the "nothing" that was until God spoke the world into being...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palestinian Authority TV~Palestine Is All of Israel

This short film from Palestine Media Watch (PMW), begins with the words:
"Palestine--one day we will return to our home and bask in the warmth of our hopes"[the line is from a song by Lebanese singer Fairouz, about longing for Palestine]

What follows are scenes of various places, and their names: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv [labeled Tel Al-Rabi'a], Haifa, the Dead Sea, the Negev, the Galilee, Caesarea, Masada [labeled Jericho mountains], and Acre. It is common for the PA to give Arabic names to Israeli cities.

At the end the following appears:
"For your sake, Palestine, the youth have been demonstrating for 25 days to end the [Fatah-Hamas] rift"...[PA TV (Fatah), April 11, 2011]

The Palestinian Authority is Not a Peace Partner. In English they cry Peace, Peace, but in Arabic they stir the pot insuring that the goal to eliminate Israel is always at the forefront. Now they want over 5 billion dollars and the UN to hand over a large chunk of Israel to them. Shame on anyone who supports this genocidal incentive.

Pesach~The Story of Passover

For Jews all over the world, Monday, 18 April 2011 is the night of the Passover Seder. While many look upon the day from varying points of view, for the Jewish people it is a confirmation that God is in charge. His plan for the world will unfold and no man can stop it. Chag Sameach to all.

The Creation Story by HaKol Petuach~Introduction

Earlier I posted about an amazing group of dancers (HaKol Petuach) who performed for the Jerusalem Arts Festival. Despite sever learning and mental disabilities these young people demonstrate that everything is indeed possible. Over the next days we will post the entire performance in sections. At the end there will a DVD available of the entire performance.

Today is the Introduction Dance and the Greeting my the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat.

This is a medley of songs chosen by the girls. Their instructor, Momi Gil asked them what were the things they loved in live. He chose the songs according to their response...Enjoy!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Muslims Slaughter 1,000 Christians in Ivory Coast

This story caught my attention on Bare Naked Islam--there are more links at their site. Although the main stream media is not really discussing it, Ivory Coast is apparently divided between the existing president, Laurent Gbagbo (Catholic) and Alassane Quattara (Muslim). Apparently Quattara has now gained control and has arrested Gbagbo.

The picture below is from the same site. I urge you to go to their link HERE and read it carefully. On Monday 11 April 2011 it was reported that at least 1,000 Christians were slaughtered in the past week at the Salesian Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus mission in Duekoue, Ivory Coast by Muslim troops loyal to Alassane Ouattara. Reporting from state-run media has been slow, and it seems that a massacre did not stop the new world order of President Obama, the European Union and United Nations from supporting Alassane Quattara. 

The video following this picture is from the massacre. Be Warned! From 1:15 the film is very graphic. The entire film appears to be from a cell phone--it is loud, frantic and frightening. View at your own discretion...

While I have not been following this story in detail, I have read much about the fighting being (yet again) between Muslims and another faith--in this case Christian.  The main stream media is not making a fuss--but the internet is screaming with outrage. Do a Google Search for Salesian Saint Teresa Duekoue and see for yourself--a quick search showed 30,500 results.

Here in the middle-east, every country Except Israel is being cleansed of all but the faith of Islam. Yet, whether it is the attacks on the Coptic Christians in Egypt or the slaughter of a Jewish family in their beds, it is low key reporting at best. The indignation and outrage are only heard when Israel approves "planning" of kindergartens and apartments in Jerusalem.

I strongly urge you to learn more. Follow the links above. Read carefully--ask questions.  In the face of ethnic cleansing of Christians and Jews, why is the UN talking about enforcing a No Fly Zone over Gaza to prevent Israel from defending it's citizens? Why do they want to open the borders for Hamas so they can  re-arm? Why do they want to force Israel to uproot more than 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand) Israelis and give the land to the PA and Hamas for their "new" state (without any negotiations) to the very people who have sworn to destroy Israel? By the way the PA is asking for billions of dollars to be donated to build their "new state" while not a penny is offered to the potentially 500,000 displaced Jews. Why is the world backing terrorists? If this comes to pass, the slaughter you see in the below film will be nothing compared to what the Arabs surrounding Israel will try to do if they are given leave to displace Jews from their homes.  Of course Israel will fight back--then what? Will the UN bomb Israel? What about Iran and their nukes? And one more question...if they did kill all the Jews--who will they go after next?

1,000 Christians Slaughtered by Muslims in Ivory Coast

As Pesach Nears...

All over Israel the people are preparing for Pesach. There is special care at this time of the year to remove every trace of chametz not only from homes and other buildings, but from the soul. But, even as the careful preparations are made, the world around us boils.

Traditionally there are attacks on Israelis on all major holidays. It is a favored time because observant Jews do not "carry", nor do they drive or operate equipment. Although Israel has become more secular, tradition is still observed by many and tour enemies see this as their opportunity. Witness the recent slaughter of the Fogel family on a Shabbat evening.

This year we are faced with words--evil words--calling for the elimination of Israel. The "PA" first demanded the UN impose a "No Fly Zone" to prevent Israel from protecting its citizens against the constant barrage of rockets coming from Gaza. They also asked for the borders to Gaza to be opened--Hamas needs more arms I guess. 

Now they are asking to have the PA declared a "state" within Israel's borders--with no negations. They are asking to have more than 500,000 Jews ripped from their homes and occupations. 

Please take a moment to think about this. Try to imagine any country in the world trying to implement an idea such as this! Given the size of Israel, the question is more like "how" this could be done. Bear in mind, that Mahmoud Abbas has stated outright that not a single Jew will be allowed on PA land.

Please read their Charters where they state it openly. Look at the official pictures--that is the entire state of Israel he holds up as "Palestinian Land". And the most distressing thing is they ask, and are receiving the help of the western world to do what Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem could not.

Good people, This is a call for Genocide! Make no mistake, that is the end goal of the PA, Hamas, and indeed all Muslim countries. Do you really believe in your heart of hearts that the Jewish people should be totally obliterated from the face of the earth?

As we all prepare for this most important of holidays, do pray for wisdom and light. Ask God if it is his will that the little band of slaves he brought from Egypt be destroyed. Ask God if it is his will that the darkness of Islam be cast over the earth. You must each reach your own answers, but I urge you, don't allow the spin doctors of the Arab PR machine influence you. There is only one Creator, and that is the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. There is only one God who sent Moses to Egypt to demand that Pharaoh "let his people go"

There is an evil darkness trying to envelope the world. This Pesach, make sure you are standing in the light!  Have a Blessed Passover, and Pray for Peace in the World, and for the Peace of Jerusalem...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hamas Confirms~Rockets Fired from Gaza Civilian Centers

Today there is an article with the below video on YNet HERE. This film was posted by members of Izz al-Din al-Qassam--Hamas' military wing, show the firing of rockets from civilian centers in the Gaza Strip. I guess this confirms the IDF claims. Of course they would never post this on an English site...

Rockets Fired from Gaza Civilian Centers

Please Pray for A Miracle!

Today in Arutz 7 the public have been asked to pray for a miracle for Daniel Viflic, who was critically injured this past Thursday when his school bus was hit by a missile from Gaza. Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu Z"tzl, told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday morning that Daniel "needs much mercy from Heaven." 

His full name for prayer is Raphael Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar.

Has Madness Overtaken the World ?

Over the past months a family of five including a 3-month old baby were brutally slaughtered in their sleep on a Shabbat night; a bomb planted at a bus stop in Jerusalem (during the time children come home from school) killed an innocent tourist and injured about fifty others, a laser-guided anti-tank missile was deliberately fired at a school bus critically injuring a teen-age boy and, oh yes, hundreds of rockets have been fired into the south of Israel causing 750,000 citizens to spend this past Shabbat in bomb shelters. 

Israel struck back by targeting known terror groups and weapons stores.

In the midst of all this our "peace partners" have approached the Arab League and the UN Security Counsel to take Immediate Action--Bravo!

But wait! They are asking for a No Fly Zone to be Imposed over Gaza..AGAINST ISRAEL! At the same time they are demanding that the borders of Gaza be opened completely, presumably because Hamas is running low on rockets and other weapons to kill Jewish children with. This is saying that Hamas should be allowed to re-arm and continue firing rockets into Israel each day and Israel will not be allowed to defend themselves! I'm gobsmacked!

Is it not time that the free world took a hard look at the millions of dollars being poured into the black hole of the "UN"--that is increasingly dominated by anti-democratic, pro-muslim countries? 

Even if you hate Israel and the Jewish people and wish them eliminated, who do you think will be the next target? There is no such thing as co-existence in Islam and as sure as you are reading this article, they will target the rest of the western, freedom loving world. 

What are you going to do--when Islam comes for you?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Does the West Always Blame the Victims?

This clip is a discussion of the vile beheading of UN workers because some loon in the US burned a Koran. I don't have time for people like Bill Maher, but this time he has actually asked questions that we should all be asking. He also says, (strong language warning) Islam is the only religion that claims to be peaceful, but will cut your head off if you disagree with them. 

Why does the world allow, and yes, justify this barbaric behaviour when Islam  claims to have been insulted, yet remains silent when the Cross or the Bible are burned and desecrated, and Christians, Jews and people of other faiths are beaten and murdered ?

When will we (in the free world) wake up and see what we are nurturing? It is not peace and co-existence--it is the opening of the door to something dark and evil that is working against our way of life and our belief in the God of the Bible.

The Danger that Freedom is Facing

On Remembrance day 2010, in the UK, a rather large group of muslims did their best to desecrate the the memories of those who gave their lives for freedom. In this series of clips Michael Coren and Melanie Phillips discuss how this type of radicalism has developed and the  very real danger it poses. 

I urge you to listen carefully, and consider how extremism and (those who promote sharia) are becoming a threat to the freedoms that we enjoy. Some of the figures discussed are frightening. Please take the time to listen and think about the threat we are facing in the free world.

Melanie Phillips on Michael Coren~Part 1 of 4

Melanie Phillips on Michael Coren~Part 2 of 4

Melanie Phillips on Michael Coren~Part 3 of 4

Melanie Phillips on Michael Coren~Part 4 of 4

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Honoring the Fogel Family

This past week was the Shloshim (30 day mourning period) for the Fogel family--victims of a brutal massacre. We must never forget, that those who cry  "peace" celebrated by handing out free sweets when these innocents were slaughtered.

In Finland Don't Call Terrorists--Terrorists...

There is often more to a story than meets the eye. According to this post on Tundra Tabloids:
The marxist pastor, Juha Molari, is of course wrongly being persecuted by the Finnish state, and it’s also true that the Finnish state prosecutors office deems the Chechen terrorist, Doku Umarov, “a statemen” and maintains a jihadi website and Chechen office in Helsinki. However, their investigation / case against the Lutheran priest, is for his stating that all the Chechen refugees coming to Finland have ties to terrorism.

A report and the clip below was posted on Bare Naked Islam. Juha Molari, a priest in Finland is being charged with "racial hatred" after speaking out against Russia’s number one terrorist Doku Umarov and his internet propaganda. The pastor also claims he’s been receiving constant death threats from the leader of the Chechen militants. 

Finland, however, insists the priest is the real criminal. In addition to facing being defrocked for speaking out against Doku Umarov and his internet site, Juha Molari is receiving threats such as, We advise you to stop your activity against the Kavkaz Center. If you don’t come to your senses we’ll cut off the heads of you and your family... 

Watch the clip--then I urge you to go to the links above and judge for yourself...

Zaka Sends a Letter from Japan...

One week ago today I arrived in Japan. Our team of ZAKA Search and Rescue volunteers landed in Tokyo. After spending Shabbat there, we drove North to  Kamaishi, Japan. Devastation caused by the earthquake-tsuanmi of 5 Adar II (11 March) was breathtaking. Literally breathtaking. The smell of death was everywhere. After helping Japanese and other international teams recover and identify bodies, we were asked to help with food distribution to surviving residents.

It was only while serving food that we noticed the Iranian flag flying over the station. After a brief moment of both teams feeling awkward, we all put aside our political views in order to carry out our shared humanitarian mission. You can see more of our mission in photos at this link.

When I consider our delegation's work, helping people who know little if anything about Israelis or Jews, I am convinced that when they saw us, they came to learn about our country. This is a tremendous Kiddush Hashem [sanctification of Gd's name]...We show Israel's good side.”

I return to Jerusalem with the sad but certain conviction that ZAKA's hardest work has only just begun. While praying that violence against our country and our people will be passed over in this holy season of Pesach, ZAKA's volunteers remain on full alert.

Help us prepare. Donate to equip our volunteers. Join the ZAKA family.

Todah raba,
Yehuda Meshi Zahav
ZAKA Chairman and Founder

What is an Intifada?

Networking sites such as Facebook are being used to encourage tens of thousands of people world to march towards Israel for a 3rd Intifada. After a great effort by many people one page was taken down, but many more have sprung up in its place. 

Make no mistake about it--a call for Intifada is a call for genocide and the elimination of the state of Israel.

Flashmob for Daffodil Day~The Canadian Cancer Society

On Saturday (09 April 2011) a "flashmob" converged on the Vancouver Art Gallery with yellow and white umbrellas. They were hoping to raise awareness for Daffodil Day (27 April 2011). I had to smile when I saw this picture (at left).

April is known as Daffodil Month--the month to fight back against cancer. The daffodil is the Canadian Cancer Society’s symbol of hope in the struggle to overcome this disease. In late March and early April, Canadian Cancer Society volunteers are busy delivering and selling bright yellow daffodils across the country. Funds raised during this year’s Daffodil Days campaign will support the most promising cancer research being done in Canada, and will also provide services to people living with cancer and raise awareness about cancer prevention.

Who of us does not know of someone who has survived or succumbed to this disease? Even if you aren't in an area where Daffodils are being distributed, I urge you to consider giving a donation to combat this insidious disease--it is money well spent. 

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gettng Ready for Pesach

In Israel we prepare for the Passover Seder by cleaning our homes, cars and work places to get rid of every speck of "chametz".  It is a time for remembering the Exodus--how Gd brought the Jews out of Egypt. What if the Exodus took place now, in our time? Maybe it would look a bit like this...

Anti-Tank Missiles Hit School Bus

Just minutes ago we heard the rumbling sound of bombs and knew it was the IDF taking action. 

Earlier, Anti-tank missiles were fired on a school bus outside Kibbutz Sa'ad in the Sha'ar Hanegev Region in Israel, critically wounding a 13 year old boy as well as the bus driver. 

Thankfully they were the only ones on the bus at the time.

Paramedic Hanania Reich, told  Ynet about the attack:

We were first to arrive together with soldiers. On the road lay a young victim, unconscious and bleeding. We began to resuscitate him and eventually MDA came and evacuated him by helicopter. The driver was hysterical. He had shrapnel in his leg, he was lightly injured--the front of the bus had also been hit.

Minister of Science & Technology Daniel Hershkowitz, on a visit in the south was rushed to a bomb shelter: 

It's intolerable that, in a sovereign state, children are murdered and hurt every day. Israel must put an end to this and I will make sure the government of which I am a part makes the proper decision.

As do we all...

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Israeli Soldiers Search a Pregnant Palestinian Woman

This clip was posted on Israel Matzav and is from 2005, but remains relevant today. There are those who try to make dark appear as light, right as wrong and good as evil. Please watch this clip--to the end--and read the translated text.

Is This the Face of the Saviour of Israel?

An extraordinary picture on a recently discovered hoard of  lead codices (booklets) found in a cave in the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee (less than 100 miles from Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, and around 60 miles from Masada) could be the first-ever portrait of Jesus Christ--possibly created during the lifetime of those who knew him.

Before we get too excited I must point out that there are many who are already convinced they are fake--duplicates of Jordanian museum exhibits. If you go THIS LINK you can follow links to investigation and discussions with Dr. Margaret Barker, Co-founder of the Temple Studies Group, on the reasons many are doubtful.

This post is a summary of facts to date. It is thought that the codex showing what may be the face of Christ has not been opened yet. Some codices show signs of having been buried--although this could simply the result of lying in a cave for hundreds of years. According to the "holder" of these booklets, they were discovered five years ago after a flash flood washed away part of a hill to reveal what looked like a large capstone, which when pushed aside, revealed a cave containing a large number of small niches in the walls. Each niche contained a booklet. Other objects including metal plates and rolled lead scrolls were also found.

Many of the books were sealed on all sides with metal rings, suggesting they were not intended to be opened, possibly  because they contained holy words which should never be read. Early Jews fiercely protected the sacred name of God--only ever uttered by The High Priest in the Temple in Jerusalem at Yom Kippur. A sealed book containing sacred information was mentioned in the biblical Book of Revelation.

These amazing codices are about the size of a credit card. While the Dead Sea Scrolls are rolled pieces of parchment or papyrus containing the earliest known versions of books of the Hebrew Bible and other texts (the traditional Jewish format for written work) these lead discoveries are in book, or codex, form which has been associated with the rise of Christianity.

Each one has an average of eight or nine pages and appear to be cast rather than inscribed. There are images on both sides, and they are sealed with lead ring bindings. Severely corroded when they were first discovered, it has been possible to open them with care. 

Unlike the Dead Sea Scrolls, these lead codices appear to consist of stylized pictures, rather than text, with a relatively small amount of script that appears to be in a Phoenician language, although the exact dialect is yet to be identified, which means it could take years of detailed scholarship to accurately interpret the codices.

If genuine, it is possible the books were created by an early Messianic sect, perhaps closely allied to the early Christian church and that these images represent Christ himself.

Another theory was put forward by Robert Feather--an authority on The Dead Sea Scrolls and author of The Mystery Of The Copper Scroll Of Qumran. He says it is possible that these books are connected to the Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-136CE), the third major rebellion by the Jews of Judea Province and the last of the Jewish-Roman Wars. The image may be that of Bar Kokhba himself. The followers of Simon Bar Kokhba, the commander of the revolt, acclaimed him as a Messiah, the heroic figure who could restore Israel.

The spiritual leader of the revolt was Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. Because of his rebellion against the Romans he was forced to hide in a cave for thirteen years, where he wrote a secret commentary on the Bible (the Zohar), which evolved into the teachings of Kabbalah, a mystical form of Judaism. Note, that the Kabbalah followed by the rich and famous is a modern day perversion and is not related to the original Kabbalists--no matter what those selling it might say. Feather is convinced that some of the text on the codices carry the name of Rabbi Bar Yochai.

It is reported that the books are in the possession of Hassan Saida, in Umm al-Ghanim, which is at the foot of Mount Tabor, west of the Sea of Galilee. Regarded as a wealthy man in his village, Saida owns and operates a haulage business. Saida, who is in his mid-30's, married, with five or six children, claims he inherited the booklets from his grandfather--and this is where the gray areas start...

There are claims that books were first shown to his Bedouin business partner by a villager in Jordan selling ancient artifacts. For generations the area in which they were found has been considered militarily sensitive and agriculturally poor--forcing the local people to supplemented their income by hoarding and selling archeological artefacts found in caves.The business partner was apparently shown two very small metal books which he brought over the border to Israel. Saida became entranced by them, coming to believe they had magical properties and that it was his fate to collect as many as he could.

More of the booklets were clandestinely smuggled across the border by drivers working for Saida--the smaller ones were hung on chains which the drivers wore around their necks as charms, and the larger items were concealed behind dashboards.

Saida allegedly went into partnership with a number of other people--including his lawyer from Haifa--in order to finance the purchase of the booklets. Saida’s motives are complex. While he constantly studies the booklets, he does not take particularly good care of them--opening some and coating them in olive oil in order to "preserve" them. Collectors of antiquities in both Israel and Europe have offerred Saida tens of millions of pounds for just a few of them, but he has declined to sell any.

When he first obtained the booklets, he had no idea what they were or even if they were genuine. In 2007 he contacted Sotheby’s in London in an attempt to find an expert opinion, but the auction house declined to handle them because their provenance was not known. Soon after, British author and journalist Nick Fielding was approached by a Palestinian woman who was concerned that the booklets would be sold on the black market. Fielding was asked to approach the British Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge among other places.

Fielding travelled to Israel and was able to obtain a letter from the Israeli Antiquities Authority saying it had no objection to their being taken abroad for analysis as they believed the booklets to be forgeries. None of the museums wanted to get involved because of concerns over provenance. Fielding was then asked to approach experts to find out what they were and if they were genuine.

David Feather, who is a metallurgist as well as an expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls, recommended submitting the samples for metal analysis at Oxford University. The work was carried out by Dr Peter Northover, head of the Materials Science-based Archaeology Group and a world expert on the analysis of ancient metal materials. The samples were then sent to the Swiss National Materials Laboratory at Dubendorf, Switzerland. The results show they were consistent with ancient (Roman) period lead production and that the metal was smelted from ore that originated in the Mediterranean. Dr Northover also said that corrosion on the books was unlikely to be modern.

Meanwhile, the politics surrounding the provenance of the books is intensifying. Most professional scholars are cautious pending further research and point to the ongoing forgery trial in Israel over the ancient limestone ossuary purporting to have housed the bones of James, brother of Jesus. The Israeli archeological establishment has sought to defuse problems of provenance by casting doubt on the authenticity of the codices, but Jordan says it will "exert all efforts at every level’ to get the relics repatriated".

Are these booklets genuine? If so, do they represent the first known artefacts of the early Christian church or the first stirrings of mystical Kabbalah? There is no doubt that the debate will rage for years to come.

If they are proven genuine, we are looking at a very important and significant discovery--maybe the most important discovery in the history of archaeology. If they are proven genuine, then we may actually be gazing at the face of Jesus Christ.

Muslim Student Chastises UNHRC for Bias Against Israel!

The story was carried by Arutz 7--I have never heard of Amran Hussain prior to this article being posted, nor did I ever dream I would see a Muslim student openly chastise the UN Human Rights Counsel  for their bias against Israel and lack of concern about Human Rights in Arab countries!  
His parents must be very proud to have raised a son with such amazing strength of character, but he is going to need prayer as Muslims will consider his defense of the Jewish people as a crime.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A One of a Kind Dance Troupe

Last night, 04 April 2010, David filmed an amazing dance troupe called HaKol Petuach (Everything is Open) at the Jerusalem Arts Festival. Their program was בריאת העולם (Creation of the World). The simple description of the program said:
The Jerusalem Art Festival stages an exciting performance, charmingly and professionally done, presenting the story of the Creation in words, movement and sound. With singer Adam and the Hakol Patuach dance troupe, the special group of the Jerusalem Municipality's Arts Division. Direction, choreography and costumes: Momi Gil. Producer and troupe director: Sarah Sharabi.

The program and the story behind this night is a program in itself! HaKol Petuach dance troupe is made up of severely mentally challenged, special needs children. At the start of the performance the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat stood and told the audience: 
All those who participate in the Jerusalem Arts Festival contribute to the mosaic of Jerusalem. Hakol Patuach shows that everything is possible.This dance troupe, reflects Jerusalem in 2011. Everything in Jerusalem is open for all levels of society to express themselves and we are so proud to have this troupe perform for us tonight. I usually don't stay at performances because of my schedule, but tonight I will stay to the end. Enjoy!

Day 1~Formless & Empty

The director of Hakol Patuach, Momi (Shlomo) Gil, was the first boy dancer for the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance. Momi was also the first boy to dance with the late Bracha Dudai, who was a major contributor to the hora, to the city of Jerusalem and to the art of dance. Bracha started the Hora Dance troupe, a Jerusalem group that has traveled the world, and is now led by Adi Gordon Rawlings (David's wife).

The Dry Land

Momi had spent many years as a dancer in New York, then returned to Israel to dance with Bat Sheva, critically acclaimed and popularly embraced as one of the most exciting contemporary dance companies in the world. He started a women's dress store in Jerusalem and his name can be found  listed in the credits for costumes and design of countless performances.

Let the Birds Fly Above the Earth...
It was eighteen years ago that Momi became involved with HaKol Petuach. Every week he has donated his time to the group--teaching, choreographing and then designing and making All of the costumes for their performances!

HaKol Petuach's first "show" took place in 2010--they performed a mere three dances. It was so successful that the Municipality asked them to prepare a full evening's performance for the Jerusalem Arts Festival 2011. Last night was the result of their hard work.

At one point the stage went black. The lights came up slowly to the rhythmic beat of percussion instruments. Seated in a semi-circle  the performers were drumming out a joyful sound. The precise beat filled the theater. A delighted audience enthusiastically joined in, clapping in time and bouncing in their seats. Pure magic!

Family and friends of the performers, filled the theater, but many who attended had no idea of the unique experience they were about to undergo.

A review of the evening was posted by Voices Magazine, called Accidental Audience, where the author states "Tears poured down my cheeks."

Israeli Singer Adam

Indeed, emotion flooded the building--and how could anyone not be touched!

Words can not describe the unabashed joy these young people poured into their work and  through their efforts it flowed generously out to all in attendance. Somehow everyone knew that the hours of training and rehearsals, together with the music, backdrops and costumes had been wrapped together in a special gift of love--just for them. It left the audience with lasting memories.

It is Truly a Wonderful World

Popular Israeli singer, Adam participated in the show as the "Voice of the Bible", and joined the troupe onstage.

Adam and the girls sang and swayed to the tune of "It's a Wonderful World",

The joy, and love of their craft displayed by  these performers had everyone convinced that it is indeed a truly wonderful world we live in. 

And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good...

David & Momi Backstage

For the past eight months David has been following the  efforts of this special group of dancers. He immediately recognized the importance of this project both to the girls and society as a whole. David's goal is to help them create their own "house" in Jerusalem. The purpose of this house is to provide a place for severely mentally challenged children to learn to express themselves in a safe, warm and loving environment.

There are no bookings yet, but this show is going to go world wide. I (David) know that the Lord has shown me that this dance troupe is of His making.

But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty...I Corinthians 1:27

Over the next weeks we will be post more pictures, film clips and information. A DVD of last night's touching performance will be available soon. 

David is also working on a documentary for the group--this is a story that needs telling! 

Islamists on the Rise~Egypt's Christians Are in Danger

If elections are held in September the only group who stands to gain is the Muslim Brotherhood.  Clerics have already made it clear that they would tolerate no changes to the constitution that established Islam as Egypt's official religion. Although life under Mubarak was not easy for Christians in Egypt, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood could very well bring even more hardship on an already struggling community.

Monday, April 04, 2011

An Upside Down World

On 15 November 2010, Melanie Phillips was a guest speaker at the Wednesday Morning Club in Los Angeles, CA. As always she makes her points clearly. Do listen to the entire clip. It is a bit lengthy but it is time well spent !

Sharia Law in America~Part III

In Part III, Glenn and his guests talk about the belief in the coming of the 12th Imam. Of course, you know that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes that he will be the one to destroy Israel when the Imam appears. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also believes he has personally spoken to the 12th Imam...

Sharia Law in America~Part II

In Part II of of Sharia Law in America review how our law is being used against us. Of interest is the segment near the end where they are discussing polygamy. Were you aware that polygamy is allowed in the UK and Ontario, Canada?? As long as the marriage is contracted in a country where polygamy is legal it is OK. How many of you knew that? Note that the problem of Sharia in the UK is far ahead of America, but not that much. Ontario I hear is almost lost, but that will be the topic of another post.

Sharia Law in America~Part 1

Sharia is a threat to us all. In Part I of a three part series, Glenn Beck gives a lesson on Sharia Finance. Beheading is not the only way to wage Jihad. Please listen carefully!

Defending Israel against Hitler Youth Week

Do you live in the USA? Are you aware of what your colleges and universities are promoting? The hate and lies have gone beyond youthful hi-jinks. They carry the words of Hamas:  There is no place for you (Jews) among us. You are headed toward annihilation...Mahmoud Al-Zahar. They use student funds to put up "walls of lies" showing totally false information demonizing Israel and painting murderous terrorists as victims. They follow the  ideals of Mein Kampf--what started as an Arab war, then became a Muslim war, is now being brought to  western university and college campuses. It is not only the USA--this campaign of hate is taking place all over the free world.

I urge you to watch this film--and think about what the schools of today are teaching. The time to choose is now--Do you want to follow the lies of Muslim terrorists who fight for  world domination under Sharia Law--that will annihilate our Judeo Christian life, values and belief system? or Do you  stand for freedom and democracy...

Friday, April 01, 2011

Stop Being Afraid of Goliath!

Tuesday Night Live started in Jerusalem and as gone "on the road" in America. In this segment coming from Florida, Walid Shoeabat is interviewed. Shoeabat, used to be a radicalized Muslim, and as he says, was "willing to die for the cause of Jihad. I was involved in terror activity, was a member of the PLO, and was imprisoned in Jerusalem for three weeks where I was recruited to plant a bomb in Bethlehem in which thank God no one was injured."