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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Israel Vision Talks~26 February 2019

Daniel and Meridel Rawlings
One must use critical thinking in reading any "so called" news.

The video clip below is a brief summary of some of the more pressing issues that have taken place in Israel in February 2019.

In these times where "blazing headlines" mean more than truth, it is important to know the background and the facts.

At Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision we are "living the headlines" in Israel. We watch, on a daily basis, the unfolding of issues that resound around the world. Our goal is to bring you a commentary on news from the Holy Land with a Biblical perspective.

The latest from the middle-east is Iran and their celebration of forty years as an "Islamic Republic". They boast of their strong presence in Lebanon and Turkey to fight the terrorism of Israel. They work to assure the world that they have never attacked any nation!

Iran installed enough long range missiles in Lebanon to attack Israel day and night for three weeks non stop. 

Ori Ansbacher, aged 19, was a gentle Jewish soul who volunteered with disadvantaged kids of all faiths. On 07 February 2019, while walking alone in the forest near Jerusalem, she was stabbed multiple times, raped and decapitated. Ori's murderer, Arafat Irfayia is a Palestinian from Hebron who crept illegally into Israel looking for a target. Formerly jailed for two years for violent crimes, he showed no remorse. Upon his release he brazenly told the Israeli security police,"I will to return to kill an Israeli." And so he has...

Here in Israel we feel that justice has been turned upon its head. Video of his court appearance show him smirking, and proud of the evil he has perpetrated. Now he will officially be a "Hero of the Resistance"~according to the Palestinian Authority, he will receive an amount equal to approximately US$ 3,700, as a monthly salary for life (thanks to the UK and EU taxpayers). His family will also benefit financially. It is likely he will spend no more than ten years in a comfortable Israeli jail eating, and bragging of his deeds with his fellow jihadis, and upon release will be lauded as a "role model" and have schools and roads named after him. 

This despicable murderer is no doubt the victim of the Palestinian Authority educational system of hatred of Israel~a system that brain washes their children and youth to believe the highest honor is to murder an Israeli. 

Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, since the Oslo Accords in 1982 was "Inspector" on behalf of Israel for antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric perpetrated in Palestinian school books. Recently he confessed to never having looked between he covers of their school books. My question is, AT WHAT PRICE?  We have a generation of adult Palestinians whose goal for success is to murder Israelis!

It was Plato who said: "The most important quest in life is who gets to teach the children and what they teach them?" How true. 

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it"...Proverbs 22:6

Monday, February 18, 2019

Dance for Kindness Flash Mob at the Old Station in Jerusalem

Picture Credit:  Jerusalem Vistas
Dancing has a way of breaking down barriers of bitterness and hatred, ignorance and isolation. 120 nations joined together via satellite with Jerusalem for a Flash Mob to “dance for kindness.”

For the first time ever Gaza joined in. The common thread that stitched these inspiring dancers from across the globe to come together was the character quality of Kindness.

Jerusalem Vistas was called by Adi, the choreographer, and our daughter in law.

“Jay, please come~We must capture this very special event on film and show it to everyone!”
Daniel headed the film crew as she led 500 Israelis of all ages in a dance celebrating...yes KINDNESS!

They danced to the song ‘Unity’ written and performed by the Solomon Brother’s of Jerusalem. The lyrics go like this...
There is a shining light in everyone of us...
Every person in this world is a diamond in the rough.
One soul, one goal, one love, Unity!
Join us. One forever!