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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Carol for Everyone~Written in 1642 by Jean de Brebeduf

A Huron Christmas Carol by Tom Jackson

Twas in the moon of wintertime When all the birds had fled 
That mighty Gitchi Manitou Sent angel choirs instead 
Before their light the stars grew dim 
And wandering hunters heard the hymn

Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born
In excelsis gloria 

Within a lodge of broken bark The tender Babe was found 
A ragged robe of rabbit skin Enwrapp'd His beauty round
And as the hunter braves drew nigh The angel song rang loud and high

Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born 
In excelsis gloria

The earliest moon of wintertime Is not so round and fair
As was the ring of glory On the helpless infant there
The chiefs from far before him knelt
With gifts of fur and beaver pelt

Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born
In excelsis gloria

O children of the forest free O sons of Manitou
The Holy Child of earth and heaven Is born today for you
Come kneel before the radiant Boy Who brings you beauty, peace and joy
Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born
In excelsis gloria

Saturday, December 21, 2019

From the Clear Blue Sky~"Din Cer Senin"

From the Clear Blue Sky Sung by Nuns from Camarzani Monastery in Romania

(Each Line Repeated 2 Times)
From the Clear Blue Sky
From the clear blue sky, a divine choir Can be heard sweetly singing.
Gifted shepherds appear on the hill Bringing white lambs as gifts.
A star on the horizon watching over the paths, Shining in the distance
Leads the magi with their precious gifts Carried in white bags.
And a frail infant with a holy face Sits quietly smiling.
And His Mother was cradling Him And everybody was joyous.
And the holy sky and this earth Were illuminated by the Infant.
And they became holy and they received God’s grace Those who let Him in.
And us, having seen this, we pray And we kiss His face.
Yearning to devote our lives to Him And to praise Him forever.
From the clear blue sky, a divine choir Can be heard sweetly singing.

One of the Very Oldest Known Christmas Songs...

The Friendly Beasts~Also Known as The Gift of the Animals & The Gifts They Gave

* The original lyrics were by an unknown author in 12th century France. The song is set to the Latin song "Orientis Partibus." The English words were written by Robert Davis in 1920 and over the years has been recorded my many famous artists

Here Is A Version "The Gifts They Gave" Sung by Johnny Cash

Friday, December 20, 2019

The Old Blends Perfectly With The New at Christmas...

A Favourite and A Bit Unusual Duo~Bing Crosby and David Bowie~Enjoy!

This May Be The Very First Christmas Song...

Jesus Refulsit Omnium  (Jesus, Light of All the Nations)

* Said to be the oldest known Christmas song in the world. It was composed in Latin by St. Hilary of Poitiers after the first recorded Christmas celebration took place in 336 AD.

Christmas Canon~The Angelic Sounds of Children Singing

The Amazing Trans-Siberian Orchestra~Relax and Enjoy!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Hidden Treasure

In This Energy Age Israel Made an Amazing Discovery~Perhaps One of the Greatest Gas Finds of All Time

An Old French Carol~Entre le bœuf et l'âne gris

Between the Ox and the Grey Donkey~Written Around the 13th Century

* Believed to be one of the oldest known carols. The two animals present at the birth of Jesus may have it's origin in the Book of Isaiah 1:3
The ox knows its owner
And the donkey its master’s crib;
But Israel does not know,
My people do not consider.

A Chaldean Christmas Hymn~Hwelih Isho'

Relax and Enjoy the Peaceful Sounds of Chaldean Christmas Music

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Resonet in laudibus~Performed by The Kings Singers

Let The Voice of Praise Resound~Christ Was Born on Christmas Day

* Resonet in laudibus~Written by Jacobus Gallus (1550-1591) Is one of the oldest known Christmas Carols

Nadolig Llawen~Rhyfel Beidia~Carolau Llandudno

Welsh! So This is Christmas~The War is Over~Little Drummer Boy by "Only Boys Aloud"

One of the Oldest Known Christmas Songs...

In Dulci Jubilo (In Sweet Rejoicing) Performed by Libera

* Originally thought to be written by Heinrich Seuse around 1328. German folklore states that he heard angels sing the words and joined them in a dance of worship