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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Winter Rains, Relief, Refreshing Restoration!

Faithful Canadians at the Feast of Tabernacles
Shalom Dearest Partners and Friends :

Thousands of Christians from across the globe traveled to Israel to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles just like the prophets promised us so long ago.

During the Feast we had one downpour of rain that actually flooded the coastal cities. It was a taste of the 'former and latter rain in the first month' which is the Hebrew month of Tishri 5778.  

We Rawlings are working hard to get our wood in, the olives picked and any leaks in the house sealed up before the desperately needs rains come. 

"In life, at certain moments, there comes One to us, who desires to take our lives and play upon them. But we withhold ourselves from Him, and refuse Him permission, when, if we would yield ourselves to Him, He would bring from our souls heavenly music.” 

Lovers of Israel from Cook Islands
Join with us in this very special season of 'refreshing'. You see, here in Israel, daily we give thanks for the blessed rains to fall over the next six months, renewing our dry and thirsty land. One of the secrets of survival here are the strong lashing winter rains and sometimes snow that seeps down soaking the parched earth.  

The harvest is in, and here, already the fields have been replanted. Likewise, in our own small lives, we have given of our time and talents, all poured out in good faith. 

Today, we stand very dry and empty. Let us all take fresh courage to pray believing for the RELIEF, REFRESHING and RESTORATION that each one needs! May He renew us so that we will continue to LOVE and SERVE Him and ONE ANOTHER, in better ways. Lets get ready for a FRESH VISITATION by His Blessed Holy Spirit! May all things become NEW!

Paul~Meridel~Jan. Ein Gedhi biblical dinner with family!

“Turn us back to You, O Lord,
and we will be restored;
Renew our days as of old”
...Lamentations 5: 21

Many time Jesus said to those who came to him;

 What is it that you want?

Can you believe that he was and is willing to work with my will? Stop and think of that. He will do what you will. Your want is related to will.  

Many of us find it difficult to a put into words what it is we ‘want’ and ‘to will’ seems out of reach for many of us caught in difficult circumstances. Follow the pattern and ask!

A little sunshine for good measure! Jay in great health!

Our good news is that Jay was seen by his top professors this week, and his heart is functioning well. He is a walking miracle. 

Jay says:

"I am convinced that I am alive and well because of the faithful prayers of God's people around the globe. 

I bless those I know and those I do not know. 

Thank you from the bottom of my new heart."

 Love From Zion !

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

East Jerusalem Village Head Speaks Out...

Once again "Peace Talks" are scheduled to resume. People will fly in for a few hours and presume to know what the Middle East "Needs". Each side has an opinion, as do those on the outside, inside, upside and downside. Tours claiming to "educate" will only show a very small piece of the problem. It is very easy to "stack the deck".

Meanwhile, day to day life goes on. Arabs, Jews, Christians and people from every walk of life are living in Israel. Once in awhile there are incidents~an attack, an act of terror~that is fact.  It is horror that freezes the mind and grief that will never leave. Yet, life continues

Every day we go to work, use the same transportation systems, shops, hospitals and carry on our lives in the great melting pot called Israel. Walk down the main street and you will see and hear such a diversity of people and languages it is unbelievable. Pay attention and you will learn that Israelis are from every corner of the globe and consist of good and bad, rich and poor, just like any other country in the world. The majority just want to raise our children, go to work, school and places of worship for those who choose to and enjoy the delights of the land. 

As the dialogue for "deals" begin, perhaps we need to listen to the regular folks who are actually living and working and trying to get by from day to day. The man in this interview is the head of a village in East Jerusalem. Listen to what he is saying and remember, before you scream Israel is "apartheid", remember that this is an Arab-Israeli speaking...

Head of East Jerusalem Village: We Want to be Under Israel~NOT the PA