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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Political Candidate Who is Not Afraid to Mention Jesus

In a time of Christian persecution around the world, it seems that one presidential candidate is not afraid to openly declare his Christian background. I am sure that this will now be a whipping post for those who oppose him.

Ted Cruz spoke at Liberty University and left no doubt of his Christian roots and his love for America and Her founding principles. I suppose this will be considered politically incorrect, but in reality it is a breath of fresh air.

The head of the school has stated that "It is no secret that Convocation is held three times a week and attendance is required, just like class is required for students. No one is expected to agree with every speaker on every point...students can "cheer" or "boo" as they see fit". Speaking on the issue that some in attendance wore "opposing" T-shirts, he remarked; "The fact that some students attended the service wearing t-shirts supporting another potential candidate shows that our students are not indoctrinated; they are free~and encouraged~to form their own opinions about what they hear in Convocation and to express it."

It is in the spirit of diversity that the university presents a variety of speakers to allow the students to hear different viewpoints from all sides, allowing them the freedom to make informed decisions (para-phrased). That in itself is unusual in our times!

Because we are a faith based organization, we take take note when political figures anywhere in the world, disdain~or stand up for~the Christian faith. With so many recent attacks on Christians and their beliefs, it will certainly be interesting to see how the next election in America plays out...Imagine!

Our Rights Don't Come From Man~They Come From God Almighty...Ted Cruz

Friday, March 20, 2015

My Resting Place~20 March 2015

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Teach my soul Your Wisdom Lord
And make me rich indeed
Not of silver nor of gold,
Ill-gotten gain by greed.

Not by power
nor by might,
But in Your Spirit dwell.

And may my tongue
rest in Your Peace
My actions, thoughts as well.

My feet with joy to walk O Lord
Along Your Holy Way
My spirit's joy redeeming time,
Just living day by day.

Though I am poor in this world
Nor fame or fortune have.
Yet in Your hand I shall remain
You give me all I have.

Written 12 May 2004, by R.G. Fowler of Blessed Memory (Meridel's Younger Brother)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Prayers Work! Our Call To Prayer is Answered...

Earlier this week we sent out an appeal for a "Call to Prayer". Your response was immediate and very encouraging.

On Tuesday night, we all went to sleep with prayers on our lips:
O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, 
let not mine enemies triumph over me...Psalm 25:2

When we woke up this morning, it was with great joy that we learned of Benjamin Netanyahu's decisive victory over those who would see Israel broken into pieces.  Praise God!

This Land shall not be sold for ever: for the Land is Mine,
for ye are strangers and sojourners with Me...Leviticus 25:23

On the way back from a meeting, Jay, Meridel and David stopped at a point overlooking Jerusalem. They were discussing the results of the election and decided to film a few words.

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God:
the powers that be are ordained of God...Romans 13:1

Thanks to all who joined us in prayer. Most of all we give thanks to the Lord our God for his goodness and mercy.

Jay and Meridel On The Election Results

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Call To Prayer

Shalom Dear Friends,
Fear not, thou worm Jacob...
I will make you a threshing instrument with teeth...Isaiah 41: 14,15.

We are calling for you to raise prayer and alert all who will listen to do the same. Israel’s National Election is in two days, on 17 March 2015.

We know there is a huge battle for Israel’s future looming on the horizon, even with dire consequences. During this election campaign, we are shocked at the river of vitriol against Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu and his wife Sarah. The volume and persistence of pernicious lies, against them both tells us a hidden truth. Dark powers are at work to defeat this decent leader and his Likud party. Men with ulterior motives and questionable scruples vie for leadership over Israel’s future security and national interests.

“Anyone but Bibi” has been the cry of center-left parties during the entire campaign.

Why the hate? He is a seasoned man who has guided us through many wars. He was one of the first world leaders to foresee the dangers of the Arab Spring and the rise of Islamic State. He is the lone world leader who courageously gave a clarion call to the US Senate and Congress, indeed, the world, on Iran’s nuclear armament program.

"Derision" is what awaited Netanyahu upon returning home to Israel, after warning the world of the danger of a ‘bad deal’ with Iran. “If we don’t act, the Islamic State~ISIS will be replaced by the Republic of Iran, as the world’s foremost Islamic authority.’” His words were prophetic and not a hollow threat.

Yet...the strange situation is that yesterday, 49% of polled Israeli’s want Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister, but only 29% want the Likud party. Why? Because in Israeli elections the people always want two things; security and economic stability.

All the pollsters show that Likud~Benjamin Netanyahu’s Party, with twenty-two seats seriously trails behind the Zionist Union Party, with twenty-five seats, headed by Leftist Leaders Isaac Herzog and Zippi Livni. Yet out of one hundred-twenty seats, the numbers of the two largest parties are extremely low, nine other parties make up the choices, this creates a fractured rulership.

If the Zionist Union wins, in order to form a majority government of sixty-one seats they will have to join with smaller parties, such as the Arab Bloc, with twelve seats and other extreme left parties. This will seriously endanger the national security of Israel. The leftists have stated that they are ready to capitulate; “give land” for empty peace deals with the Palestinians and pander to Obama with his Iranian nuclear deal aspirations.

Because of the slick "misinformation" filling our news channels, Bibi’s party is blamed for the mistakes of others parties. The Left claims the economy is terrible; this is erroneous. But most Israelis do not know that in the last government, every Likud portfolio in the Cabinet brought us success these past three years. Israel’s unique political system forces the creation of coalitions in order to rule. This means that when a cabinet is formed by the winning party, not all portfolios are controlled by the prime minister’s party. Some are in the hands of coalition partners. In the last government, those who headed finance and housing made bad choices and Bibi’s party was blamed. This shows the weakness of the electoral system.

If one looks at every single ministry that the Likud held in the last government, they will see that revolutionary reforms were passed in all their ministries! To fight rising prices, Likud, led by Bibi brought competition to the cellphone cartels, airlines, internet and television industries. He has encouraged competition in all areas, breaking a centralized economy. If given the opportunity, he also plans to reform Israel’s antiquated parliamentary system to help bring some normalcy to our nation.

Prayer changes things! Please join us in prayer. 20% of our population are still “undecided” as for whom to vote. Confusion is rife; pray for all eligible voters to "desire" to do so. The Spirit of God can "impress" them in the voting booths to “choose life”!

Believe with us for the health and future of a unified Israel.

In the Canadian National elections in 2011, we were in Canada and along with countless others, we asked Christians to pray that as the voters stood in the ballot booths, the Holy Spirit would lead them. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was elected with a landslide majority for the first time, after being saddled for years with a minority government. Today Canada stands as the free world’s best friend to Israel. Prayer changes things! May the Almighty have mercy upon Israel at this time.

Throughout history, the Jewish people have miscalculated; which caused serious, even deadly results. For example, they did not listen to Jeremiah; which, that resulted in seventy years of captivity and the tragic destruction of Jerusalem. Then five hundred years later many did not listen to Jesus, resulting in the destruction of Jerusalem and the global dispersion of the Jews for two thousand years. Most chose not to listen to a modern day "prophet", Ze’ev Jabotinsky who warned them to flee the coming Nazi destruction and go to their ancient homeland. As you know, six million were doomed in the Holocaust. An Israeli historian has already warned, that of the three million Jews living in Europe, one million will take their businesses and leave due to anti-Semitism. This could ruin Europe. Israel is created as the Jewish homeland for all Jews world-wide.

As former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin once said, “When someone says they are going to kill you...just believe them.”

Benjamin Netanyahu has spiritual discernment. He convenes a weekly Bible study in his official residence. The wisdom and understanding he gleans from the Holy Scriptures is irreplaceable. If world leaders studied the Eternal words of the Torah and the Prophets, our world would be a different place. Good examples of godly leaders are German Chancellor Angela Merkel, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to name a few.

It is possible for the Lord to change hearts and minds. The Bible says,

The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord...
and he turns it where ever He wishes...Proverbs 21:1

The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much...James 5:17

We are so grateful for the privilege of voting here. Join us in prayer, that all Israelis will desire to vote and to ‘choose life.’ Please Pray!

Thanks and God Bless you.
Jay and Meridel, sons and team at Israel Vision.

Joh Voight Has A Message for the People of Israel...

Prior to Knesset Elections on Tuesday~The Actor Begins His Message With "I Love Israel"

Friday, March 13, 2015

My Resting Place~13 March 2015

Lavender~Click to Enlarge
The Way


Holy is Your Way.

Your Way is Love.

Truth is Your Way.

Your Way is Light.

Life is Your Way.

Your Way is Eternal.

Make our way Your Way.

Written 05 November 2002, by R.G. Fowler of Blessed Memory (Meridel's Younger Brother)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

An Answer to Prayer...

Almost one month ago we asked for prayer for our dear friend Irene, who had been diagnosed with an aneurysm in her left eye.

Needless to say, these past weeks have been filled with prayer (and worry!)

Several days ago, Irene traveled to Jerusalem, hopeful that the doctors would be able to do a laser procedure. When she arrived, the news was better than all had hoped for!

The aneurysm appears to have not only stopped growing, but it has in fact regressed! This morning, Irene was able returned home without having any invasive procedures done!

Although the danger is not over, for all of us, this is a miraculous answer to prayer. We ask you to please keep Irene in your prayers, so that she will see a complete healing!

Leader of the Free World~A Tale of Two Very Different Men...

This is a Truthful Insight Into Opposing "Leadership Styles"~Do Listen...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Banned in India~Why? The World Needs to Watch This!

This Documentary by BBC, "India's Daughter" Reveals the Cultural Horror that prevails in India (from the Accused who do not accept any responsibility for their actions, to the Lawyers defending them) and the complicity of the Indian government in their efforts to Hide these atrocities from the world. 

Banned in India, the clip has been repeatedly taken down from the Internet, however, we will try to keep a link active. 

We Felt it Necessary to Make This Available to You Because of Meridel's Work in the Field of Abuse.

*Please Note* 
Some Parts Are Very Explicit and May Be Shocking or Difficult to Watch

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Monday, March 02, 2015

Please Pray for PM Benjamin Netanyahu...

PM Netanyahu at the Western Wall
Just one day before leaving for the USA, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the Western Wall in Jerusalem. What his prayer was, we can only guess. This trip, is of vital importance and every word and action will be watched and heavily criticized.

As he was preparing to board the plane for America the PM stated:

A few days before the Fast of Esther, I am leaving for Washington on a fateful, even historic mission. I feel that I am the emissary of all Israelis, even those who disagree with me, of the entire Jewish People. I am deeply and genuinely concerned for the security of all Israelis, for the fate of the nation, and for the fate of our people and I will do my utmost to insure our future.

Just a short while ago the Prime Minister was warmly received by AIPAC. As always he was eloquent and to the point, however, before he left the podium the naysayers were on the attack. Sadly, some of the most vile critics are right here in Israel.

We ask all of you to Please, Pray for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he prepares to speak before the US Congress. The events unfolding on the world theater are becoming more, and more dangerous, especially to little Israel on the front line.

Pray that the Lord will guide the words of our PM and open the ears of those who until now have refused to hear.

Israel's PM Netanyahu's Speech to AIPAC 2015

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Received Standing Ovations at AIPAC

"Son of Hamas" Speaks to AIPAC 2015

Now a Celebrity~Listen to the Son of a Hamas Leader Tell of His Journey to Truth