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Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Resting Place~29 January 2015

Almond Blossoms in January (Click to Enlarge)
This past week, Israel has once again seen violence and death. Two young men died when a Hezbollah cell launched six anti-tank missiles towards the convoy they were in. Three of the missiles hit the unarmored vehicles and one hit a house in the nearby village of Ghajar.

The first missile was a direct hit which instantly killed Captain Yohai Kalangel, 25, and Sergeant Dor Nini, 20. Two others vehicles were damaged, and seven additional soldiers were wounded in the attack. The UN has reported the death of a Spanish Peace Keeper that occurred during the shelling that took place in the aftermath.

During the first funeral this afternoon on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, the father of Yohai Kalengel stated:

"Where you should have buried me, I bury you."

There are no words to describe the pain of a parent who must bury a beloved child. There are no answers for the ongoing hatred. Israel, and the Jewish people as a whole are under attack~this is nothing new.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done:
and there is no new thing under the sun...Ecclesiastes 1:9 (KJV)

Our only rest is in The Lord~He Alone Can Ease The Pain~We must Seek His Face...

Seek Thy Face
Seek Thy Face
Seek Thy Face
Our lives are but a hands breadth wide,
We live as like the morning mist
Then set the world aside.

Early shall I seek you Lord
And late upon my bed
No rest for me or comfort shall I find
A place to rest my head.

Seek Thy Face
Seek Thy Face

That Still Small Voice
Is calling me.
Every day and evening
The living way your showing me.

I Seek Thy Face
I Seek Thy Face

Do not be timid and don't be shy
Look up and smile for He is Watching
My only answer

Here Am I

...Written 10 August 2002, by R.G. Fowler of Blessed Memory (Meridel's Younger Brother)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Holocaust~After Seventy Years Have We Learned Anything?

Alfred Hitchcock Documentary Shelved for 70 Years Is Revived
For seventy years a single topic has been consistently reviewed, remembered and reviled. There will always be deniers. There will always be haters. There will always be anti-Semitism.

So, one must ask,after seventy years have we learned anything at all? Are we doomed to repeat our mistakes over and over again?

Survivors of the Holocaust are slowly dying out. There are a mere handful of those who made it out of the camps to testify, while the deniers are gaining strength. Do a search on any film from the days of the Holocaust and you will find many more declaring them to be lies.

In Israel we have a concentration of survivors, who, for the most part live their lives outside the public eye. Some do speak out when approached, and some to this day refuse to come to terms with the disaster. In some families there is a combination, one who has learned to deal with it, and one who lives every single day in horror.

The Holocaust was very real. The meticulous records created by the Germans themselves have proven this beyond a doubt. The fact that the Jewish people survived, is a constant thorn in the side for the world in general. Perhaps, because as a collective they did nothing. It was left to tiny groups of people with a conscience and a sense of basic human decency to do what they could in the most difficult of situations. There are no end of stories about those who risked everything, just as there are endless tales of betrayal, thievery and cold blooded murder.

When the liberation came, many tried to return to their home countries, only to find that their homes had been "taken over" by their neighbours and they were not wanted. After years of abuse at the hands of the Germans, the Jewish people were once again placed in camps, or left to drift, with nothing but the few rags on their backs, until they could find a place, a new home to start over.

A new HBO documentary, Night Will Fall (26 January 2015), directed by André Singer and narrated by Helena Bonham Carter and Jasper Britton, tells the story of how, seventy years later, a lost documentary filmed by Alfred Hitchcock and shelved in the British archives, came back to life. As to why it was shelved in the first place, the LA Times offers a clue:

The British needed the German people to "pick up the pieces and help energize the destroyed Germany economy. They didn't want to demoralize the people further by rubbing in their guilt, and the 'German Concentration Camps Factual Survey' would not have helped restore confidence," Singer said.

There was also a concern, Singer added, that "it would provoke most sympathy for the Jewish refugees still in the camps after the war [who] wanted to go to Palestine. The British were having problems with nascent Zionism and felt the film would be unhelpful."

Below is the trailer for "Night Will Fall". Following the trailer is the original documentary footage filmed by Alfred Hitchcock~it was his only documentary film. You may find it difficult to watch, but perhaps, the original footage is what the world really needs to see.

As for the question "After Seventy Years Have We Learned Anything?", one would sincerely hope so, but looking at what is happening in the world today, the inclination is to say, sadly, No.

Trailer for "Night Will Fall"

This is The Original Footage Filmed and Then Shelved for Seventy Years

Sunday, January 25, 2015

How Faith Has Carried the Jewish People

History has been a subject that Rabbi Berel Wein (25 March 1934~) has concentrated on for many years. He has stated that we must know where we have been in order to know where we are going. Jewish History is integral to our understanding of the current rise in anti-Semitism and the ongoing anti-Israel/anti-Western hatred. Knowledge is power, and Rabbi Wein believes that it will empower us with the tools to dispel lies and myths about the Jewish people and Israel. It is knowledge that allows us to stand against baseless Jewish hatred and attacks, and to raise public awareness about the accusations of Islamophobia that are currently permeating the press with the intent to make the perpetrators of terror appear as victims.

Rabbi Wein is well known for his books, CDs/DVDs, audio tapes and drama documentary film projects produced through the Destiny Foundation. He is the Rabbi of Beit Knesset Hanasi in Jerusalem and regularly travels back and forth to America to teach and lecture.

Rabbi Wein continues to teach, write and produce documentaries as well as a weekly parsha for the press. He is involved in many causes and shows no signs of slowing down. When he is in Jerusalem he can usually be found at Beit Knesset Hanasi on Shabbat where he gives a Torah teaching after the morning service.

"The past is directly connected to our present, and both the past and the present,
whether we understand it or not, will impact upon our future...Rabbi Berel Wein"

The video below is one in a series that follows the path of the Jewish people in the last century. It is the story of a people striving to find their place in the world, and should be watched by all.

Follow the Jewish People at the Dawn of the Century~Knowledge is Power!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

After the Terror Attacks on Charlie Hebdo & French Jews...

Charlie Hebdo Cover~Post Terror Attack
Have we not learned anything at all from the horrific attacks that just took place in France? When will the media and politicos admit that the gradual creep of "Islamism" is picking up speed, and with it the attacks on free speech, democracy and anything "non-muslim".

At one time it was easy to ignore attacks that took place in "3rd World" countries. People seemed to have an unspoken agreement that it was not "our" problem, here in the free world. As Muslim immigration picked up pace, the ever welcoming western world bent over backwards to welcome new citizens. After all, weren't most of us immigrants at one time?

Those who dared to express concerns, and warn of the dangers of large groups of people insisting on bringing 7th century laws into our countries, have been harassed, black-listed and now, slaughtered.

As the attacks on western society rise in number, why are the media and political spheres insisting that it has nothing to do with Islam?

The truth is, it has everything to do with Islam, and those followers who refuse to acknowledge that non-Muslims have rights as well. This is a fact that will not change unless Islam itself undergoes a reformation. Over the centuries peoples of all faiths have progressed as free, democratic societies have evolved. It is called "change", something which Islam avoids.

Rather than the leaders and opinion-makers of the free world uniting to demand that Muslims either cease their barbaric practices or go back to where they came from, we hear the same tired, "multi-culti, politically correct" lines..."It's Islamophobia!" and more recently, "We Fear A Back-lash Against Innocent Muslims!"...over and over again, ad nauseum...

Wake Up People! The middle-east mind-set is not the same as that of the rest of the world. All the pandering means to them is "weakness". That's right~weakness! It is a sign that they are winning and forcing us to submit to their primitive objectives. Make no mistake, these are people who do not value life, rather, for them, the greatest achievement is death~preferably while killing as many "kafirs" as possible.

All the whining and crying about "backlash" is just another part of their "jihad" to conquer and subdue the free world. This is from an article by Daniel Greenfield~well worth reading the entire article:

Muslims are not the victims of the Hebdo massacre.
They are not the victims of mass murder in a Kosher supermarket.
They are not the victims of the Sydney Siege.

They are the perpetrators.

The sooner we face reality and accept that there is a real and present danger, the sooner we can unite to defeat this evil and send it back to where it came from. If we continue in this way, we are bound for dire consequences.

Then they will call on me, but I will not answer;
They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me.

Because they hated knowledge And did not choose the fear of the Lord,

They would have none of my counsel And despised my every rebuke.

Therefore they shall eat the fruit of their own way,
And be filled to the full with their own fancies...Proverbs 1:28-31

Monday, January 12, 2015