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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request & Update on Jay Rawlings

Son Josh with Jay in Hospital
Dearest Friends and Partners

I, Meridel, on behalf of my sons and their families am writing to bring you the latest news about my husband and their father John Rawlings.

Those of you who have been following his progress know that he was admitted to Share Tszdek (Gates of Righteousness) hospital in Jerusalem last December 2016. At that time he underwent extensive tests; three times his heart was stopped and re-started to establish a regular beat.

In February, thanks to the generosity of my birth family in Canada he received a much needed C-PAP machine to aid his increasingly labored breathing.

Last week he was readmitted to the hospital to be examined again by cardiologists. After going through various examinations and a 4th ‘inversion’ procedure because he was missing the ‘sinus’ beat in his heart, he was not improved. He is struggling to breathe due to the increasing fluid on his lungs. Today after more examinations, it has been decided that he needs open heart surgery this week due to valve damage. At the same time the Drs plan to also do an ‘ablation’ to create a steady beat in his heart.

We are so grateful for the optimal care he is receiving here in Israel. The level of professionalism is exceptional, and leaves us humbled and very grateful. I do not have the exact date for Jay’s open heart surgery, because the hospital is still working to schedule him in at the earliest possible date. 

Upon leaving the hospital, my eyes were drawn to this scripture mounted on the wall in large silver letters in English and Hebrew. It is the prayer of our hearts!

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed:
Save me, and I shall be saved.
For You are my praise...Jeremiah 17:14*

Kindly raise prayer for your friend and our beloved, John Victor Rawlings.

Meridel Rawlings, family and team.

* Jeremiah 17:14: save, yasha Strongs # 3467. To rescue, save, defend; to free, preserve, avenge, deliver, help. The verb found more than 200 times in the Old Testament (Torah, & Tanach), is a one-word description of God’s response to the needs of humanity.
* Yeshua means, He shall save, Matthew 1:21 is taken from this root yasha. The original thought of yasha was to release, to open wide.