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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Give Peace a Chance

The video below suggests a new perspective for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians based on the discovery of the formerly classified minutes from the San Remo peace conference of April, 1920. 

This long hidden document explains the legal rights of the Jews as well as the Palestinians. 

A group of professionals calling themselves Give Peace a Chance, feel that, by returning to the negotiating table and respecting historical facts and international law there can be real peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Guess What America is Banning Now?

The song below is from a Diamond Rio concert in Las Vegas. It received an immediate, resounding standing ovation (every time it is performed!) Now the punch line...

Major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered "politically incorrect". Consequently, the song has never been released to the public.

Apparently your president, B-Hussein-O  is saying that it is not fit for release because it offends some. So please listen and let us know: Is this song offensive?

* Hat Tip to Bare Naked Islam

Gilad Shalit~What if This Was Your Son?

Gilad Before Kidnapping
Yesterday, 28 August 2011, Gilad Shalit turned 25. He has been a prisoner, held underground by the terror group Hamas since 25 June 2006.

The terrorists made a cross-border raid into Israel, and in the attack, killed two soldiers and wounded three. Gilad has been denied visits from the International Red Cross and his parents have not had any sign of life since October 2009.

Over the years, Hamas has continued to distribute cruel pictures depicting Gilad's inhuman conditions, along with videos that mock his family.  

Last Sign of Life~October 2009
The world sends millions of $$$ in "Aid" for the PA~Money which is used to pay monthly stipends to terrorists and murderers held in Israeli jails. They also pay their families. The more Jews they have killed the higher the stipend. This "Aid" Money also goes into Gaza~home of Hamas. 

Yesterday there was a demonstration marking Gilad Shalit's 25th Birthday, and demanding his release.

David and Daniel traveled to the demonstration site to interview those in attendance and film the events. We hope to have video footage for you later in the week.

Meantime, here is a sample of a Hamas video depicting Gilad Shalit in captivity. 

What if this was your son...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Protests in Israel~A Jewish Summer?

The Protest Tour (A to E)
The week before the attacks on southern Israel, David and Daniel decided to visit the various protest sites around the country. Leaving Jerusalem (A), early in the morning their first stop was in Be'er Sheva (B), located on the northern edge of the Negev desert, 115 kilometres south-east of Tel Aviv and 120 kilometres south-west of Jerusalem

Be'er Sheva Tents
Initially, there was a local population of refugees from Arab countries. A wave of immigrants from Russia followed.  In 1982, when Israel airlifted a large part of the Ethiopian Jewish community to Israel, many were settled in Be'er Sheva. Add to this an assortment of native Israelis and immigrants from around the world and you have the general population of about that today numbers about 195,000.

The protesters in Be'er Sheva, like the rest of the country have real concerns about being able to afford a basic existence. For some, the thought of buying an apartment will never be an option, while for others the concern is whether they could afford any kind of a roof over their heads at all. Make no mistake, their issues are very real, as is their desire to have meaningful dialogue towards finding a solution to these problems.
After speaking to some of the tent city residents, David and Daniel headed off to the bustling city of Tel Aviv (C).

With a population of about 404,000 Tel Aviv is second only to Jerusalem in size. Located on the sea,  and boasting high-rises, big business and hi-tech, Tel Aviv tends to attract the secular section of the population, and is considered (by some) to be the New York of the Middle-East.

Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv
The protesters chose one of the poshest areas in the city center~the elite,  Rothschild Boulevard. This is where the protests began and surely where the largest number of tents are to be found.

It is no surprise that the residents, who are living in some of Israel's most expensive real estate, were less than enthusiastic to see a "tent city" spring up in their front yard, complete with kitchens and porta-potties!

Just like in Be'er Sheva, the people David spoke with  had varied, yet similar reasons for their "tent city".  One man mused that people had become "bored with life"...You are born~you die~and unless you are a genius there is nothing in between.

In the Streets of Tel Aviv

Those who came out to protest and live in the tents varied in age. Many were young adults who were struggling to find their way through the education system in hopes of building a future.

High university fees and sky rocketing rents, combined with an almost complete lack of available housing is their main concern. Add to that a wage system that has remained stagnant while  prices continue to rise, and you have the problem.

But, it is not only the young who are out in force! 

Everyone is Participating!
Those who are well past middle age see little hope of ever retiring~even with the most modest lifestyle.

For years salaries have stayed unreasonably low, while the cost of living has risen at a frightening pace. This combination means that many are forced to work well into their seventies (or until they die), with no chance of a reprieve~They cannot afford to stop working!

This is not a sudden phenomenon, rather, it has been brewing for years, until finally, the  middle class citizens of Israel decided to take to the streets. Some claim that the Arab Spring spreading throughout the middle east was a catalyst, but there is a big difference between Israel and the Arab protests. Israel is a peaceful, democratic state, whose citizens are free to select their government via voting. Israel's protesters want a peaceful dialogue that will bring about a reasonable solution. They only ask that the government fulfill promises made over the years.

Kiryat Shmona

From Tel Aviv, the next stop was the northern town of Kiryat Shmona (D), named for the "eight" men who died defending the area during the 1920 Arab revolt. The population is  about 23,100~of which one third are under the age of nineteen.

One young girl told David that she was a student and worked two jobs~yet she had nothing. She reiterated that she was "fine" but she was only existing, nothing more. She worried that future children would question why nobody acted to change things for the better.


After a quick stop in the Galilee (E), it was time to head for home and try to digest what was taking place across the country.

Simply put, Israeli wages are abnormally low, and prices unusually high~with the gap widening. The average citizens across the country, work long hours, to barely put food on the table and  have a roof over their heads. Anything more, any future hope, is slim~and for the most, almost impossible.

People need salaries that are in line with the cost of living. The (almost) total lack of affordable living space means that up to 80% of one's earnings  will only pay for a tiny room. There is no hope in this situation!

Yes, there are those with hidden agendas, and some who want a free ride, but the majority of Israelis ask only for a fair wage for an honest days work and the chance to build a future.
It's time...Hopefully the Israeli government is listening.

Protests in Israel~Part 1

Protests in Israel~Part 2

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Christians Persecuted Under Islam

...First we (Islam) will kill all the Jews (who pray on Saturday) then we will kill all Christians (who pray on Sunday). Oppression, kidnapping and forced conversion of young girls, and on and on. Do not think it will stop with the Jews...

This is the trailer of Pierre Rehov's film "First Comes Saturday Then Comes Sunday"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What About Muliti-Culturalism?

Are you for or against multi-culturalism? Pat Condell gives his opinion...

Muslims Persecute Coptic Christians~Why No Outcry??

The Arab Spring brought Egypt's Christians side by side with the Muslim community. So, now that Mubarak is out of power sectarian violence, in which Christians are being targeted, is worsening. So where are all the Boycotters, and Flotilla Folk? Why is nobody speaking out for Egypt's Christians?

Mr. Hopey Changey's Bus...

Yep, he's on the road talking to the people about job creation in the USA~Riding in the "Mother of all Buses", and yes, it is a Canuck-made bus (from Quebec)~A Prevost worth a cool 1.1 million dollars. Apparently it is one of two buses sold to the government at taxpayer expense. I wonder if he is even a little ashamed of himself (probably not)...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Culture Crisis in Norway

A clash of civilizations...this was a prediction made (at 5:00 in the video below) by a respected Muslim writer in Norway, just weeks before the massacre. 

CBN News traveled to Oslo to investigate the nation's experiment with Muslim immigration and multiculturalism, and the rumors that Muslim radicalism was growing along with violence and intimidation against non-Muslims. 

They found No-Go Zones, Sharia Law, Female Genital Mutilation and Norwegian women being raped by Muslim men~because they were not wearing a hijab. 

For the most part, Norwegians, (particularly the politicians) refuse to see the light~they are so busy hating and boycotting Israel they fail to see what is happening in their own back yard. Let us hope that this blind, politically correct, multicultural stupidity does not prevail in the rest of the free world!

Welcome to ShariaTube...

Anyone who values freedom of speech and expression should watch this clip. The full story is on Bare Naked Islam's blog. The site that is the subject of this censorship is Acts17 Apologetics website: Answering Muslims

Friends, this is disturbing in so many ways. From the "re-writing of history" (in favor of Islam) to the removal of "all criticism of of Islam" from the Internet, we face a clear and present danger. It matters not if you agree with what Acts 17 site is saying. What matters is that their right to say  it (as well as the rights of anybody who says "anything" not agreeable to Islam) is being censored. If we do not stop this creeping sharia, we will all be silenced. Do not surrender you freedom of speech and the right to be critical~Make Your Voice Heard!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bus With Hamas Families Stopped by Shalit Protesters

Hamas Mocks Kidnapped Gilad Shalit
The world news is not publishing this one! The friends and supporters of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit staged a "hi-jacking" of a busload of Gazans returning from visiting Hamas prisoners. The event was six weeks in planning and was executed peacefully and perfectly. After a couple of hours the police arrived and the bus continued on its way~there were no arrests. The people aboard were very frightened even though all that took place was conversation~they knew full well that if the situation had been reversed there would not be one Israeli left alive...

The reason? Gilad Shalit was kidnapped on 25 June 2006, by Hamas terrorists, on a raid inside Israel. During the attack two soldiers were killed and another wounded.  Since that day, Gilad has been held without contact, most likely in an underground bunker~not even seeing the light of day! To date, the only contact between Shalit and the outside world has been three letters, an audio tape, and on 02 October 2009, a DVD that Israel received in return for releasing 20 female Palestinian prisoners. Since then there has been "no sign of life".

Meanwhile, Hamas murderers in Israeli prisons lay around getting fat watching Colour TV,  earn Masters Degrees, and much more~including Regular Visits With Their Families! Hamas will not even allow the Red Cross to send a package to Gilad or confirm he is even alive. Yet the world wants Israel to free thousands of murders for his release?? 

For all the countries who combined donations send billions of dollars to the "PA" you should know that from your money, murderers and terrorists in Israeli jails receive hefty stipends every month, as do their families. The more Israelis killed~the higher the stipend they receive. When the Free Gaza people came to town, Gilad's father asked them to take a single letter and request it be given to his son~they categorically refused~scum that they are.

Next week David will be on-site filming an event for Gilad Shalit, We will post it here, among other places. If you want to help, Spread the News to everyone you know. Write your officials and demand that funds to terrorists be stopped! It is time we bring Gilad home. Stay tuned...

Bus of Hamas Families Stopped

Israel Under Attack Again!

Around Noon today a series of attacks were launched near Eilat on the Israel Border to Egypt. Some report three and as many as four attacks were launched in what appears to be a coordinated effort. At this point two buses, and two or more private vehicles as well as an army patrol jeep were attacked by gun fire, RGPs and (possibly) missiles. 

Witnesses say the first attack, on Egged Bus number 392, was carried out by three gunmen in a vehicle which passed the bus then stopped and opened fire. The bus driver, thankfully was able to keep the bus moving and avoided a massacre. He has stated that in addition to the gunfire from the car he could see people shooting from the Egyptian side of the border. Highway 12 runs very close to the border. IDF soldiers on their way to a vacation were on the bus and some  were able to return fire as the bus sped off.

Shortly after another bus was apparently hit~some say by a missile. At the same time a family vehicle traveling on the road was hit by an RPG, killing for members.

The army and police gave chase and it is reported that an army jeep was hit by a roadside bomb. The hospitals have varying reports, but it appears there are at least five dead with as many as twenty-six injured, with reports that many of the wounded were soldiers~possibly from the first bus.

Updates are coming out every few minutes, and it will take some time before all of the confusion is sorted out. 

Again, and again our neighbours demonstrate they have no intentions of making peace. So why is the world putting pressure on Israel to "make more concessions"? These animals will never be content with anything other than the complete destruction of Israel. 

How do you feel about another genocide??

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cynthia McKinney~Useful Idiot or Traitor?

Cynthia McKinney has been traveling~to Iran, Lybia and far off places~bad-mouthing the United States and embracing dictators and despots. In this clip, Bill O'Reilly and producer Jesse Watters discuss her travels and raise a few questions, like who pays for these trips?  Is she a traitor? Maybe not, but she is certainly a disgrace...

The Rabbi and Glenn Beck

The chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger speaking with Glenn Beck ahead of the Restoring Courage rally (24 August 2011) in Jerusalem...

For The Record: Muslim Inventions

More and more, the proponents of Islam have been trying to alter history. With the internet generation it is very easy to convince people that left is right and up is down. This clip identifies some of the details that have become blurred...

Mubarak on Trial for Kids TV

Once again MEMRI  TV has captured the brain-washing of children, this time on Al-Hekma TV from Egypt. Anyone who thinks the Arab Spring will bring peace is fooling themselves...

A Legalized Nightmare

Let me clarify that we are not promoting or endorsing any particular, person or political parties in any country. The idea is to provide information and also entertain. "Wild Bill" has a unique way of putting his points across and he is entertaining. Enjoy!

Was This the Best NASCAR Prayer Ever?

At the end of July 2011, Pastor Joe Nelms, of Family Baptist Church in Lebanon, Tennessee, gave a most unusual prayer at the opening of the the NASCAR Federated Auto Parts 300 race.

There was definitely a reaction from the crowd and he got a big cheer at the end. Pastor Joe said he was trying to inject some life into the prayer, get peoples attention. that he surely did! He now says that he has received some inquiries at his church, so it would seem that he did spark some interest from his audience. 

Naturally there were some detractors, but the majority of people viewed it positively. As one news writer said, "Clearly, Nelms is single-handedly putting the fun back in fundamentalism". Faith is in a battle for survival, and this Pastor is right up there on the front lines. 

The clip was carried, by Reuters, ABC, and the Huffington Post, among others. In fact, Huffington did some research and posted two other videos of his unconventional prayers. that would indicate he is trying to reach people. 

Of course it has also made the rounds in the blog world and sure enough, someone put music to it. Here is the original clip first, but do listen to the "songified" one that follows~the tune  is kind of catchy...

Here is the Original Prayer

And Here is the Musical Version

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Blood Gift from America

What on earth is Obama thinking? While one will never know, his behavior since taking office has convinced many that his goal is the destruction of Israel...What do you think??

The Forces of Evil: We Willl Wipe Out Israel

Thankfully, there is an organization like MEMRI to track, translate and reveal to the world what is really being said in the Arab countries of the Middle East. You don't have to like Israel, but if you love the country you live in, and the freedoms you have, this should be a wake up call for you. Remember, once Israel is not longer standing in the gap the dream of the Islamic Caliphate will spread to Europe and the rest of the world. Pay Attention!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Toronto: Different Laws for Different People?

This is an interesting interview and it makes me very glad I do not live in Toronto. But the question that should be asked is: Why? Why is this happening? First a school allowing Muslim prayers during the school day in the cafeteria, now this? I wonder what would happen if Jews asked to hold their afternoon prayer in the school, or if a Christian punched a Muslim in the face in the middle of a square. Even worse, the Toronto police took no action?

Listen to the entire clip~Isn't it about time that Canadians started opening their eyes?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Persecution of Christians in Gaza & Palestinian Territories

Manger Square~Bethlehem
Israel withdrew from Palestinian populated areas of the Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Instead of this being a good thing it has proven to be a disaster, and guess who is suffering? We know the Jews are unwelcome, but how many know that Christians are persecuted~suffering arrests, torture and even death for practicing their faith. 

Although the report lists Israel with the other Arab countries this is incorrect as the only place where Christians are not persecuted is in Israel proper. When Israel withdrew from Bethlehem the Christian population dropped from 80% to less than 15%~some say 10%.

Please listen to this report and consider what will happen if Israel is forced by the UN and the West to give up even more territory. Anyone who believes Christians will be allowed freedom need only look at the Copts in Egypt. More to the point look at the city of Bethlehem, now controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

The Irresponsible Liberal Media

The liberal media has been frothing at the mouth over the idea that the murderous mad man of Norway was a "Fundamentalist Christian". (Well, some are blaming the Jooos...) But this clip is about the absurdity that has become our mainstream media. Think about it--just what is the media planting into the minds of listeners? Listen to this report...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Few Words from "Wild Bill"

Have you heard about "Wild Bill for America"? I am serious. His videos have been popping up around the blogosphere and he has an interesting style to say the least. Apart from putting a smile on your face, he addresses important issues and makes good points. 

Once again, I stress that we are not promoting any person or view. When we run across anything that may be of interest we put it up for you. Without further ado, here are a few examples from Wild Bill for America~Enjoy...

Islam's Greatest Invention

Jihad American Style

A Real Middle East Peace Plan