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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Israel Vision Talks II~26 March 2019

Israel Vision Talks is a series of one on one conversations with Meridel and Daniel Rawlings, on the daily life and events in Israel. 

This week they discuss the uniqueness of Israel, and the "miracle" as she "arose" from the ashes to create a thriving, vibrant country that has become home to people from around the world within only seventy years!

Not only has Israel blossomed, she has embraced the goal of Tikum Olam (improving the world) to bring it closer to the harmonious state for which it was created. To this end, Meridel and Daniel discuss some of the amazing medical, scientific and artistic accomplishments that this tiny nation has created to share with the world. Wherever there is a disaster, or problem, our tiny nation endeavors to help. 

If you enjoy these personal insights~if you have questions, or are interested in the Holy Land, please do be in touch via the comments section below, or contact us via email at 

We want to make each "Israel Vision Talk" a personal experience for you! Thanks for watching!

Welcome to the Second Discussion on Israel Vision Talks With Meridel and Daniel Rawlings

Monday, March 25, 2019

UNHRC Censors the Truth!

Lies Are Applauded But The Truth is Silenced!!

Outrage from U.S. Special Envoy on Peace Process Jason Greenblatt:
"The shameless, persistent and unfair anti-Israel bias of the UNHRC was again on display today when Hillel Neuer was cut off from finishing his statement… He was speaking truth, yet the Council chose censorship and denial over truth.

* To read the background story follow this link to UN Watch