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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wafa Sultan Tries to Educate Bill O'Reilly on Islam

Recent news of a woman storming a hotel and accusing Qaddafi's troops of raping her was reported by Bill O'Reilly. What is most interesting is the conversation that he then has with Wafa Sultan, author of the book A God Who Hates. As a working physician in her native Syria, Wafa noted that she was familiar with “many such crimes” committed with the sanction of  Sharia (Islamic) Law.She states that Any sexual activity is considered the given right of a male…A Muslim woman cannot report being raped because she will be asked to provide four witnesses otherwise she will be accused of committing adultery, and she will be stoned to death.

What I can't believe are the ignorant comments coming from O'Reilly and his disbelief that  Islam could sanction such acts (is he serious??) Hopefully he will at least think about what Wafa Sultan is saying...I won't hold my breath.

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