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Monday, March 07, 2011

Homosexual Brainwashing in Elementary Schools

Today there are many things happening in our world that we are told to accept--even though we may not agree with them. What people do in private is one thing. What is being brought  into public schools and taught to minors is an entirely different matter. 

The questions must be asked: Why is is necessary to force elementary school children to learn about homosexuality? Why is is necessary to force minors to accept homosexuality? 

Perhaps this is an over reaction on my part--but I feel strongly that every parent should, at the very least, be fully informed and comfortable with the education system. Bible believing people who wish to follow their faith are not given an option in this matter. 

I strongly urge you to watch both films and the news clip from California. Look at the faces of the children. Listen to what these "educators" think is a "healthy education". Listen to what these children are being taught. At 3:45 of the first clip, listen to what the young boy says about the need to be open-minded in order to "try it". This is fine if you are talking vegetables but these people are teaching homosexuality. Ask why children are not being taught the basics that they will need in life, such as reading, writing, maths, sciences--because it has been proven that there is a growing deficiency in these areas.

If this is what you want your children learning then it is happening already. If it is not what you want your children being taught in public school it is time for parents "voters" to take an interest...

Brainwashing in Elementary School~Part 1

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Fox News: Over 200 California Schools to Show Film on Homosexuality

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