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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update to Wafa Sultan and Bill O'Reilly Interview

Government Men Grab Iman al-Obeidi
Earlier we posted a video clip that shows Wafa Sultan trying to educate Bill O'Reilly on the rape facts in Islam. As an update I found this story on Bare Naked Islam.

The woman, Iman al-Obeidi (shown in the picture to the left), made headlines when she went to a Tripoli hotel used by Western journalists to tell them about the alleged rape attack by four men. She was bundled away by government minders despite efforts by journalists to protect her. 

Now, the four "alleged rapists" have filed a defamation case against her because she went to the media and "exposed their names and what they had done".

Libyas main government spokesman said that the woman had not come up with anything substantial.

The four men now claim their "honor has been tainted"--a very grave offense in Islamic Law.

The woman's parents say their daughter is being held hostage, and that she was "not a prostitute" as the government thugs claimed.

All you western women out there who carry signs for Islam and Sharia Law need to wake up and see how Muslim men and Islamic Law treat women--all women. Go HERE and watch the video and listen to what Wafa Sultan says about women being raped and Sharia Law.

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