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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Peace Corps Cover Up~Rape & Murder

On 17 January 2011 we posted about the rape and abuse of women volunteers for the Peace Corps. ABC was investigating and revealed that over one thousand Peace Corps volunteers had been raped in the countries they served in. When some of the victims finally spoke out, ABC  aired their stories, including the investigation of the recent murder of Kate Puzey.

The family of 24-year old Peace Corps volunteer from Atlanta (Kate Puzey) says agency personnel set her up to be murdered by revealing her role in the dismissal of an employee  that she accused of sexually abusing children at a school in the African country of Benin. The young woman was found at her cabin with her throat slit.

There is so much more. Please go to the ABC site, watch the videos and read the stories. If you are American, please don't send your daughters to the Peace Corps! Places like Africa, Bangladesh, Haiti and the Middle-East are a clear danger for females. Even women  who came to protest with the "Palestinians" became victims but when they tried to speak out, just like the Peace Corps, they were told to keep quiet or it would hurt the cause. Any country that is predominantly Muslim is a terrible risk for ALL Women--No Matter Who They Support!

Any organization that silences the victims and covers for these barbaric behaviours, encourages more of the same. Isn't is time that the people of the free world stops pouring money into countries where those who come to help them are raped, abused and murdered?

Why Would Anyone Kill Kate?~Part 1

Why Would Anyone Kill Kate?~Part 2

The cover up of rapes has been going on for years. In this report some of the women were brave enough to speak up.

Peace Corps Volunteers Tell Their Story of Rape

Listen to the stories, they tell of cover-up and a concentrated effort to put the blame on the girls.Why would anyone tell a girl who had been raped to make a list of what she had done wrong? This next clip is the story of a woman, now a Harvard Professor who was raped  over twenty years ago and "blamed" by the Peace Corps. No sympathy--no help.

Peace Corps Tells Rape Victim~Get an Abortion or Quit

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

. I knew pc workers. I am not impressed w the peace corps. When i was very young i lived in latin america. I wasnt impressed w how the male pc workers treated the female ones. And the female pc workers further wer harassed by the locals. I think its highly naive of young women to go to male dominated cultures and think that being polite or just behaving like in the usa ",ill be fine!". Parents please keep your daughters away from the cuerpo de pazz. Its not the nice foo foo agency one might be led to believe it is. I will never alow my daughters nor my one son to go into that agency. Its juust a joke. Honestly what good DO they do? Wander around? This is not the 1960s hipppie culture anymore.