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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Jerusalem in Spring

There are times when just being in Jerusalem are beyond words. During the "Spring" of the year as the breezes blow the clouds across the sky it is easy to feel the beauty and peace that is Jerusalem. In this clip David walked the top of the ramparts around the Old City of Jerusalem, capturing the sky, the ancient stones and the amazing views of Jerusalem itself--a blend of the ancient and the future. 

The music is by an Israeli group called Eden Mi Quedem, a Jerusalem based group that uses a blend of Hebrew, Arabic and English to produce a sound that is the Israel we know and love. 

There is no text or voice-over for this clip, so sit back, put your feet up, listen and enjoy the view...

1 comment:

Kirsi Maria said...

Shalom ! The sun lights and clouds moving across the sky upon Yerushalayim are beautiful. Touch from heaven! Kirsi and Ake