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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The History of Hatred

Our world is moving rapidly and it is hard to keep up with the information that is now available. More than that, much of the information is not accurate. Wikipedia, Blogs, Websites and even the mainstream media have begun to sanitize, re-write and make the past "politically correct"

In this clip, Glenn Beck takes us on a trip through history starting from 175 BCE when the king of Syria outlawed circumcision to 2011~where San Fancisco is currently trying to do the same thing. He states the truth~that the history of hatred towards the Jews has always been with us

From the Inquisition to the Nazi relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and Persia  changing its name to Iran~(meaning Aryan). The truths are  laid bare. The question is, how many people are willing to listen? How many people can face the truth?

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