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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Part 6~Hora Efrochim~Troup Smiles and Dance

Being part of a dance troupe means that you don't often get to be in the spotlight, rather, you are a part of a whole.

In the first section of this video, you will see some of the children in the troupe as they enjoy a "close-up" moment.

The dance that follows comes from a Portuguese tune called "Smiles". It was translated to Hebrew and is sung by Chava Elberstein, one of Israel's most popular singers.

* A rough translation of the song is below the video

Part 6 of 12~Hora Efrochim~Troup Smiles and Dances

Smiles (Chiyuchim)...Chava Alberstein 
 If the sun is new every morning 
If the flowers are just a smile to the world 
If a rolling wave is laughing to the skies 
So why do we not laugh with them all? 

If there are circuses and clowns, 
If the children's laughter sounds clear and not far 
Laughter in the market, of the sea, of the school bell 
So why do we not learn to laugh? 

You should, you should learn from the flowers 
Do not skimp with smiles 
And the world, will suddenly look so good 
Better to dream and hope, to try just once 
You should laugh, you should live, you should love 

You should smile, its also permitted to be angry 
But be careful not to destroy 
You can weave a wonderful dream for a rainy day 
Everything will certainly be better, but for now 
If You can cry for no reason, you can also sing 

A man goes his own way and it is foreign to him 
And he is silent and the whole world is silent 
Suddenly in front of him a baby smiles 
And the whole world laughs and laughs 
And again the sun kisses the city with love 

A wave of light plays over a rock 
Shadows of light play over the train tracks 
What's so important  that we forget
It is better, you should learn...

Teil 6 von 12~Hora Efrochim Ein Laecheln

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