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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Islam is 1400 Years of Terror...These Are The Facts!

This is a very informative film from Dr. Bill Warner, Director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam. The information is not scanned from Wikipedia, rather, he has compiled it from the dusty tomes of history and Islamic texts. You can (and should) read his bio. One section (excerpted below) states:

Dr. Warner has had a life-long interest in religion and its effects on history. He has studied the source texts of the major religions for decades. Even before the destruction of the World Trade Center he had predicted the war between Islam and America. The day after 9/11 he decided to make the source texts of Islam available for the average person.

In this lecture, Dr. Warner provides an easy to understand history of Islam and explains that the "religion of peace" is in truth, a political terror machine. Using "Islamic Data" he provides, maps, graphs and figures that explain how the "Golden Age" was not so golden after all, and much, much more. He asks Why do we remain ignorant and keep suffering? ...And provides us with the answer...but you will have to watch to the end of the video to find out.

Please take the time to watch and educate yourself. By studying and learning from our history we will avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future...

* Hat Tip to Tundra Tabloids...
* If you are interested in the transcript for English subtitles, go to Gates of Vienna blog.

Islam is 1400 Years of Terror~English with German Subtitles

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