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Thursday, May 17, 2012

No Muslim Prayers in Schools! This Will Impact All of Canada!

As a reminder, you should know the Lords Prayer and Christianity have been removed from public schools, no matter if the school has a majority of Christians. Now in Toronto there is a move to allow Muslim prayer in schools!
Our Rights as Christian Canadians are Being Violated!
Our Kids Can't Even Say
Because Christmas Is CHRISTIAN!!
~ What A Sick Joke! ~

We wrote about the Toronto school that has been secretly allowing Islamic prayers in the cafeteria, and the growing influence of fundamentalist Muslims in the Toronto Police Force. These stories are not even the tip of the iceberg. Muslim accommodations in schools are only a first step~but it will not stop there~this is how Islam works!

What happens in Toronto will have an impact across this if you don't want this to happen in more schools It is crucial that you vote "NO" against Muslim Prayers being conducted in Public Schools, while Christian prayers are not permitted!!!  

Speak up Now! Go To:  CityNews Toronto 
The public vote is to the left of the story. 

Aside from the fact that Everything Christian has been essentially banned from schools consider the following points:

* Muslims pray five times per day~how many times a day will prayer be conducted in schools?
* During Muslim Prayers, Infidels (non-Muslims) may not approach the area...what about those kids?
* Will schools be required adopt Islamic (Halal) rules to "protect Muslim Religious Freedom"?
* Will non-Muslim teachers be fired?
* Will ALL Females~Muslim or Not~Including Teachers be forced to wear hijabs or burkas?
* Will children be pressured to convert to Islam?
* Islam has no separation between religion, state or law~Islam is the total (ONLY) system~so...
* Once prayer takes hold will this result in a change to the curriculum to include Islamic (Jihad) teachings?
* According to Islam, Everything and Everyone is subservient to Islam~What exactly will that mean eventually?
* Will this become a political issue forcing employers to pay Muslim employes to pray?
* What about children with gender identity issues? Islam dictates the death penalty for gays... 
* Will Sharia Courts be demanded next as a "religious right"~as in UK, Europe, etc.?
* Will there be No Go Zones~where even police do not enter (again as in UK, Europe, etc)?

Consider that Sweden is now the Rape Capitol of Europe, with almost ALL Rapes perpetrated by immigrants from Muslim countries. Women are warned to dye their fair hair black, stay home or wear Islamic garb to avoid rape 
...Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!!.

Count the millions of dollars in law suits being filed against businesses who can't (or won't) cater to Muslim employees (or Muslims who walk through the door or happen to pass by).
Consider that Christian pictures, verses or even a tiny gold cross is considered offensive and banned along with, pork, alcohol, and for that matter, everything non-Muslim. 

These are basic freedoms that Canada has always guaranteed~which is why our ancestors came to Canada in the first place. We are being told that we must be tolerant but only towards Islam.

Does it not seem reasonable that those who come to this country seeking a better life style, also be required to show some tolerance?

 Be Sure To Vote "NO" in order that First, the public opinion is made known, and Second, you should contact your representatives and demand that our freedoms NOT be infringed upon.   
Jihad in Toronto Schools

For those who are interested in the topic here is more from Michael Coren:

Jihad Training Manuals Being Distributed at Toronto School

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