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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pastor Umar Mulinde Needs Your Prayers

David with Pastor Umar
Earlier this week David visited with Pastor Umar Mulinde in Chaim Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv. The young pastor was quite groggy with medication, nonetheless, they were able to visit and talk together. 

If you do not know the story, the links to articles and to his interview are below. If you do nothing else, I urge you to watch the interview. Listen to Pastor Umar tell us, in his own words, of this cowardly attack, the strength of the Love of the Lord,  and his Prayer Needs. 

After the Attack
Those who attacked him, have sworn to "finish the job", and indeed there are websites (against apostasy from Islam) that are condemning this man and spreading the most evil of thoughts and comments. With all of this, Pastor Umar is determined, strong, and loyal to the Lord. His enemies operate from the darkest depths of hate, while he is standing firmly in the Light with only love in his heart!

Pastor Umar is facing more surgery, and along with it comes great pain, yet he is strong in spirit and determined to share his message of love and deep faith. We have described him as having the "Heart of a Lion" and this is brought home each time we have contact with him.

Please, listen to his story, and as we enter into the Sabbath, Pray for this amazing young man, and ask everyone you know to Join in Prayer for his healing, and protection from the dark forces who would do him more harm.

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