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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Time for Christians, Non-Muslims and Apostates to Speak Out!

Pastor Umar Mulinde
Today we want to share a story with you in the hopes that it will awaken the need to deal with a hatred that is fast spreading around the world, and threatens to shackle us all~unless we stand together, speak out, and say No More!

This is the story of a Ugandan pastor, Umar Mulinde, (age 38) who had spent most of his life as a Muslim~in fact, he was the son of an Islamic Imam and was himself an Islamic teacher, trained in Islamic theology. 

He decided late in life to convert to Christianity, and became an evangelical pastor who preached support for Israel. He learned about Israel through online courses provided by, and then began teaching them at his Gospel Life Church International. He even organized a 5,000 person teach-in about Israel in a local stadium. In his own words he states:

At Chaim Sheba Hospital
“I was born into a Muslim family, and although I decided to become a Christian, I have been financially assisting many Muslims, as well as my relatives who are Muslims,” he said. “I have been conducting a peaceful evangelism campaign.”

He spoke against sharia law being implemented into the Ugandan  court system and used his extensive knowledge to debate Muslims  regarding their religion. This brought on threats, a fatwa and attacks on his life.

On Christmas Eve 2011, Pastor Mulinde was viciously attacked with acid~by Muslims~outside the Gospel Life Church International building in Namasuba (ten kilometers outside of Kampalaand).

Describing the cowardly and brutal attack against him, he said, a man claiming to be a Christian approached him...

"I heard him say in a loud voice, "Pastor, pastor," and as I made a turn and looked at him, he poured the liquid onto my face as others poured more liquid on my back and then fled away shouting, Allahu akbar [God is greater]"

Pastor Mulinde was initially admitted to the International Hospital in Kampala, but then he made a request to be taken to Israel to receive advanced medical treatment.

After the Attack
According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Mulinde contacted Andrea Gottlieb, the executive director of the online Jewish distance learning portal, for financial and logistical support so he could be treated in Israel. Gottlieb took on the request and contacted the director-general of the Sheba Medical Center, Professor Zeev Rothstein, who agreed to help Mulinde. The pastor arrived in  Israel on 05 January 2012, via India and Jordan on special visas, and is now being provided with medical treatment free of charge.

You can read more about this amazing young man HERE and also at the Chaim Sheba Site.

To all of our friends and partners, we ask you to Join in Prayer for Pastor Umar Mulinde. He is receiving the best medical care in the world, but over the next weeks and months he will require many painful surgeries and treatments, as well as the traumatic aftermath of this devastating attack, which will most likely include a loss of vision. He is alone, in a foreign country, there is a fatwa on his life, and he is forsaken by his own family members. Who among us could walk this path?

We have posted many articles about the intolerance of Islam for any religion save their own, and their brutal treatment of non-Muslims and Muslims who try to "leave". Some serious questions need to be asked:

* Have we covered our eyes and ears because it is generally Israel and Jews being attacked?
* Have we turned our backs on Christian brothers and sisters because they are living in Africa and the Middle East? 
* Has political correctness stopped us from addressing this type of brutal behaviour in our own cities and towns? 
* Does anybody truly care about their fellow man these days?
* Is anyone really listening~or are we more concerned with the next "reality show"

Please take time to think about these matters. We would be interested in hearing your thoughts...

The pictures above were taken at Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center in Israel where Pastor Mulinde is currently being treated. Last year we posted a four part series on this amazing facility You can watch the series and see  their outstanding work for yourself at these links:

Here are Links for Information on Pastor Mulinde's Amazing Story:


Anonymous said...

thank you Israel vision for posting this valuable story. we will pray for Pastor Umar Mulinde and his wife during this difficult time.

Nina M. Lawrence said...

My husband and I pray for Israel every day, and my heart aches for what Israel is going through. I don't know what else to do. We are in our upper 70's and money is an issue, but we can pray, and we do that. Blessings,
Nina M. Lawrence

Jerusalem Vistas~Israel Vision said...

Thank you so much for your prayers~it is the Lord who decides our path and prayer is a mighty weapon against all that comes against us. Blessings to you both!