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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

PM Netanyahu Hosts a Dinner for PM Harper...

We posted the text of the speech that the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper made in front of the Israeli Knesset on Tuesday, 21 January 2014.

Following that, there were many shows of support for the Prime Minister and the Canadian people. In a world where Israel is demonized on a daily basis, the words of PM Harper brought a ray of sunshine to our lives. 

It is rare that anyone, especially a politician, is brave enough to speak the "truth" about Israel. Lies and vilification are much easier to pull off and more popular. We thank God that PM Harper is a good, strong, honest man, and has never backed down from his support of Israel and her struggle to exist.

During his stay the Prime Minister visited sites in Israel including Yad Vashem and the Kotel. Sadly, a visit to the Temple Mount was cancelled because some of  PM Harper's guards were Jewish, and the Muslim waqf made a fuss. In fact, on Sunday, former Canadian Minister Stockwell Day tried to visit the Temple Mount, but was met with vile abuse from Arabs~the only dark spot on an otherwise successful visit.

Following business, Prime Minister Netanyahu hosted a dinner for PM Harper and his delegation, after which there was a bit of fun and entertainment provided by none other than the Prime Minister of Canada himself.

We pray that visits, and relations like the one between Canada and Israel will be forged with all countries so that we can unite for good and work together to bring peace and prosperity to the world.

PM Netanyahu Thanks Canada's PM Stephen Harper for Speaking "Truth"

In The Spirit of Friendship and Fun~PM Harper Entertains After Dinner!

* Videos Originally Posted by Arutz7

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