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Monday, January 30, 2012

Interview With Pastor Umar Mulinde~The Heart of A Lion

Evelyn & Pastor Umar Mulinde
In the past weeks we have posted about an amazing young man who was brutally attacked with acid~for his beliefs.   

* The links to these stories are below the videos.

On Thursday, we traveled to Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center in Tel Aviv, where we were able to meet with Pastor Mulinde and his lovely wife Evelyn~A truly amazing couple!. 

On Saturday, Evelyn returned to Uganda to be with their six children. The older children must return to school, and all of them struggle to understand this vicious attack on their father.

Pastor Umar now faces weeks of skin grafts and painful treatments. He remains in Israel, alone, without his family. He worries about how his young children are coping. He worries for the safety of his family, as those who attacked him have sworn to try again! (See Part II~12:00)

In the two part interview below, you will hear Pastor Mulinde tell you in his own words about his background, the events leading to the attack, his coming to Israel, and how he is coping. Even though he is obviously in pain, swathed in tight bandages, he still wanted to speak~and this he did~softly, but with deep passion and honesty. This is truly a man with the Heart of a Lion, filled with the Spirit of the Lord... 

Pastor Umar Mulinde~The Heart of A Lion~Part I

Pastor Umar Mulinde~The Heart of A Lion~Part II

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Gunslinger said...

Thank you for this wonderful interview and what you are doing for my friend.

Jerusalem Vistas~Israel Vision said...

Pastor Mulinde is indeed a wonderful man and we look forward to a growing friendship with him. We hope to post taped messages from him to his congregation in Uganda, as well as to people around the world. It will depend on when he feels able to speak. His message is powerful and needs to be sent out!