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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Israel~JNF 2 "Shrinking" The Negev

...the Negev will be the test of the Jewish People and the Jewish State--or only through the concerted effort of a people that volunteers and a state that plans and acts will we be able to meet the mighty task of, greenlng and settling the wilderness. This effort will determine the, fate of the State of Israel and the place of our people in the history of mankind...David Ben-Gurion

This is the 2nd in a five part series that we have produced focusing on how the work of the Jewish National Fund~JNF  in Israel. Most people know about the planting of trees, but did you know that JNF is also working with Israel on water conservation and the "greening of the Negev"? JNF has been helping to create water reservoirs in the Negev. Olive groves, vineyards, cactus fields, and huge fish farms have contributed to make the Negev to be the only desert in the world to be shrinking! Friends of JNF in England, South Africa and America have invested in Action Plan Negev.

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