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Monday, May 02, 2011

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today as we returned from the post we heard the sirens. All over Israel, everything stops. People, stood silently at attention--as we did while facing towards the Old City of Jerusalem--with only the sirens and the knowledge from memories.

Each year there are fewer survivors to remind us about man's inhumanity to his fellow man. The stories are fewer, the memorial services shorter, the interest waning. As the survivors leave us the memory of the unspeakable horrors grows dimmer--it is easy to forget.

Throughout the world there are growing numbers who carry signs accusing Israel of apartheid, genocide, Nazi crimes and much worse. The only democratic country in the entire Middle-East where all faiths worship freely without fear, where women have equal rights, where gays have their annual parades and where Arabs have more rights than in their own countries. There are no refugee camps in Israel--they all exist in Arab countries because he Arabs refuse to let their brothers have any rights at all. Yet, all over the world people cry boycott, wipe them off the map, we need more ovens. Even Jews (at least they claim they are Jews) are part of this travesty. Evil has taken hold and the world is spinning out of control. 

Be informed, take the time to learn from the past...Never Forget... 

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