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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

In Syria~You Protest and We Kill You

This film shows how Syria deals with those who do not toe the party line. What is interesting is that around 1:45 a man says in Arabic "We're not Israelis--Why are they shooting us like we are Israelis?". You see, in the Muslim world, shooting Israelis is like swatting a fly. That in itself is disturbing. Even more so is that the USA, UN and EU have remained steadfastly reserved on issuing any condemnations or taking actions--except for Libya where they are assisting the rebels--who are backed by and include Al Quaeda. 

Compare this milk-toast reaction to the world outcry that went up when Israel announced that it had approved "one stage" of a plan to build apartments for Jews--plans which had begun many years before, to build in areas that are part of and will remain part of Israel. I'll bet the UN is right now busily drafting up more sanctions against Israel.

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