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Sunday, January 08, 2017

New Years Blessings for You in 2017

We are a bit late with this year's greetings as the last weeks have been so hectic. As most of you will have read in an our earlier post Urgent Prayer Request Jay has been in hospital and is still undergoing tests. After six days in hospital, he was able to come home, but is still unwell.

Now we have more details. Jay is receiving good care from a Professor of cardiology, who demanded a month of complete rest. He is home with us, but without strength. Today, our family physician said, “His heart is unstable and needs to be watched.” Jay has many more tests in the next three weeks when he will be reassessed again. We thank you for your prayers and love notes and gifts to see us through this trying time.

We will keep you posted and we know that you will keep praying for John Victor Rawlings complete recovery. For our Jewish friends, his father is Victor Alloway Rawlings and his mother is Sheena Rawlings.

Jay was sent the video below and was so touched by it he wanted to share it with all of you. The words to this beautiful prayer are below the video. We at Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision / Still Small Voice along with our family send our prayers and thanks for Your Prayers and support during this difficult time. 
May you all be Richly Blessed during 2017 and always!
Meridel, Jay and family

All the Best in 2017 From Our Family to Yours!

The New Year lies before you, like a spotless tract of snow.
Be careful how you tread on it, for every mark will show...

Words to the Prayer:
New Year's Prayer by Charlotte Anselmo
Thank you Lord for giving me
The brand new year ahead
Help me live the way I should
As each new day I tread.

Give me gentle wisdom
That I might help a friend
Give me strength and courage
So a shoulder I might lend.

The year ahead is empty
Help me fill it with good things
Each new day filled with joy
And the happiness it brings.

Please give the leaders of our world
A courage born of peace
That they might lead us gently
And all the fighting cease.

Please give to all upon this earth
A heart that's filled with love
A gentle happy way to live
With Your blessings from above.

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