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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Prime Minister Netanyahu's 2016 Holiday Greetings

Introducing "Joy Bear"
The Season of LIGHT

We at Jerusalem Vistas/Israel Vision and Still Small Voice send to YOU our dear frends worldwide our very best wishes for Christmas, Chanukah and all through 2017.

As you watch the message below, you may notice that our new "Rescue" pup and mascot is making an appearance. His name was Joya. Someone told us that it meant "Searcher" in Arabic.

Now that he has settled in, we have discovered that his favourite activities are sleeping next to the wood stove and getting hugs. As a result, the grandchildren have renamed him "Joy Bear"

Join us in the video below, as Meridel gives personal greetings to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a reception held at the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. She was able to mention that the lovely life size oil painting portraits of the presidents and prime ministers which hang in the entrance way to the cabinet room, were painted by renowned Canadian artist, Joy Caros Rawlings of Vancouver, BC, Canada and are a gift to the country. PM Netanyahu's response to  Meridel was the warm Israeli expression, "Kol Ha Kavod"~meaning in English "Congratulations"!

These are days of unprecedented attacks on Israel by the United Nations. They continue to castigate Israel with their lopsided resolutions with not even a single  mention of of the Russian backed genocide of women and children in Aleppo by Assad's regime propped up by Iran.  The Bible says, "Woe unto those who call good evil and evil good."  The Prime Minister clearly refers to this in his Christmas Message, at the end of the video. Please pray for him. Thanks.

We Know that the LIGHT Will Always Triumph Over Darkness.

In HIS love,
Jay and Meridel and Team

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Attends the ICEJ in Jerusalem

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