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Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Gold for Israeli Technology

For those following the Sochi Olympic Games, there is often a challenge with the language. Now a company in Israeli has stepped in to lend a hand.

The name of the company is One Hour Translation, and they are offering Twitter users Free Translations in Seventy Languages~within one hour~for the duration of the Sochi games.

The App was on the top five list at the Telegraph UK, and is drawing attention from many sources around the world. Arutz 7 online states:

To gain real-time translations, users simply need to tweet @OHT with an image or phrase to be translated~eg. "Where is the skating rink? English->Russian @OHT"~and the company will reply instantly with a translation from a professional translator. 

 Once again, Israel steps up to make things just a bit easier! This is Our Israel~This is What We Do!

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