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Monday, February 17, 2014

Are Christians Living in Israel Persecuted?

Listen Carefully and Pray for Israeli Christians~This is Their Truth!

1 comment:

Meridel Rawlings said...

How absolutely thrilling.
23 years ago my eldest son joined
a kravie unit and distinguished himself as "most excellent soldier"
3 times, as well as being the best
shot in Israel during a competition.

A third son became a paratrooper and spent 6 months in Lebanon, where he lost 5 of his buds.

We know the price all parents pay when their children serve in the IDF.

Strength and courage to ALL young Israelis willing to serve with all of their hearts.

We are a very very blessed people here.

Later we found evidence of our Jewish heritage and gained citizenship.

Dr. Meridel Rawlings.