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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I Will Give Your Rains in Their Time...

 We have been struggling with a very heavy load for the past few months and as a result posting has been slow.

This has been a very busy and trying time for us all. Sometimes it seems as if anything that can go wrong~does! When there is a deadline the power goes out, and when there are two deadlines the equipment fails.

After Pesach we hope to be back to normal~or as normal as we can manage!

Meanwhile, here is a brief update...

When we first met Pastor Umar Mulinde in January, David titled the interview, Heart of a Lion. Indeed, this is a man with such a great spirit, and fortitude, it is difficult to describe. Both he and his wife, Evelyn touched our hearts and we have enjoyed a growing friendship with them.

Sadly, the good doctors were not able to save Umars right eye. The doctors were forced to remove it and he is now recovering.

We have been blessed to be able to remain in touch, with Pastor Umar and when he is able, we will ask him to say a few words for all of his friends who have been praying for him and following his recovery. Please, do keep this precious couple, and their six small children in your prayers. They still have a very long, difficult road to walk.

Jay, Meridel and David have been at a conference at the Knesset these past two day and in Meridel's words, wonderful things are happening~she says there is a spirit she has never experienced in all her years in Israel. Of course, David has been filming the event to produce a DVD, and we will be posting clips here very soon. Be sure to check back!

Israel suffers from a lack of rain and water is always scarce. As a result, much of the country looks brown and dusty most of the time.

For the past several years, the water level has been consistently "below the red line", a constant source of worry for all.

This year, as the title of this post indicates, the rains have indeed come in their time and the land has a fresh, lush appearance.

In this picture~looking from the hills of Kisalon towards Tel Aviv you can see the the beautiful "green" carpeting the hills and valleys.

Israel often brings to mind the Bible, conflict and Tel Aviv (the city that never sleeps). It is so much more! There are beautiful hills to hike and bike, amazing plant life and a climate range from snow on the Hermon to the desert of Eilat--as well as the lowest place on earth--The Dead Sea. It is a wonderland with something for everyone.

Kisalon is a moshav in central Israel, located near Beit Shemesh and is part of the Jerusalem corridor.

Like all of Israel, there is a bit of history wherever you look.

For instance, part of the Burma Road runs through these hills.

The road was built during the 1948 siege of Jerusalem to bring relief to the residents. Some of you may remember the movie with Yul Brenner and Kirk Douglas.

You can still see sections of the road today.

Yesterday, however, it was the beautiful greenery and flowers that have sprung up as a result of the rain that drew attention. Here are a few pictures of the area for you to enjoy! By the way, I do not now the names of the flowers, so if anyone has any information to offer....

These red "tulip-like" flowers do not grow in many places. In fact, on the other side of the hill they are nowhere to be seen.  What makes them so beautiful is the shape of the petals which curve to a very fine point. So beautiful up close!

Mini blue flowers surround the base of this bush with its red berries beginning to peek through. They are beautiful, but not edible...

The plant below is called Blood of the Maccabees. You can just see the beginning of the blood red bloom...

Someone told me these were a type of orchid~whatever they are they are delicate and gorgeous!

These flowers manage to grow everywhere~even in the center of a rock...

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