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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Joy and Grief~Update to the Carmel Fire

After fighting for his life for two weeks, Danny Hayat became the 44th victim of the disastrous Carmel fire on the 19th of December. On Tuesday, ten days after he succumbed to his burns, his widow, Hofit gave birth to a healthy girl at the Afula hospital--mother and daughter are both doing well.

Danny Hayat, his partner Uri Samandayev along with 16-year-old volunteer fireman Elad Rivan were called to the scene where the bus was trapped. The three fought the flames that engulfed the bus which had been carrying cadets to help with the evacuation of Damon Prison, which held terrorist prisoners. Samandayev and Rivan died at the scene, while Hayat was rescued in critical condition, suffering from burns to 65 percent of his body. He was hospitalized for two weeks at Rambam, and only recently had begun receiving artificial skin grafts. Family and friends had felt that he was getting stronger and would recover.

Danny Hayat was the founder and commander of the Jezreel rescue unit. The unit's flag hung outside the intensive care room while Hayat was in the hospital. In addition to his wife and baby daughter Danny left behind two sons.

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