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Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Humanitarian Crisis of the Gaza Mall

The media is always crying about the poor, starving oppressed "palestinians" living in Gaza.

First, remember that Gaza is under the total control of Hamas. Israel only stops weapons and weapon-making items from going across the border and has been shipping goods into Gaza daily--even during the Cast Lead Operation--except when the Gaza terrorists are firing rockets.
Second, Egypt is also blockading Gaza from their border--nobody likes to speak of that.
Third, Israel provides hight quality medical care in its hospitals to tens of thousands of Gazans--mostly at the expense of Israeli taxpayers. Sadly some of those who received the best treatment returned to try and blow up the very people who helped them.

Fourth, Untold  amounts of money is going into "Aid Flotillas" for these poor people living under apartheid, but the Mavi Marmara carried only passengers and their personal belongings. Many passengers carried large sums of money on their body. There was no Humanitarian Aid on this ship (just lot of IHH Terrorists). Elder also posts a report about the biased whitewash from the media and the UN. Elder of Ziyon, an outstanding source for facts on the Middle East has compiled this short video. Do visit his site.
Finally, I love Elder's note at the end of the clip--"The mall is made of string and glue. It has to be , because we all know there is no cement or iron in Gaza"  
Enjoy !

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