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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Beauty of the Negev~March 2016

Join Jay and Meridel on their synagogue's annual English Bible Study tour.  This year they, and eighteen others decided to visit the amazing Negev desert for three days and two overnights. 

The Negev is the only desert in the world that is decreasing in size as the Israeli farmers are busy making "the desert bloom." 

To quote Jay, 

"We especially enjoyed the spring time flora and fauna starting in the Ramon Crater, then at Kibbutz Ketura. There we learned about this unique community that celebrate their Jewish traditions as a great big family of 250 people! There local leaders taught about hearing the "Still Small Voice" and valuing the desert.  We also visited Eilat where we learned the history of Israel's southern most city surrounded by 3 Arab nations, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It was a very inspiring trip indeed."

The Beauty of The Negev by Jay Rawlings

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