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Friday, August 28, 2015

~ 3 ~ Do Not Misuse God’s Name~The Worst of the Ten?

Many of us, religious and secular alike, often look at the Ten Commandments without complete understanding. With all the translations and points of view available these days it is no small wonder that people become confused.

In this lesson on the "third statement" we see how easy it is for a simple sentence to be taken out of context or just plain misunderstood. Throughout this series the idea of "differing translations" is used to explain the difficulty in divining a clear message from the Bible.

Not all sins are equal. Some are worse than others. The worst of one of all? Committing evil in the name of God. This commandment is often misunderstood because it's mistranslated. It's not concerned with saying God's name "in vain" like "God, did I have a terrible day at the office." It's about using God's name in the commission of evil. We see this today when Islamists invoke God's name while they murder innocent people...Dennis Prager

You can also view this Ten Commandments series as well as many other lectures at Prager University.

The Third Statement: Do Not Misuse God's Name

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