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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Act of Culture

A long time friend of Vistas sent this marvelous information and link to the below clip. No matter what your background--this is spectacular! Imagine shopping in one of the largest department stores, and suddenly an organ fires up and all throughout the store "shoppers" burst into chorus.

The Story:
The great Wanamaker Grand Court Organ was originally located  Wanamaker's Department Store, Philadelphia...and is now--Macy's. They still do mini-concerts daily and weekly on the what is is the largest operational pipe organ in the world with 28,482 pipes!. Macy's supports the continued use of this instrument, the most often publicly heard Pipe Organ in the USA, and arguably the world. A National Treasure, it is valued in excess of $57! Recent renovations and additions have resulted in the finest state of conservation and tonal quality ever.

And what better piece of music to sing to organ accompaniment than The Hallelujah Chorus? No doubt some will tut-tut about this particular type of performance, but how great is it to see all the singers amongst the crowds throughout the Grand Court in Macy's. Note the response, attention and delight of the shopping crowd. And at the end, the applause and cheering says it all...I say we need MORE Random Acts of Culture all over the world! Enjoy!!

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