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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Terrorists Murder and Riot in The Holy Land

When Will it Stop?

On Friday, 21 July 2017, a family sat down to the Shabbat table to celebrate the Sabbath and the  birth of a baby boy. This should have been a time of great joy.

Instead, a "palestinian terrorist" broke into their home and began stabbing.

By the time he was stopped, he had murdered grandfather, Yosef Salomon, 70; his daughter Chaya Salomon 46; and son Elad Salomon 36. Elad was the father of five young children. His wife managed to close herself and the children in a room and call for help. Yosef’s wife Tova, 68, was seriously wounded. What caused this unwarranted attack on peaceful, innocent people?

The terrorist claims it was for "Al Aqsa". This is nonsense! Let's examine the facts:

* One week ago armed terrorists exited the Temple Mount with weapons, and  murdered two young Druze police officers and wounded a third officer guarding the area.
* Israel then set up electronic metal detectors at all the entrances.
* The Mufti said all should refuse to enter and protest until the security was removed.
* All who went through the detectors were allowed to enter and pray.
* A video released by MEMRI TV had been posted on the Fatah Facebook page (see video below) shows Mahmood Abbas calling for protestors to "bare their chests" claiming "This is our Al Aqsa, This is our Church of the Holy Sepulcre" .
* Following calls for a "Day of Rage" rioting arabs around Jerusalem's old city threw rocks and molotov cocktails.

Whoever thinks throwing rocks is harmless, have a look at the slingshots they use and the size of the rocks. This is what David used to kill Goliath and what many use to this day to hunt. The rioters did not plan to "bruise the arms", rather, they were out to kill.

* As a result, during the riots three of the arab rioters were killed

The whole idea of objecting to security checks is hot air. All over Israel there are security checks in almost every building and store and everyone is checked. Jews and Christians go through security to reach the Western Wall.

Security Room in Mecca
A key point, as many in Israel have witnessed, these same Arabs who are screaming so wildly about metal detectors, have no problem going through those same security checks at the airport or most poignantly, at the offices of Israel's Bituach Leumi where they rush to collect their welfare cheques! The idea of protesting metal detectors is ridiculous hypocrisy~just have a look at the electronic security in Mecca! Why has there been no complaints about that?

They don't want security on Temple Mount entrances because then they cannot store weapons...simple!

And where is the world on this? Burning Israeli flags and condemning Israel because arab terrorists, who ambushed and murdered police officers, were killed themselves; then rioting arabs attempting more destruction saw three more killed. And of course, they will surely blame Israel because an arab terrorist slaughtered three family members at the Shabbat table.

Abbas Calling for Protests~

United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman expressed his condolences for the victims of the Friday night stabbing attack on his Twitter account late Saturday night.

A terrorist broke into a home in the West Bank town of Halamish (Neveh Tzuf), murdering 70-year-old Yosef Salomon and his children Chaya (46) and Elad (36 years old and a father of five) on Friday night.

Halamish: I have no words to describe my sorrow for the victims or disgust for the terrorist act that killed a family at their Shabbat table .  Ambassador Friedman (@USAmbIsrael) July 22, 2017

The terrorist was eventually neutralized by a soldier who was in the area and heard the sounds emanating from the scene.

* Note
The terrorist was wounded, not killed

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Real Truth About the Refugees

The fact is, people no longer do conscientious research...they rely on Google and online fact checkers. The end result is the death of truth and the rise of a political correctness that causes people to attempt to change the truth to what they would like to be.

When was the last time you went into a Library and looked at a set of Encyclopedias written at the time the events happened?  When was the last time you checked actual maps from the 1900s? (not the propaganda items).  It is "laziness" caused by the rise of the "instant" world that is leading us away from the real truths of history.

Those who are interested in truth should be willing to investigate events and accept the facts as they happened~even if they are uncomfortable facts! Perpetrating a lie will never end up well.

Former Amb. Danny Ayalon Exposes the Lies That Have Now Become Leviathan

Monday, June 05, 2017

Update on Jay Rawlings from Share Tzdek Hospital

Jay, In Prayer~Day of His Surgery
Shalom Dear Prayer Warriors

Love from Share Tzdek Hospital in Jerusalem. 
Thanks for your prayers

One week ago I had open heart surgery to achieve mitral valve reconstruction, an ablation and tweaking the inside of the atrial fibrillation area.
I did not need external bypass surgery in any of my coronary arteries thank God. 

 Hopefully, I will go home soon. I will return to the hospital three times a week for physio and am looking at from three to six months of rehabilitation.
I will have to learn to take things much slower.

Thanks again for answered prayer.
Blessings and prayers for you all. 

Love in The Holy One of Israel

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request & Update on Jay Rawlings

Son Josh with Jay in Hospital
Dearest Friends and Partners

I, Meridel, on behalf of my sons and their families am writing to bring you the latest news about my husband and their father John Rawlings.

Those of you who have been following his progress know that he was admitted to Share Tszdek (Gates of Righteousness) hospital in Jerusalem last December 2016. At that time he underwent extensive tests; three times his heart was stopped and re-started to establish a regular beat.

In February, thanks to the generosity of my birth family in Canada he received a much needed C-PAP machine to aid his increasingly labored breathing.

Last week he was readmitted to the hospital to be examined again by cardiologists. After going through various examinations and a 4th ‘inversion’ procedure because he was missing the ‘sinus’ beat in his heart, he was not improved. He is struggling to breathe due to the increasing fluid on his lungs. Today after more examinations, it has been decided that he needs open heart surgery this week due to valve damage. At the same time the Drs plan to also do an ‘ablation’ to create a steady beat in his heart.

We are so grateful for the optimal care he is receiving here in Israel. The level of professionalism is exceptional, and leaves us humbled and very grateful. I do not have the exact date for Jay’s open heart surgery, because the hospital is still working to schedule him in at the earliest possible date. 

Upon leaving the hospital, my eyes were drawn to this scripture mounted on the wall in large silver letters in English and Hebrew. It is the prayer of our hearts!

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed:
Save me, and I shall be saved.
For You are my praise...Jeremiah 17:14*

Kindly raise prayer for your friend and our beloved, John Victor Rawlings.

Meridel Rawlings, family and team.

* Jeremiah 17:14: save, yasha Strongs # 3467. To rescue, save, defend; to free, preserve, avenge, deliver, help. The verb found more than 200 times in the Old Testament (Torah, & Tanach), is a one-word description of God’s response to the needs of humanity.
* Yeshua means, He shall save, Matthew 1:21 is taken from this root yasha. The original thought of yasha was to release, to open wide.