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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

VP Mike Pence's Remarks at September 11th Ceremony

A Lovely Tribute From A Man Who Is Not Afraid To Speak of God

Shalom Dear Friends...

O taste and see that the Lord is good;
how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.
O fear the Lord, you his saints; 
for to those who fear (respect) Him, there is no want...Psalm 34: 8,9

This morning I was up at dawn, writing the third volume in our Timeless Secrets series called Miracles in Israel~Today. I described a valuable lesson, in fact a Timeless Secret that we learned the hard way.

Forty years ago while I was away on a ministry trip an eighteen year old young lady by the name of Dafna came to visit Meridel. She said that the Lord had spoken to her to wash Meridel’s feet. We knew this precious young sister was not a flake. During the ceremony she prophesied to Meridel that her feet were to lead her out on a new faith venture. 

Shortly afterward, Meridel felt inspired to walk towards the Central Carmel area of Haifa. She was drawn to an old Arab building, whose faded yellow shutters were banging in the breeze. “When I saw the building the Still Small Voice said that we were going to live there”. So pushing our third son Josh in his stroller we explored and met the owner, a well known Israeli architect, Mr. Hashimshony. He was upstairs painting in oils.“ Gathering confidence, Meridel stated, “I would like to rent an apartment in this fact two of them.” He was surprised, but said that in fact there were two available that very day.

Meridel asked the price per month and he said $160 US each. She said I’ll take them both. We were paying $70. a month for our current apartment. Later that day she called me in Europe for my approval. I asked her, “Did the Lord tell you to do this?” “Yes” she responded. “Yes, yes!” Even though the price was four times our current rent I knew that when she hears the Still Small Voice, it is a go ahead for us. 

We now had a larger spacious apartment and a second one that we dedicated for any guests the Lord would send to us. The living room was our chapel; but how to pay for it?

Several days later we got a letter from the central branch of The Bank Leumi in Haifa. It told us to come to the bank. Meridel was worried. “What do they want with us?" she fussed?  I traveled downtown on my motor bike to the bank only to discover that Pastor John Stone of Trinity Christian Centre in Victoria, BC, had sent a large amount.

That very day I called John and told him the miraculous timing of his offering. He chided me and said, “Jay how can we send you financial help when we do not know what your needs are. You must ALWAYS let us know what you need."

So today I am letting you know that as a faith ministry all these years later we have survived and been very blessed. BUT today we are in need of your financial help. Immediately, dear friends. So we can pay our team’s salaries and pay our recent production and maintenance costs. 

Please send us your kind donation. We are registered to send tax receipts in Canada and USA. For the United Kingdom you can donate and receive tax rebate via Stewardship Services.
Taking refuge in Him,
Thanks again,
Jay and Meridel and Team

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Iranian Immigrant Explains Islam to Germans~Must See!

Germany~ONLY Country Giving Simultaneous Protection to Victims AND Their Persecutors!

Near the end of the video this lady advocates for the AfD political party. This greatly takes away from the very important issues she has raised. It is vital to hear her description if Islam, how life functions under Islamic rule and what is now happening in Europe. The current course that European countries are on leads to disaster for the freedom and culture that was once Europe.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Exodus 1947~70th Annivesary Memorial Ceremony

Picture "Apples of Gold" © Jerusalem Vistas/Israel Vision
Remembrance of key events in the modern history of Israel is a powerful way to preserve their significance. 

In 1947 the Jewish Underground came into possession of an old steam boat which they refitted with the hope of breaking the blockade the British had erected around Mandated Palestine. On board were 4,500 sick and battered Holocaust survivors.

In June 1947 the "Exodus" was intercepted and rammed on both sides of it’s hull by British battle ships. When they could not sink the boat they boarded with rifles and clubs to battle the unarmed refugees. In the end, three were killed and more than one hundred and fifty were injured.

The sick, and injured were removed from the Exodus in Haifa’s port and shipped off to camps in Cyprus. The British sent the rest to Hamburg, Germany, where they were put back into the concentration camps they had fled. Many died in the process. The British have never apologized. It was a tragic event, that added strength to the longing for, and creation of the new State of Israel on 14 May 1948.

Seven and a half weeks after Jay’s surgery, he and Meridel enjoyed their first all day outing as the invited guests of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), for the unveiling of a memorial to the "Exodus 47".

Exactly 70 years later, the memorial, held in the port of Haifa Harbour, was highlighted by the unveiling of a sculpture and historic marker in memory of the courageous passengers.

This touching ceremony was attended by some of the remaining survivors, now in their late 70's to early 90's. Also attending was Natan Sharansky, a "refusenik", who in 2009 was elected to the chair of the executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel, by the Jewish Agency Board of Governors.

We must never forget the past and those who suffered and fought for the freedoms we have today!

Memorial Ceremony of the Exodus 1947