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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

East Jerusalem Village Head Speaks Out...

Once again "Peace Talks" are scheduled to resume. People will fly in for a few hours and presume to know what the Middle East "Needs". Each side has an opinion, as do those on the outside, inside, upside and downside. Tours claiming to "educate" will only show a very small piece of the problem. It is very easy to "stack the deck".

Meanwhile, day to day life goes on. Arabs, Jews, Christians and people from every walk of life are living in Israel. Once in awhile there are incidents~an attack, an act of terror~that is fact.  It is horror that freezes the mind and grief that will never leave. Yet, life continues

Every day we go to work, use the same transportation systems, shops, hospitals and carry on our lives in the great melting pot called Israel. Walk down the main street and you will see and hear such a diversity of people and languages it is unbelievable. Pay attention and you will learn that Israelis are from every corner of the globe and consist of good and bad, rich and poor, just like any other country in the world. The majority just want to raise our children, go to work, school and places of worship for those who choose to and enjoy the delights of the land. 

As the dialogue for "deals" begin, perhaps we need to listen to the regular folks who are actually living and working and trying to get by from day to day. The man in this interview is the head of a village in East Jerusalem. Listen to what he is saying and remember, before you scream Israel is "apartheid", remember that this is an Arab-Israeli speaking...

Head of East Jerusalem Village: We Want to be Under Israel~NOT the PA

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

VP Mike Pence's Remarks at September 11th Ceremony

A Lovely Tribute From A Man Who Is Not Afraid To Speak of God

Shalom Dear Friends...

O taste and see that the Lord is good;
how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.
O fear the Lord, you his saints; 
for to those who fear (respect) Him, there is no want...Psalm 34: 8,9

This morning I was up at dawn, writing the third volume in our Timeless Secrets series called Miracles in Israel~Today. I described a valuable lesson, in fact a Timeless Secret that we learned the hard way.

Forty years ago while I was away on a ministry trip an eighteen year old young lady by the name of Dafna came to visit Meridel. She said that the Lord had spoken to her to wash Meridel’s feet. We knew this precious young sister was not a flake. During the ceremony she prophesied to Meridel that her feet were to lead her out on a new faith venture. 

Shortly afterward, Meridel felt inspired to walk towards the Central Carmel area of Haifa. She was drawn to an old Arab building, whose faded yellow shutters were banging in the breeze. “When I saw the building the Still Small Voice said that we were going to live there”. So pushing our third son Josh in his stroller we explored and met the owner, a well known Israeli architect, Mr. Hashimshony. He was upstairs painting in oils.“ Gathering confidence, Meridel stated, “I would like to rent an apartment in this fact two of them.” He was surprised, but said that in fact there were two available that very day.

Meridel asked the price per month and he said $160 US each. She said I’ll take them both. We were paying $70. a month for our current apartment. Later that day she called me in Europe for my approval. I asked her, “Did the Lord tell you to do this?” “Yes” she responded. “Yes, yes!” Even though the price was four times our current rent I knew that when she hears the Still Small Voice, it is a go ahead for us. 

We now had a larger spacious apartment and a second one that we dedicated for any guests the Lord would send to us. The living room was our chapel; but how to pay for it?

Several days later we got a letter from the central branch of The Bank Leumi in Haifa. It told us to come to the bank. Meridel was worried. “What do they want with us?" she fussed?  I traveled downtown on my motor bike to the bank only to discover that Pastor John Stone of Trinity Christian Centre in Victoria, BC, had sent a large amount.

That very day I called John and told him the miraculous timing of his offering. He chided me and said, “Jay how can we send you financial help when we do not know what your needs are. You must ALWAYS let us know what you need."

So today I am letting you know that as a faith ministry all these years later we have survived and been very blessed. BUT today we are in need of your financial help. Immediately, dear friends. So we can pay our team’s salaries and pay our recent production and maintenance costs. 

Please send us your kind donation. We are registered to send tax receipts in Canada and USA. For the United Kingdom you can donate and receive tax rebate via Stewardship Services.
Taking refuge in Him,
Thanks again,
Jay and Meridel and Team

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Iranian Immigrant Explains Islam to Germans~Must See!

Germany~ONLY Country Giving Simultaneous Protection to Victims AND Their Persecutors!

Near the end of the video this lady advocates for the AfD political party. This greatly takes away from the very important issues she has raised. It is vital to hear her description if Islam, how life functions under Islamic rule and what is now happening in Europe. The current course that European countries are on leads to disaster for the freedom and culture that was once Europe.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Exodus 1947~70th Annivesary Memorial Ceremony

Picture "Apples of Gold" © Jerusalem Vistas/Israel Vision
Remembrance of key events in the modern history of Israel is a powerful way to preserve their significance. 

In 1947 the Jewish Underground came into possession of an old steam boat which they refitted with the hope of breaking the blockade the British had erected around Mandated Palestine. On board were 4,500 sick and battered Holocaust survivors.

In June 1947 the "Exodus" was intercepted and rammed on both sides of it’s hull by British battle ships. When they could not sink the boat they boarded with rifles and clubs to battle the unarmed refugees. In the end, three were killed and more than one hundred and fifty were injured.

The sick, and injured were removed from the Exodus in Haifa’s port and shipped off to camps in Cyprus. The British sent the rest to Hamburg, Germany, where they were put back into the concentration camps they had fled. Many died in the process. The British have never apologized. It was a tragic event, that added strength to the longing for, and creation of the new State of Israel on 14 May 1948.

Seven and a half weeks after Jay’s surgery, he and Meridel enjoyed their first all day outing as the invited guests of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), for the unveiling of a memorial to the "Exodus 47".

Exactly 70 years later, the memorial, held in the port of Haifa Harbour, was highlighted by the unveiling of a sculpture and historic marker in memory of the courageous passengers.

This touching ceremony was attended by some of the remaining survivors, now in their late 70's to early 90's. Also attending was Natan Sharansky, a "refusenik", who in 2009 was elected to the chair of the executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel, by the Jewish Agency Board of Governors.

We must never forget the past and those who suffered and fought for the freedoms we have today!

Memorial Ceremony of the Exodus 1947

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Terrorists Murder and Riot in The Holy Land

When Will it Stop?

On Friday, 21 July 2017, a family sat down to the Shabbat table to celebrate the Sabbath and the  birth of a baby boy. This should have been a time of great joy.

Instead, a "palestinian terrorist" broke into their home and began stabbing.

By the time he was stopped, he had murdered grandfather, Yosef Salomon, 70; his daughter Chaya Salomon 46; and son Elad Salomon 36. Elad was the father of five young children. His wife managed to close herself and the children in a room and call for help. Yosef’s wife Tova, 68, was seriously wounded. What caused this unwarranted attack on peaceful, innocent people?

The terrorist claims it was for "Al Aqsa". This is nonsense! Let's examine the facts:

* One week ago armed terrorists exited the Temple Mount with weapons, and  murdered two young Druze police officers and wounded a third officer guarding the area.
* Israel then set up electronic metal detectors at all the entrances.
* The Mufti said all should refuse to enter and protest until the security was removed.
* All who went through the detectors were allowed to enter and pray.
* A video released by MEMRI TV had been posted on the Fatah Facebook page (see video below) shows Mahmood Abbas calling for protestors to "bare their chests" claiming "This is our Al Aqsa, This is our Church of the Holy Sepulcre" .
* Following calls for a "Day of Rage" rioting arabs around Jerusalem's old city threw rocks and molotov cocktails.

Whoever thinks throwing rocks is harmless, have a look at the slingshots they use and the size of the rocks. This is what David used to kill Goliath and what many use to this day to hunt. The rioters did not plan to "bruise the arms", rather, they were out to kill.

* As a result, during the riots three of the arab rioters were killed

The whole idea of objecting to security checks is hot air. All over Israel there are security checks in almost every building and store and everyone is checked. Jews and Christians go through security to reach the Western Wall.

Security Room in Mecca
A key point, as many in Israel have witnessed, these same Arabs who are screaming so wildly about metal detectors, have no problem going through those same security checks at the airport or most poignantly, at the offices of Israel's Bituach Leumi where they rush to collect their welfare cheques! The idea of protesting metal detectors is ridiculous hypocrisy~just have a look at the electronic security in Mecca! Why has there been no complaints about that?

They don't want security on Temple Mount entrances because then they cannot store weapons...simple!

And where is the world on this? Burning Israeli flags and condemning Israel because arab terrorists, who ambushed and murdered police officers, were killed themselves; then rioting arabs attempting more destruction saw three more killed. And of course, they will surely blame Israel because an arab terrorist slaughtered three family members at the Shabbat table.

Abbas Calling for Protests~

United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman expressed his condolences for the victims of the Friday night stabbing attack on his Twitter account late Saturday night.

A terrorist broke into a home in the West Bank town of Halamish (Neveh Tzuf), murdering 70-year-old Yosef Salomon and his children Chaya (46) and Elad (36 years old and a father of five) on Friday night.

Halamish: I have no words to describe my sorrow for the victims or disgust for the terrorist act that killed a family at their Shabbat table .  Ambassador Friedman (@USAmbIsrael) July 22, 2017

The terrorist was eventually neutralized by a soldier who was in the area and heard the sounds emanating from the scene.

* Note
The terrorist was wounded, not killed

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Real Truth About the Refugees

The fact is, people no longer do conscientious research...they rely on Google and online fact checkers. The end result is the death of truth and the rise of a political correctness that causes people to attempt to change the truth to what they would like to be.

When was the last time you went into a Library and looked at a set of Encyclopedias written at the time the events happened?  When was the last time you checked actual maps from the 1900s? (not the propaganda items).  It is "laziness" caused by the rise of the "instant" world that is leading us away from the real truths of history.

Those who are interested in truth should be willing to investigate events and accept the facts as they happened~even if they are uncomfortable facts! Perpetrating a lie will never end up well.

Former Amb. Danny Ayalon Exposes the Lies That Have Now Become Leviathan

Monday, June 05, 2017

Update on Jay Rawlings from Share Tzdek Hospital

Jay, In Prayer~Day of His Surgery
Shalom Dear Prayer Warriors

Love from Share Tzdek Hospital in Jerusalem. 
Thanks for your prayers

One week ago I had open heart surgery to achieve mitral valve reconstruction, an ablation and tweaking the inside of the atrial fibrillation area.
I did not need external bypass surgery in any of my coronary arteries thank God. 

 Hopefully, I will go home soon. I will return to the hospital three times a week for physio and am looking at from three to six months of rehabilitation.
I will have to learn to take things much slower.

Thanks again for answered prayer.
Blessings and prayers for you all. 

Love in The Holy One of Israel

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Urgent Prayer Request & Update on Jay Rawlings

Son Josh with Jay in Hospital
Dearest Friends and Partners

I, Meridel, on behalf of my sons and their families am writing to bring you the latest news about my husband and their father John Rawlings.

Those of you who have been following his progress know that he was admitted to Share Tszdek (Gates of Righteousness) hospital in Jerusalem last December 2016. At that time he underwent extensive tests; three times his heart was stopped and re-started to establish a regular beat.

In February, thanks to the generosity of my birth family in Canada he received a much needed C-PAP machine to aid his increasingly labored breathing.

Last week he was readmitted to the hospital to be examined again by cardiologists. After going through various examinations and a 4th ‘inversion’ procedure because he was missing the ‘sinus’ beat in his heart, he was not improved. He is struggling to breathe due to the increasing fluid on his lungs. Today after more examinations, it has been decided that he needs open heart surgery this week due to valve damage. At the same time the Drs plan to also do an ‘ablation’ to create a steady beat in his heart.

We are so grateful for the optimal care he is receiving here in Israel. The level of professionalism is exceptional, and leaves us humbled and very grateful. I do not have the exact date for Jay’s open heart surgery, because the hospital is still working to schedule him in at the earliest possible date. 

Upon leaving the hospital, my eyes were drawn to this scripture mounted on the wall in large silver letters in English and Hebrew. It is the prayer of our hearts!

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed:
Save me, and I shall be saved.
For You are my praise...Jeremiah 17:14*

Kindly raise prayer for your friend and our beloved, John Victor Rawlings.

Meridel Rawlings, family and team.

* Jeremiah 17:14: save, yasha Strongs # 3467. To rescue, save, defend; to free, preserve, avenge, deliver, help. The verb found more than 200 times in the Old Testament (Torah, & Tanach), is a one-word description of God’s response to the needs of humanity.
* Yeshua means, He shall save, Matthew 1:21 is taken from this root yasha. The original thought of yasha was to release, to open wide.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gebetsaufruf für Jay Rawlings

Meridel gibt euch Bescheid über Jays Gesundheitszustand. Ich möchte auch einen kurzen Rückblick auf sein Leben geben und einige Mitteilungen von geliebten Freunden. Danke, dass ihr für uns betet und um uns sorgt. Wir sind sehr dankbar.

«Jays Leben stand seit Beginn unter göttlicher Gnade». Ich glaube, dass er genau aus diesem Grund in diese Gnadenfülle hineinwachsen konnte. Heute ist er bekannt für seine Barmherzigkeit und Güte. Vielleicht ist es diese Charaktereigenschaft die ihn dazu verleitet, zu viel für andere zu tun?

Während den letzten drei Wochen dachte ich oft an unser Eheversprechen… ganz besonders an die Worte… «in guten wie in schlechten Tagen». Nun «diese Zeit ist hier»! Jay und ich sind seit 48 Jahren verheiratet und kennen uns seit 50 Jahren. Wie viele von euch durften wir in all diesen Jahren ein erfülltes Leben erleben. 

Seine Geschichte ist ungewöhnlich. Jay war eine Totgeburt. ABER seine Tante Netta, die als diensthabende OP Schwester während dem Kaiserschnitt von Jays Mutter assistierte, weigerte sich, dieses Kind aufzugeben. Sie kämpfte für sein Leben, indem sie den kleinen blauen Körper abwechslungsweise in warmes und kaltes Wasser tauchte. Nach 20 langen Minuten wurden ihre Gebete erhört und er tat seinen ersten Atemzug. Er wurde durch Gebet geboren. Jays Vater Victor Alloway Rawlings fiel im Krieg in Holland, nur Tage vor Ende des 2. Weltkriegs. Jay war gerade mal 14 Monate alt. Aber… er besitzt einen Liebesbrief vom seinem Vater, den er nie kennenlernte.

Wir verliessen Kanada in 1969 mit unserem ersten, 9 Monate alten Sohn David und kamen nach Israel. Wir haben nie zurückgeschaut. Es war in 1975, während wir in Frankreich jüdische Gemeinden besuchten, als sich der nächste Vorfall ereignete.  Wir waren Gäste im Haus eines bekannten Arztes in Marseille. Es war Januar und Jay und ich sollten jenen Morgen zusammen mit unseren Söhnen, die damals 5 und 3 Jahre sowie 6 Monate alt waren, nach Spanien reisen. Wir wollten jüdische Gemeinden in Katalonien und Madrid besuchen. In jener Nacht starb Jay! Ja, es ist wahr und gut dokumentiert. Es war eine schreckliche Erfahrung; aber GOTT der Allmächtige hörte mein Schreien und brachte Jay nach 24 LANGEN Minuten ohne Puls wieder ins Leben zurück. Der Arzt war in seinen Grundfesten erschüttert… nachdem er Jays Herz mit der Abgabe von Adrenalin und Mund-zu-Mund Beatmung zu wiederbeleben versuchte. Wir haben einen Vater im Himmel! Der gute Arzt insistierte, dass Jay mit der Ambulanz ins Militärspital gebracht wurde…er lebte, als er das Haus verliess. Ich fragte mich, was ich eine Stunde später in der Notaufnahme vorfinden würde. Acht Ärzte standen um sein Bett und staunten über das, was sie sahen und hörten. Sie erlaubten uns, ihn nach Hause zu nehmen. Wir ruhten 3 Tage, bevor wir nach Spanien weiterreisten. Mehr dazu könnt ihr in unserem nächsten Band über unsere Lebensgeschichte lesen, ich habe auch ein Foto von ihm. Ihr seht, dass er einmal mehr ein gnädiges, schöpferisches Wunder erlebte.

In all den Jahren sind wir zu mehr als 120 Nationen gereist. Stets suchten wir zuerst die jüdischen Gemeinden vor Ort und sprachen zu deren Leitern über den «Ruf» zurück nach Israel heimzukehren. Das war bevor die Christen realisierten, Schulter an Schulter mit Israel zu stehen. Einige Kirche warfen uns als Ketzer hinaus!

Danach war es ruhig in Bezug auf Jays Herz bis May 2011, wo er in die Herzklinik der Jubilee Spitals in Victoria, Kanada für ein EKG eingeliefert wurde. Sein Herz raste, wie heute auch.

Im Juli 2016 hatte Jay ein 24 Stunden Test, wieder mit erhöhtem Herzrhythmus. Es wurde nichts unternommen bis im Dezember 2016, als wir ihn ins Sharay Tezdek Spital in Jerusalem einlieferten. Es wurde während einer ganzen Woche zahlreichen Tests unterzogen, zweimal ins Koma versetzt. Sein Herz wurde gestoppt und neu gestartet. Er wurde danach entlassen mit der Auflage zur absoluten Ruhe, zusammen mit Medikamenten und der Diagnose «Herzinsuffizienz». 

Er ist in guten Händen und wird von einem Professor in Kardiologie betreut, welcher 1 Monat absolute Ruhe anordnete. Jay ist nun zu Hause, aber ohne jegliche Kraft. Heute sagt unser Hausarzt «Sein Herz ist instabil und muss überwacht werden». Er ordnete weitere Tests an und man wird in einem Monat die Situation neu beurteilen. 

Wir danken euch für eure Gebete, lieben Zeilen und Gaben, welche uns durch diese herausfordende Zeit helfen. Ich lege euch noch ein paar Zeilen von lieben Freunden dazu. Wir werden euch weiterhin auf dem Laufenden halten und wir wissen, dass ihr weiter für John Victor Rawlings vollständiger Wiederherstellung betet. Für unsere jüdischen Freunde, sein Vater heisst Victor Alloway Rawlings und seine Mutter Sheena Rawlings.

Hier einige trostreiche Antworten von Freunden:
Israel:   «Gerade vor Sabbatstart: wir schätzen eure jahrzehntelange Arbeit für Israel. Wir beten für euch alle, besonders für Jays komplette Heilung. Ich hebe meine Augen auf zu den Bergen, ob von dort meine Hilfe kommt. Meine Hilfe kommt von dem HERRN, der Himmel und Erde gemacht hat. Die Betonung zeigt uns Gottes reiche Möglichkeiten zur Hilfe».
Hillel Goldberg
Nepal:   «Ich sende euch meine Gebete und Liebe aus Nepal für Papas schnelle Genesung. ICH WÜNSCHTE ICH KÖNNTE IHN BESUCHEN. Auf jeden Fall, Mama, Gott wird ihn beschützen und heilen; er ist Gottes Diener und ganz besonderes begnadet!»  Indira
Finnland:   «Jay wird überleben! Wir haben uns an den Händen gehalten und für ihn und die Rawlings Familie in unserer Gemeinde Armon Virta (Lebensstrom) während der Weihnachtsfeier gebetet. Der Geist des HERRN ist Heilig und treu und er hat uns an dich erinnert, geliebte Meridel. Bleibe in seiner Ruhe» Asko und  Kirsi
Russland   « Wir beten inbrünstig hier in Russland für einen Durchbruch und die Heilung von Jays Herz. Ich weiss dass sich tausende von Menschen auf der ganzen Welt mit uns zusammen eins machen und den Sieg im Namen unseres Herrn proklamieren! Wir beten für Heilung und finanzielle Wunder für alles, was es braucht und die stärkste Salbung die du je erlebt hast. Sprüche 4.23.
In grosser Liebe und Anteilnahme»  Howard und Familie
Kanada:   «Wir beten um Gottes ständigen Schutz und für Jays Heilung: in seiner Schwachheit ist er immer noch stark in Gott; ein echter Glaubensgeneral». Pastors Peter und Lily
Schweiz:   «Wir haben sehr oft an euch gedacht und für euch gebetet; wir hofften, dass es Jay vielleicht besser geht und er vielleicht schon zu Hause ist. Freude und Leid kommen nahe zusammen. Wir wünschen euch ein gesegnetes 2017; es soll alles besser werden!»
Hans und Meni

Premierminister Netanyahu Neujahrsgrüsse 2016
Meridel Rawlings, 5. Januar 2017  17:01 Uhr
Wir von „Israel Vision“  und „Die leise, feine Stimme“ senden euch, liebe Freunde weltweit,  unsere besten Wünsche zu Weihnachten und Channuka. Wir spüren, dass das Jahr 2017 ein bedeutsames Jahr wird und alle Beter werden durch die Botschaft von Mr. Netanyahu ermutigt.

Ihr seht mit uns, wie Meridel dem Premierminister Benjamin Netanyahu am Empfang in der Internationalen Christlichen Botschaft persönliche Grüsse überbringen durfte. Sie konnte die lebensgrossen Ölportraits  der Präsidenten und Ministerpräsidenten erwähnen, welche sich im Vorraum zum Kabinett des Israelischen Parlaments, Knesset, befinden; diese Gemälde wurden von einer bekannten kanadischen Künstlerin gemalt, Joy Caros Rawlings von Vancouver, BC Kanada. Sie sind ein Geschenk an das Land. Premierminister Bibis Antwort an Meridel war eine warme israelische Redewendung „Kol Ha Kavod“ – welche in etwa bedeutet  „Welche Ehre und Glückwünsche!“.

In diesen Tagen erfolgten beispiellose  Angriffe auf Israel durch die Vereinten Nationen.  Was passierte,  geht auf die Zeit der griechischen Besetzung des Landes vor 2‘300 Jahren zurück. Es war den Juden damals nicht erlaubt, hebräisch zu sprechen oder zu unterrichten, oder im Tempel zu feiern. Einige schämten sich ihrer Herkunft als Juden so sehr, dass sie ihre Beschneidung rückgängig machten. Krieg brach aus, und schliesslich konnten die Griechen besiegt werden.

Heute verstecken sich die Nationen des UNO Sicherheitsrats hinter ihrer „gesetzlichen Autorität“, um Israel weiterhin zu drangsalieren. Die UNO Resolution 2334 steht für ein grobes Versagen gegenüber den Menschenrechten sowohl für die Palästinenser als auch für die Israeli. Nach 5 Kriegsjahren in Syrien mit 500‘000 Toten und  Millionen von Flüchtlingen wurde NICHT EINE Resolution gegen Syrien und Russland wegen Völkermord an Frauen und Kindern in Aleppo verfasst. Vergesst nicht, dass Assad’s Regime durch den Iran unterstützt wird. Die Bibel sagt: „Wehe denen, die Gutes schlecht und Schlechtes gut nennen“.  Der Premierminister nahm in seiner Weihnachtsbotschaft  ganz klar darauf Bezug. Bitte betet für ihn und für die Israeli und Palästinenser. Wir segnen euch und danken euch! Wir wissen, dass das Licht immer über der Dunkelheit  triumphieren wird. PM Netanyahu 2016 Neujahrsgrüsse erschien zuerst bei                                                                          
In Liebe für jeden von euch, der sich um uns sorgt.
Jay, Meridel, Söhne und Team

Palestinian Violence~What Is Really Behind it All?

Mordechai Kedar Delivers a Timeless Lecture~Please Listen and Be Informed!

Sunday, January 08, 2017

New Years Blessings for You in 2017

We are a bit late with this year's greetings as the last weeks have been so hectic. As most of you will have read in an our earlier post Urgent Prayer Request Jay has been in hospital and is still undergoing tests. After six days in hospital, he was able to come home, but is still unwell.

Now we have more details. Jay is receiving good care from a Professor of cardiology, who demanded a month of complete rest. He is home with us, but without strength. Today, our family physician said, “His heart is unstable and needs to be watched.” Jay has many more tests in the next three weeks when he will be reassessed again. We thank you for your prayers and love notes and gifts to see us through this trying time.

We will keep you posted and we know that you will keep praying for John Victor Rawlings complete recovery. For our Jewish friends, his father is Victor Alloway Rawlings and his mother is Sheena Rawlings.

Jay was sent the video below and was so touched by it he wanted to share it with all of you. The words to this beautiful prayer are below the video. We at Jerusalem Vistas / Israel Vision / Still Small Voice along with our family send our prayers and thanks for Your Prayers and support during this difficult time. 
May you all be Richly Blessed during 2017 and always!
Meridel, Jay and family

All the Best in 2017 From Our Family to Yours!

The New Year lies before you, like a spotless tract of snow.
Be careful how you tread on it, for every mark will show...

Words to the Prayer:
New Year's Prayer by Charlotte Anselmo
Thank you Lord for giving me
The brand new year ahead
Help me live the way I should
As each new day I tread.

Give me gentle wisdom
That I might help a friend
Give me strength and courage
So a shoulder I might lend.

The year ahead is empty
Help me fill it with good things
Each new day filled with joy
And the happiness it brings.

Please give the leaders of our world
A courage born of peace
That they might lead us gently
And all the fighting cease.

Please give to all upon this earth
A heart that's filled with love
A gentle happy way to live
With Your blessings from above.