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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

British Schools, Islamic Rules--Panorama Documentary

Earlier I posted the trailer to a documentary by the BBC program, Panorama.  As a rule, BBC is openly pro-Muslim and very anti-Israel, and they did manage a dig at "some Orthodox Jewish schools locked in their own world", and of course they even found "one" Evangelical Christian school that condemned the entire religion of Islam. The fact is, the Islamic schools in Britain have been overrun by fundamentalist Muslim hate preachers who are raising up a generation of haters--exactly what the Arab world has done throughout the Middle-East--generation after generation raised to hate everything and every one who is not a Muslim.  Raised  under the primitive, oppressive laws of Sharia. They even ate other Muslims, because this "education system" is paid for and controlled by the Saudis (even though they try to deny it). If Britain chooses to gloss over the fact that  the Saudis are funding "hate schools" they will seal their own doom--it may already be too late.  If these  folks are so intent on  hating  and destroying everything British they should go back to where they came from. You can judge for yourself--here is the program in two parts:

Panorama: British Schools, Islamic Rules - Part 1

Panorama: British Schools, Islamic Rules - Part 2

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