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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kristallnacht~72 Years

During the evenings of November 9th and 10th, 1938, thousands of synagogues and Jewish businesses and homes were damaged or destroyed.

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem is holding a ceremony and symposium to mark 72 years since the Kristallnacht pogrom. The pogrom was named for the broken glass that resulted when the Nazis unleashed a series of riots against the Jews in Germany and Austria.

German and Austrian ambassadors will participate in the symposium. The program is in Hebrew with translation into English available, and includes lectures on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial, as well as Holocaust Survivor Artists from Central Europe. There will also be memorial ceremonies held at  noon and at 5:30pm. Rabbi Mordechai Neugroschel will speak in the Yad Vashem Synagogue. He is is a well known lecturer and educator in Eretz Israel. He speeches in Hebrew and English reach a wide range of Israeli audiences.

Over the years the organizers of Yad Vashem have created one of the most complete centers for Holocaust information. I hope to post more on this amazing institution at a later date.

They now have a website where you can learn about the Shoah, and even search the database for names of Shoah victims.
Do visit their on line section dedicated to the  Kristallnacht Exhibition called It Came From Within.  You will find pictures and stories of the people who lived and died during those terrible nights. 
The sad truth is that the evil of antisemitism is rising around the world once again. Israel and the Jewish people are being blamed for all the ills of the world. 

While Christians are being slaughtered in every Muslim country in the Middle East, the mainstream Media  either ignores the atrocities, refuses to name the perpetrators or promotes the view that this would not be happening if Israel would only give up their country. I listen to BBC and their biased reports bear no resemblance to what is happening here in Israel. They maintain a policy that is completely  against Israel and consistently invite only those who share their antisemitic views. I don't know which is more disturbing, the fact that they are funded by public taxes or that they are heard around the world!

Sadly, even those in Germany have once again joined in the hatred towards Israel and the Jews. There was an article in the New York Times pointing out that the keynote address this year for the commemoration of the Kristallnacht pogrom at Paulskirche (a former church in Frankfurt that is a symbol of German democracy), will be delivered by Alfred Grosser, who was born in the city 85 years ago. Last year, he published a book called “From Auschwitz to Jerusalem,” in which he suggested that Germany was not critical enough of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians because of the legacy of the Holocaust. A "Pro Palestinian" Jew, he rails against Israel. It should be noted that he lives in France, where his family fled in 1933

Today there are many, many Jews both in Israel and abroad who jump on the podium to vilify Israel. Just as there were Jewish Kapos in the concentration camps, these people bring shame to themselves.

The violence today has nothing to do with land--it is totally about the evil rise of Islam and their bid to conquer the world to establish a new Caliphate. Read and be informed.

We must stand up and say Never Again to those who would deprive us of the freedoms that so many have died for. As we remember the horror of Kristallnacht and what it brought to the world we must ask ourselves; "If Israel falls...who is next?"

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