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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Political Candidate Who is Not Afraid to Mention Jesus

In a time of Christian persecution around the world, it seems that one presidential candidate is not afraid to openly declare his Christian background. I am sure that this will now be a whipping post for those who oppose him.

Ted Cruz spoke at Liberty University and left no doubt of his Christian roots and his love for America and Her founding principles. I suppose this will be considered politically incorrect, but in reality it is a breath of fresh air.

The head of the school has stated that "It is no secret that Convocation is held three times a week and attendance is required, just like class is required for students. No one is expected to agree with every speaker on every point...students can "cheer" or "boo" as they see fit". Speaking on the issue that some in attendance wore "opposing" T-shirts, he remarked; "The fact that some students attended the service wearing t-shirts supporting another potential candidate shows that our students are not indoctrinated; they are free~and encouraged~to form their own opinions about what they hear in Convocation and to express it."

It is in the spirit of diversity that the university presents a variety of speakers to allow the students to hear different viewpoints from all sides, allowing them the freedom to make informed decisions (para-phrased). That in itself is unusual in our times!

Because we are a faith based organization, we take take note when political figures anywhere in the world, disdain~or stand up for~the Christian faith. With so many recent attacks on Christians and their beliefs, it will certainly be interesting to see how the next election in America plays out...Imagine!

Our Rights Don't Come From Man~They Come From God Almighty...Ted Cruz

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