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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coptic Christians in Egypt Are Suffering Daily Persecution!

Coptic Christians have lived in Egypt since Christianity began. Once they were the majority population, and now they number less than 10% because most of Egypt's population has been forcefully converted to Islam through terrorism, economic means, discrimination, persecution and murder.

Now that Egypt will have a Majority Islamic Government, the Copts are suffering unbelievable cruelty. Imagine being arrested for praying in your own home! Imagine your daughter kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam by torture and rape!
And who is there to speak for them? Where is the United Nations? Where are all the NGO's? Where are all the Human Rights groups? 

More important~Where is the rest of the Christian World? Why the silence? Why do we stand by while our governments support and snuggle up to the Muslim Brotherhood? Why do we allow our funds to go to any Islamic government while Christians are being persecuted?

Egyptian Christians are being cleansed from their land~those remaining suffer daily. We must not remain silent!

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