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Friday, January 20, 2012

This Sunday~Pray for Palestinian Christians in Bethlehem

Manger Square~Bethlehem
Dear Friends, this is not a new film. The facts as presented are not only true today, but the situation is far, far worse. 

Now, in 2012, less than five percent of the citizens of Bethlehem are Christians! Bethlehem, once a Christian city is now under the Palestinian Authority and in a very short time it has become a Muslim city. 

Bethlehem, is systematically being cleansed of all Christian residents. Regardless of what the PA tries to tell you, being a Christian in a Bethlehem, (with a Muslim majority), brings threats, beatings and even death. Those who have not already fled, live in daily fear.

Please watch this film, listen to the truth from those who live in Bethlehem, and pray that these people will one day be free to live and worship in peace.

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