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Monday, September 05, 2011

Now Finland is Being Overrun!

Muslim Prayer Site
Ramadan this year has seen Muslims coming out in force to exercise their strength and contempt in host countries~and this they do very well. In cities all over the world they have blocked streets and prevented citizens from reaching homes, shops or places of work. Very few people stand up and protest because those who do are vilified or terrified...

Even peaceful Finland is suffering an invasion. According to a post on Tundra Tabloids, it was reported in Aamulehti that when a father brought his 2-1/2 year old to the play park it was full of Muslims who had commandeered the area for their prayers. When he took a picture with his camera it apparently caused words to be said. The park manager said asked them to stop as they were blocking the area, and this was not allowed~but it is not clear if they did.
Children Not Allowed to Play While Muslims Pray

It is not necessary to invade other peoples territory to drop and pray~Muslims can arrange their prayer times at home. They to not because this is Islam's way of moving towards forcing their ways and traditions on the rest of the free world. While they say you don't have to convert (ha!) they do make you subservient and taking over playgrounds and city streets is one way of  doing this. 

I am all for people having the right to pray and worship as they wish. The problem is when people show absolutely no regard for the rules and laws of the land "they chose to come to". When they try to impose their will, blocking streets or taking over buildings and playgrounds~forcing the majority population to stand back and "wait till they finish"~it becomes oppressive~and the free world must not succumb. 

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