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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Israel Did Assist In The Rescue of White Helmet Volunteers

Picture Captured from the Video Below
There have been varying reports, many saying nothing about Israel's assistance in the covert evacuation that took place over the weekend.

In fact, Israel did assist in transporting approximately ninety-eight Syrian White Helmet Volunteers along with three hundred-twenty-four of their family members to a safe location in Jordan. 

The four hundred twenty-two refugees will be resettled in Canada, Germany, the UK and several other countries who have agreed to take them in and assist in re-homing them and starting them off in their new life.

The secret operation was carried out in the middle of the night. The Syrian refugees, whose lives were under threat of death, were met at different locations, and brought across the border into Israel. Once they were all accounted for they were taken to buses and then escorted safely to Jordon.

One report stated that a pregnant woman went into labor. When they feared she would not be able to make it, an emergency Cesarean Section was performed on the Syrian side of the border resulting in the delivery a baby boy. The mother and son were then both transported to Israel. 
"Standing on the border and receiving the families, mostly women and children, was an emotional experience,” said the commander in charge of Operation Good Neighbor. “Families that arrived were fearful, but when they reached the border with Israel, their eyes were filled with tears of happiness, knowing that they have gotten their lives back. I'm proud to be an officer in an army and a country that carries out an operation filled with values of humanity and compassion...This is the essence of our work, and this moment is invaluable."  

Israel is a very tiny country, but, Her Heart is Huge. We pray for Israel and the men and women of the IDF who devote their lives to their mission of protecting and assisting all people while defending our borders.

Israel Assists With Humanitarian Evacuation of White Helmet Volunteers and Their Families

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